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Precariously Perched

Updated on February 26, 2012

Precariously Perched

By Tony DeLorger ©2011

The world revolves on a needle point, precariously perched in space amid the storm of universal existence. This blue shiny marble spins, like the hands of the clock ticking away, nurtured by sun and eking out existence in the vastness of nothing, a spec almost forgotten.

We crawl like ants on the crust of the marble, finding place within the turmoil of awareness, our choices heavily laden on our consciousness. Within the squaller of our pillaging ways we find justification in our intellectual capacity. We ignore the morality and integrity of the benevolent being we could become, and instead propagate greed and destruction.

How poignant the contrast of what we are and the beauty of our environment, the natural world. The lessons are obvious, laid out before us in clear concise examples; how nature in its evolution attains perfect balance. Man is the only creature on this blue marble to not follow the course of nature. How small and insignificant we must appear.

We toil and slave away to gain riches, from the earth, from one another, and in doing so justify our being. We multiply, instilling the same lost values to our progeny, exhausting the possibility of change. Pride has taken hold of our insanity, driven us to create monoliths of achievement, cement and glass spires that represent not achievement but complication, economies and systems that have become the only focus of life.

Humanity is lost to a purpose of the process of living rather that living itself. We are slaves to money, possessions and power and have lost all connection with why these tasks were initiated in the beginning. We now live to work, to maintain and better our circumstance, ignoring what is important.

Acquisition and aspiration has taught us to push rather than recognise life’s potentials. We spend our lives pushing our will rather than enjoying the bounty of life. Then as groups, racial, religious and regional we cling to dogmas and reject all else, creating conflict. In stead of sharing our bounty we covert, we thieve and deny others to better our own lives. We then kill and destroy those who contest our will, believe differently or stand in our way.

How ironic the plight of aggression, met with aggression. So endless the chain of circumstance that warrants this direction, it is undeniably present. Regardless of leaders, beliefs or events, this chain cannot be broken until there is no chain. The healing cannot take place until every soul acknowledges its necessity. There is always hope, but humanity has shown so far there is none. What other conclusion can be reached?

The greatest minds have sort to understand these conundrums of human duality of purpose, but labelling something does not make it change, only be understood. Talk is cheap and actions the only catalyst for change. How deeply do we love this planet? How far will we go to save it from ourselves? Not far at all. Denial is the greatest gift for complacency and we stand on the edge of a precipice knowing imminence yet unwilling to move.

We cannot have what we want without will and action. Change not accepted, is in the end forced on us by the laws of balance. Stubbornness simply gives weight to the retribution of attaining that balance. Humanity has proven over and again the unwillingness to bow to anything, including our own environment. We are so short-sighted.

Our cumulative ignorance has created a monster of which nothing but the forces of balance could overcome. This process and its impact, as unavoidable as it is, could be lessoned by our understanding and adherence to these principles. But unless humanity can change overnight, which is unlikely, we are in for a ride.

This little blue marble is a paradise and we in our greed and ignorance have turned it into a battleground. I pray for change and common sense to prevail, not for me, but our future generations.


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