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Pray For Rain, Drought in the Central Plains

Updated on July 31, 2011

Forecast-- hot, hotter, hotter yet, and more hot

I know I'm not alone in this heat wave, but "golly gee whillikers"! When will we get some relief?The weather forecasts all say the same thing each week. It's hot, it's gonna stay hot until it gets hotter, and then after that it will only be hot. Groan. Fall seems like an awful long ways off when it's still July and we've been 100 F and higher every day for over a month. What's a person to do? Well, the main thing to keep in mind is "slow down".

The ground is full of cracks which are damaging water lines and other power lines from the shifting of the ground.So people have to do without water while the water line crews are out digging and making repairs and cable and phone lines go out until their people put in some hard earned overtime making repairs as well. The power companies are working at record capacities to keep everyone with power and to keep them comfortable during this record breaking heat wave.

There is little to no hay or other crops with no moisture. Livestock can't be fed.Ponds are drying up or stagnating reducing water sources for livestock as well.Grasshoppers are eating up the leaves on the trees, taking away the only shade relief from the heat that alot of animals have, Trees don't provide much shade without their leaves. Farmers and ranchers are reducing their herd sizes or just plain selling out because they can't feed their animals.

Pests are eating up what greenery there is left. Gardens are not producing food for the market or to put up for the winter. Instead of spending the weekends mowing, trimming, working in the flower beds, there is only dry brown, crunchy grass and leaves and lots of dust.

Starting to sound like the old days of the Dustbowl doesn't it? Well, it is very close, too close.

I am in the central plains area, Oklahoma to be more specific. I know this heat has affected alot of the country. But heat is one thing. Heat without any rain is worse.

So you might be ,asking how does one deal with such trying circumstances? Pray. Pray for rain.Pray for relief from the heat.Pray for strength and give thanks for all our blessings.We also give thanks we're not suffering floods!

Play the hand you're dealt

I guess my main point here is that we need to learn to play the hand we're dealt. The next hand could be even worse, so be glad and thankful for what you have both blessings and trials,because somewhere there is someone has it even worse.

Counting my blessings everyday even as the perspiration drips off my face.


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