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How To Stand Out In An Interview And Find A Job With Paper Trading

Updated on March 1, 2015

When the economy is doing well, it's relatively easy to find a job. But when the economy is in bad shape and job openings are few, employers are much more reluctant to hire people. This is especially true for people without a proven track record, such as recent college graduates without any experience.

Therefore, people looking for a job during these times cannot rely solely on traditional methods. What they need is an edge to find a job. Something that can help convince employers to take a chance, despite their reluctance. That edge may be found with paper or virtual trading with stocks.

What is paper trading?

Virtual stock trading or simply virtual trading is trading in stock without using any real money. The purpose is for potential investors to practice or simulate investment positions or strategies that behave the way they would in a real market.

This helps them try out different strategies and compare their performance and results without suffering any real losses in capital. The end result should be an overall improvement in trading or investing skills. This can be highly beneficial to those with insufficient experience.


What can paper trading do if you need a job?

Companies are reluctant to hire when they see the new hire as only an expense. Something that will cost them money without getting enough in return. It is therefore important that job applicants show how the company can benefit from their addition. This is where practicing paper trading comes in.

Practicing paper trading should increase trading skills with enough time and dedication. You goal should be to use paper trading as early as possible to increase your trading skills as much as possible. These skills can then be converted into a job.

Ultimately, someone could become so skilled through practice that person is able to consistently earn a return on invested capital. Such a proven track record could be highly beneficial and therefore highly interesting to those firms engaged in stock trading.

Remember, paper trading keeps a record of all trades conducted. If this record is highly successful, than this should absolutely be included in your job application. Any firm can double check the electronic records and verify someone's true skill level, including yours.

Once you've refined and honed your trading skills through virtual trading, you can use that in your job application. Firms know that delivering consistent returns usually requires high levels of technical knowledge and ability. Helping a company bring in money can overcome any liability you may have as an applicant. Proven trading skills are much more valuable to a company than a high grade point average and similar other qualifications.

Paper trading can therefore be used as a form of audition, a concrete way of demonstrating what your addition can do for the bottom line of the company.


Make your job search easier by putting in extra effort

Many people are surprised at how many firms engaged in stock trading, such as hedge funds, are unable to deliver the level of returns investors are seeking. There is a shortage of competent trading ability, which shows in the company's performance and is reflected in its bottom line.

Those in charge are under pressure to either raise their company's performance or see investors leave to those who can. The competition is always ready to take their money.

For this reason, companies are always interested in finding people who can help them make money. It doesn't matter how bad the economy is or how scarce jobs are. Companies are there to make money and therefore need someone like you who can assist with that.

When companies realize your ability to deliver them consistent returns on a consistent basis, you become a very valuable asset to have. No longer is your addition to the payroll seen as something that will cost money, but as something that will bring in money.


Make your job search easier by putting in extra effort

Knowing how to trade is a valuable skill to have. It is something that if you're good at it, you can continue to do even on your own and at a very old age. There is always the possibility that you're no good at it. On the other hand, there's a chance that you are very good at it. You will not know if you have the talent if you never bother to find out. Practicing virtual trading should tell you the answer.

Once you've determined by your performance over time that you have what it takes, you should always continue improving your skills. You do that by continuing to learn and read. Your education is never really over. There is always something new out there.

Virtual trading is a facility offered for free at many online brokerages. There is nothing that stops someone from trying it out and finding out what it can do for you. Whether your a student still in college or someone looking to start a whole new career.


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