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Power of Thoughts

Updated on May 7, 2011

Pravin Vaghani(Photo by Unusha)

Writing is a pleasure
Writing is a pleasure

Power of Positive Thoughts

This is a story I have known since my childhood. I do not remember whether I had read it somewhere or my grandmother told me. Those days reading bed time stories from a book was not common. But my grandmother had a treasure chest full of stories. Some from Mahabharat, Ramayan, Panchtantra, etc. and many more from her experiences of life as a teacher. She had recently retired from the position of headmistress of the highest level girls’ school of the state. She used to tell me stories at bed time, many of which are still very clear in my memory, even after almost seven decades. Every story had some moral message in it. My grandmother also would then explain how the moral of the story can be applied to many aspects of life and in many different situations.

I am sure concepts like ‘positive thinking’ were not talked about in those days. People were taking the spiritual guidance and mental strength from the sayings and stories from the old scripts. And they certainly had some influence on the lives of many people who had faith in those. You may call it ‘Power of Faith’. Kind of a ‘positive thinking’ if you wish to say so now.

The story was simple and short. But its moral was definitely very powerful. It has given me moral strength in many difficult situations in life, when there was no one around to give me a shoulder for support.

A man was walking slowly in the street carrying a wooden box on his head. He was perspiring and the effects of unbearable weight of that box were clearly visible on his face.

A friend met him and asked him what was the problem.

He said, “the weight of this box is killing me. I wish I knew some way of making it lighter.”

“What’s in it ?” the friend asked.

“There is nothing in it. It is empty.” He said, with a tone of frustration.

The friend thought for a moment and said, “If you fill it with something that’s very light and floats in the air, like cotton fluff, that may make the box lighter for you.”

The man said with expression of hope on his face, “really ? So if I fill it with some cotton fluff, the box will become lighter ?”

“Why not ?” said the friend encouragingly, “It stands to reason, doesn’t it? The fluff flies in the air, so it will help you lift the box and thus make it lighter.”

The man bought a kilo of cotton fluff from the nearby shop and filled in the box. He picked up the box, put on his head, and started walking vigorously, believing in good faith, that the box was now lighter than before !

The principle of physics may tell you that the box is now one kilo heavier than before but the principle of mind power, “the power of positive thinking” sometimes works opposite to the principles of physics.


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    • profile image

      MANJULA PAREKH 7 years ago


    • PRAVIN VAGHANI profile image

      PRAVIN VAGHANI 7 years ago from 3101 KEW AUSTRALIA

      Email message:

      Dear Pravin, I enjoyed reading this story and would like to include it with your web link in my newsletter for Seniors. Would you allow me to do that? - Santosh Kumar

    • profile image

      Harihar Jha 7 years ago

      Very nice and inspiring story.

    • profile image

      Suresh Jani 7 years ago

      With positive thoughts, one can lift the burden of a mountain.

      Good story.

      In fact No-thought is even more powerful than positive thought.

      Unlearning is much more difficult, yet many times more rewarding than learning.

      If one has access to NOTHING, he/she gets access to everything.

      Readers may like to read these two articles -

    • PRAVIN VAGHANI profile image

      PRAVIN VAGHANI 7 years ago from 3101 KEW AUSTRALIA

      Email message:

      Thanks for sharing. Wonderful story with lot of wisdom.

      Popat Savla

    • PRAVIN VAGHANI profile image

      PRAVIN VAGHANI 7 years ago from 3101 KEW AUSTRALIA

      Dear Praveen,

      This story is very enlightening and inspiring, Thanks for send such a motivating lesson. J

      Regards - Apurv Bhalla, CPA ASA,M.Acc,, Accountant, c/o Konnectv Pty Ltd

    • profile image

      Mikey 7 years ago

      Yes, faith, trust, love, friendship etc are driving force for our actions.

      Unfortunately, some Swamis, Maulvis and Fathers exploit people's faith.

      When a person understands science and inquisite about roots, then he would not have faith in such beliefs.

    • profile image

      dinesh srivastava 7 years ago

      Good story to demonstrate power of mind over matter and power of positive thinking.

    • profile image

      chandrika Joshi 7 years ago

      Dear Pravinbhai,

      very nice story. Besides positive thinking it is also positive action. Often when we feel our lives are empty we are sad, depressed and feel the burden of life. When we fill our hearts with things to do... our lives become lighter.

    • oishi profile image

      oishi 7 years ago

      Very nice and enlightening story. Yes, positive thinking makes all the difference.