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Pray for Rain

Updated on July 17, 2011

Oklahoma Calls For Prayers For Our State

I heard on the news yesterday that Oklahoma needs to be prayed for. Those were the words spoken on the media about Governor asking our state to pray. I am glad to hear someone thinks it is important to do so. I want to say that wild fires and crops not having enough water to keep them going brings farmers down, and cattle prices are going up, because they cannot produce the feed needed to feed the cows. The prices of beef having soared and not only beef but Bison meat as well. Bison meat use to cost about $4.00 a pound and now it is almost $9.00. I happen to like it, because it is like deer meat and tastes very lean.

Like many areas that are suffering from not enough rain and too much heat, then your wild fires are taking thousands of acres of farm and home land. I once heard of Georgia and their drought about two years ago and how bad it got. Now Oklahoma is facing this extreme drought condition. It is bad, when the earth is so dry that it will not soak up the water. The earth is cracking open in places and I have even noticed cement cracking in my drive way and other areas of where I live. I tried to grow a garden, but it is hard to deal with it, when the heat is about 104 and sometimes higher. The beautiful lakes are in bad shape and our wildlife may also be suffering for lack of water.

I agree with our Governor that it is time for the citizens of faith in Oklahoma to take out time to pray. Prayer can and does bring about miracles, when those of us believe it can. I believe that is what is wrong with our nation. Not enough of you see the need to pray. Prayers may take some time to answer, but when they are answered, then you will see the real meaning of having prayed the prayers that each one of us has inside. Thank you Governor Fallen for bringing hope to the people of Oklahoma by reminding us the importance of praying, and that Oklahoma has a need for it's citizens to stand together for rain to come. "May God Bless Us and Bring Forth Rain Upon Your Land!, Amen" Remember those of us who believe, then we do not put anyone's faith or religious or non religious practices down. It is our faith that we must answer to and live by. If you do not elect to believe prayer matters, then it is your right to live as you will. I never judge anyone.


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