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Power of Info-graphics in life and business

Updated on July 11, 2015

What is Info-graphics?

Info-graphics, simply put is converting any and every text into visuals.

When I say converting text into visuals, mind you there is no automatic method to convert text into drawings. There has to be a large human intervention in doing this.

How Info-graphics can Camouflage a product which is embarrassing to discuss

Info-graphics has the magic to camouflage the worst, or odd topic that cannot be visually showcased into a form where anyone can view, understand without feeling a negative thought of adverse judgements.

The following Infographic video I made a couple of years ago will explain what I mean:

Info-graphics as a learning tool

Back in high school in the early 1980s I was just an average student academically. My best subjects were biology & geography because of the nature of visual teaching it mandatorily required. However to get past decent grades I could not ignore the other subjects just because it never had visuals to portray. Being a person, a life-long artist I was born with a mind to think visually. Now how was I going to capture all those events for instance in the subject of world history, I just had no clue. I was raked by information overload about the battle of this….and the battle of that….and events leading to the world wars and dates…. I was reaching the last week of my days of being tested in an examination process where in our part of the world we sit through and answer detailed theoretical questions in writing referred to as "Exams". A week on to this student dilemma, my elder sibling noticed my sitting hours on end with my books. He was a professor at a popular college (a university was referred to that back in the days in India), who is a natural at teaching and is still an educator at the same place.

He saw my confusion and sat me with just a simple paper and pencil….took me through the whole history text book while drawing onto this single page the events from start to finish. This was it … my eureka moment when I realized with utter joy that everything became so clear. From that day on before my term examinations I only had to browse through this single visual page to revise what was in that whole 200 pages history book.

This was my first introduction to Info-graphics and to me my brother who was once a few years ago named one of the top 5 marketing professors in the world and who has sat shoulder to shoulder with the marketing guru himself Philip Kotler during this marketing teaching tenure may have been the unofficial founder of Info-graphics.

Everyone is a researcher with Info-graphics

Today I am so pleased to be doing this as my core business! Because it not only helps me learn every day of my life even while doing this as a job for my clients but am so pleased to be able to create vehicles of effective learning for the world community.

The phenomenon of Info-graphics I realize may have been instrumental in my staying and growing more passionate in teaching methodologies. And to me learning anything has become simply a pleasure because of Info-graphics. I am sure it will be for you too after you have read this article


Importance of understanding the Info-graphics creative process

To the large community who maybe unaware of how Info-graphics is created or what goes into the making of Info-graphic video, Info-graphics is just copying an image off of the public domain and pasting it into a presentation. This dis-understanding as I would call it makes them devalue this art form heavily. A good heart and vicious heart makes no difference as this is a product of mere ignorance.

Hence there is a huge need for an awareness about the making-of-infographics video.

Blessed are those who understand the nooks and crannies in making an info-graphic and proportionately want to pay the artist for the passionate number of hours and high quality art put into packaging this. :o) And blessed are those creators who help their consumers understand and work out an amicable plan to work together to mutually benefit.

Those who do understand the process and yet want to devalue the producer's time spent in creating these very useful vehicles need to empathize that these videos are giving them a higher percentage of attention from their target market because of the creation of these unsung heroes. They may want to mishandle, not pay and try to a voraciously own their passionate creation. Wanting to pay for a license seem to be a thing of the past for this category.

The reason why of imbalance in quality life at work in this area for the doer is because the creator sells himself or herself too low and make promises just to bag the job and the client wanting to get more work done with a price-tag of next-to-nothing.

Proposals & Job Applications have better turnaround

With this balance and the ideal use of Infographics in our daily lives whether to promote a brand or communicate a difficult to communicate idea, what more can one wish for.

The need for better communication in this global economy is the need of the hour.

Info-graphics for your resumes
Info-graphics for your resumes | Source

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