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Precautions in Storage and Handling of Acetylene Cylinders

Updated on April 12, 2010

Cylinders should always be stored in a specifically assigned storage location and never lashed to handrails or inside accommodation spaces. Other precautions include;

  • Store vertically (not horizontally) in a dry and well ventilated area at temperatures below 35 degree Celsius more than 6 meters from oxygen cylinders.
  • Use the cylinders in the order received from the supplier.
  • Except when the cylinders are actually in use, keep cylinder valves closed and use valve protection caps even when empty.
  • Store empty and full cylinders separately.
  • Post conspicuous signs forbidding smoking or open flames.
  • Protect acetylene cylinders from sea water, accumulations of ice or snow, and screen them from continuous direct rays of the sun.
  • Avoid dropping a cylinder or subjecting it to abnormal shock.
  • Check cylinder contents by weight, by using the factor of 0.92 m3 / kg and not by pressure.
  • Never attempt to repair or alter cylinders or valves.
  • Never attempt to transfer acetylene from a cylinder.
  • Never use acetylene cylinders for any purpose other than as acetylene cylinders.
  • Avoid handling electric welding equipment where acetylene cylinders may come into contact with the welding apparatus or electrical circuits.
  • When moving acetylene cylinders, avoid abnormal shocks.
  • Ensure all valves are closed before cylinders are moved.
  • When loading or offloading acetylene cylinders use a platform, cargo, cradle or net.
  • Never drag the cylinders, which must be carried upright.


"Fire Safety at Sea" by Dr. James Cowley

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