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Prafulla Chandra Ray- The Great Indian Scientist.

Updated on July 4, 2012

Prafulla Chandra ray, born in 1861 august 2, in Raruli-Katipara, a village, which is now in Bangladesh. His father was well-known personality in the village as a poet and social worker. He was a land proprietor.P.C.Ray’s primary school days were in his father’s school. His father was the founder of that school. After this, he went to “HARE school” in Kolkata. he used to hear the speech of Mr.Keshub Chandra Sen. He was an activist in Brahmasamaja.prafulla Chandra ray inspired and joined in “Brahmasamaja”.he nationalism get inspired .he went to England in 1882 for higher studies .he studied in Edinburgh university. He got “doctor of science” (DSC) degree from there. He came back to India in 1889.

He joined in Presidency College in Kolkata as a professor. He visited famous universities in Europe while he was working in Presidency College. He started a pharmaceutical industry called “Bengal Chemical and Pharmaceutical Works”immediate after returning from England he completely followed the nationalism and he thrown out his foreign cloths and used khaddar. His big contribution towards chemistry was Mercurous nitrite. He retired from Presidency college in1916.he joined in Calcutta University of college then. He donated his entire salary to Calcutta University from 1921.In 1936 in the age of 75 he completely retired from his active service.

Dr.P.C.Roy was a multi talented personality. He was having wonderful knowledge in different languages like Sanskrit, Latin; French. He was having wonderful vision towards politics, economics and history. His contribution towards Indian chemistry was immense.Mahatma Gandhi and Gopala Krishna Gokhale was his companions.he lived his life as a simple common person even though he got good income from his industry. He contributed his profits to common people. He passed away in 1946 September 28.


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