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Poverty in the World

Updated on December 9, 2012

What is Poverty?

Poverty can mean different things to different people. It is different to a single mom, an orphaned child, family members who have lost people to illness, and people with different beleifs. A single mom stays in fear of losing her child because of their poverty level. An orphaned child has to learn how to grow without being in poverty and start a new life for themselves. This can be a large burden on a young child. It means that people who have lost loved ones have to start all over again and keep these tragedies from happening again. People with beliefs that don't agree with the law in their countries can be persecuted on top of living in poverty. This just goes to show that there is more than one definition of poverty. Poverty can be any uncomfortable or sacrifcing situation to any person in any country. Poverty exists on every continent, every country, and even in every state. Every can help poverty to decrease. It takes someone willing and wanting to help.

Poverty Statistics

There are 1.4 billion people living in poverty all over the world. In Amercia alone there are 46.2 million people living in poverty. The year 2000 through 2010 has been called "The Lost Decade", due to American's being in worse shape since the 1990's. It took a big toll on American's in the middle and lower classes. It was so bad that the economic recovery has doen absolutely nothing for the poorest citizens. Poverty of minorities rose more than any other. Blacks went from 25 percent to 27 percent. Hispanics went from 25 percent to 26 percent. Whites went from 9.4 percent to 9.9 percent, and Asian's were unchanged. The main cause for povery in the US was joblessness. About 48 million people didn't work one week out of the year in 2010. This was up from 45 million in 2009. Average annual income for a male working full time in 2010 was around $47,000 which is down from $49,000 in 1973. These poverty facts are astonishing and upseeting but they are facts. How can we help?

How can We Help?

There are ways to help out with poverty. Helping could definitely have a big impact on everyone. Whether we know it or not, poverty does impact all of us. So how can we help?

  • Donate/Volunteer - Donating money, food or even volunteering your time can help tremendously.
  1. Money - Donate money to specific causes for poverty. Donate to churches that help the community. Money can buy food, help build homes, and many other things that help people living in poverty.
  2. Food - Donating food helps people in poverty stay healthier and nutrished. This way people have the strength to look for a job, take care of family members, and other things as well.
  3. Volunteering Time - You can volunteer your time helping to build homes, counsel poverty driven people, taking care of children so the parents can go to work.

Doing these things can help people strive to have better. Being nurished or lothed could be the incentive that people need to get out and get a job or go back to school. The world would be a much better place for us all.


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    • Barnsey profile image

      Barnsey 5 years ago from Happy Hunting Grounds

      Well said, well done, Great Hub! I vote...up!