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Premed Forum

Updated on February 27, 2013

Premed forum

Premed Forum and Medical School Applications

In the modern day, there have been developments in technologies and computing technologies in particular that have changed the way in which information is shared. Through the advancement of technology in the world of technology and the creation and development of the internet, there have been new ways in which knowledge and useful information is shared. One of this is through the premed forum which was originally the online bulletin boards for sharing posts and topics on various topics. This has been enhanced through new codes and software for the building into website forums. They have been used to give information and share information between premeds and premeds and medical students. An interesting associated reaction is that this has caused an effect on the strategies that premeds now use in their applications. This may be at the application level, but may also extend to the preparation level. By that, I mean at the level of academics, volunteer work, and preparation for required standardized testing in the form of the MCAT or the Medical College Admission Test which is created and administered by the American Association of Medical Colleges or the AAMC.

Premed forums have resulted in the sharing of information for the MCAT that would otherwise not be shared through any other medium previously given. In the past, it was only through word of mouth that the information for the MCAT was given and spread well. However, through the medium of the internet and the development of the premed forum, the power of word of mouth and the sharing of ideas has amplified dramatically, reaching a larger number of people and being able to reach other people from larger geographical boundaries. Though, the majority of the discussion of the MCAT on premed forums seems restricted, or at least mostly involving those who are from North America, namely premeds visiting forums from Canada and the United States.

The usefulness of the premed forum can be seen in the way that premeds can now communicate and connect with each other. The premed forum and premed forums in general are usually well and heavily moderated to protect the identity of the posters and to create a safe and non hostile environment for the sharing of ideas and tips and information. This can also include premeds sharing personal information about their applications and undergraduate, graduate, and MCAT scores. With this, it is apparent how important privacy is. It is very important to keep this intact and the premed forum owners are aware of this. They have thus implemented careful and comprehensive privacy polices and have asked their moderators to be aware of this policy and to respect the rights of their members and forum contributors.

Premed life can sometimes be quite busy. A premed's schedule can be hectic, especially for those who are traditional premeds. These are those who are studying in 3 or 4 year baccalaureate programs and who apply to medical school near the end of this undergrad program. Most premeds are in science programs, primarily in the biological sciences or similar fields. There are however other premeds who come from other programs such as the Arts, Social Sciences, and even Engineering. There are also a small handful of premeds who come from professional undergraduate faculties such as Law, Pharmacy, and even Dentistry. It can seem odd at times when someone from another professional faculty applies to medical school, however, it is common for people to change careers later in life. Some make as many as seven career changes in their lives.

Premeds will often have to focus a lot of energy on their premed application to medical school. It is good because when they put in a lot of time and energy, usually an excellent application will result. This would include having a high undergraduate GPA, as well as a high score in the required courses and a high or good score on the MCAT. As well, there is also extracurricular activities. A premed will need to volunteer and add this to their application as well. This will help the premed to be more well rounded. This is useful at adding another layer to the premed student's application and may improve his chances of getting accepted. Having a variety of volunteer experiences also makes the student who is applying to medical school seem more interesting instead of just being a score, but more personable like a good score and a face. It can make the premed more memorable.

Some premeds may embark on certain activities such as medical research. This can also help a premed's application. Most premeds will have done some research in their undergraduate days and this can make them unique because not everyone will have done this type of work. This can involve working in a laboratory doing work in molecular biology or doing field work for environmental biology. Whatever the work, it is important to contribute to research and to acquire new knowledge to help further scientific knowledge. It can be hard to find research positions, but it may be easier if the student is willing to do such work as a volunteer. Laboratories can always use an extra hand cleaning up and cleaning glassware or autoclaving sensitive equipment that needs to be sterilized for certain experiments. Another benefit is that some of the more generous investigators will even allow the premed applicant to have their name put on a research paper if they have conducted enough experiments or put in enough hours to the research project. Check out this great premed forum.

Premed Forum

Premed forum
Premed forum


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