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Preparing Generation Gold Indonesia

Updated on April 16, 2017

2045, the Republic of Indonesia will commemorate a century of independence. Once proclaimed by Sukarno and Hatta, on August 17th, 1945 ago. The memorial will be a special time for Indonesia because it is considered as a period of "Indonesia Gold". Thus, it becomes a necessity to prepare from now.

Based on data from the Central Bureau of Statistics in 2011, the number of children of age group 0-9 years as many as 45.93 million, while children aged 10-19 amounted to 43.55 million. Assumptions by 2045, they are 0-9 years old will be aged 35-45 years, while the age of 10-20 years will be aged 45-54. In this case, the holder of an important role in Indonesia coming mostly are of childbearing age.

The high human resources (HR) of childbearing age, would be a bonus demographic (demographic dividend), if supported by qualified human resources, But on the contrary, would be disastrous or catastrophic demographic (demographic disaster) if there is no qualified human resource. Because the challenge in the future will be much greater than the challenges of today, such as the distribution of development, science and technology development, and globalization.

Generation of quality, can be defined as the generation of morality (character) and insightful, and mastering science and technology. To achieve quality generation towards Indonesia gold is not easy as turning the palm of the hand. However, it takes some planning and careful implementation process, to evaluate transparent.

Education is the most fundamental things in human life. So, no exaggeration if the Minister of Education Anies Baswedan, once invited to all elements of society to favor (VIP-kan) a teacher. Therefore, the teacher becomes the main key to a successful educational process. In the hands of a teacher, a portrait of the nation's future is at stake. By doing so, the government must take the relevant policies of the education system with the conditions of the present and future needs from early childhood education (ECD).

According to Byrnes, at the early childhood level will provide preparation of children in the face of the future periods. Starting from this age, a person's character will start to form and have a major impact for the characters next. It is based on research by experts, if about 50 percent of adults have the intelligence capability occurs when the age of four. While 80 percent of brain tissue will experience rapid growth at the age of eight years, until the development reached its peak.

By doing so, many experts say if an early age was the golden era (golden age). The period should be used to provide the intake of a variety of knowledge and application of noble character. At this time, the child is very easy to capture everything that is seen and heard, and then imitate. Unfortunately, this period is often neglected by her parents.

It happened, whether her parents do not know or forgotten because of daily preoccupations. Especially since entering the modern era, not a few parents are preoccupied with their own toys (operate gadget). While children are left to grow and develop without given significant attention.

Apparently, the presence of the Family Educational Directorate which has been carried by Kemendikbud will be a breath of fresh air for the creation of a quality generation. article, this directorate has a goal to educate the people of Indonesia who have grown old. They are taught to know and understand the methods of educating children, since I was in the womb to grow to adulthood.

Recognized or not, the creation of a quality generation is not only the responsibility of formal education (schools). Errors that often occur, parents entrusted entirely to the schools to educate their children. In fact, when used in the school effectiveness is limited. Could not do a full monitoring (day and night), especially with the number of students who are not a bit.

Therefore, parents and teachers should be a solid partner. That is, each informing the advantages and disadvantages of students (children). Not justified, if the advantages and disadvantages hidden by teachers and parents. The goal, to improve the shortcomings experienced by the students and explore the advantages to be something more meaningful.

The process of a good education, can not be created instantly and can immediately enjoy the results. But require longer periods of time, extra patience and exemplary attitude on an ongoing basis. From an early age, educational characters (noble character) should be a priority before stressing education to cognitive (knowledge). The reason is, if the noble character had been formed early on, will automatically be delivered to the achievement of the various accomplishments in academic and non-academic.

Unwittingly, our education system has much that deviates from the education itself. Education is supposed to humanize (noble), has become the pursuit of educational value. This can be seen from the implementation of the National Examination (UN) which always cheating. Scored UN high as admission to the next education level, is considered a necessity rather than implement the UN on the basis of honesty.

Impact, the good name of education from year to year continues to pencorengan. Moreover, if the celebration of happiness after the implementation of the UN celebrated with bikini party for the students, who had previously been discussed in various media. Fortunately can directly be anticipated so that their operations can be canceled.

In addition, education in our little concern for the potential of existing resources, both natural resources and human resources. Thus, resulting in an increase in the number of unemployed from year to year. More worrying, not a few intellectuals who participated fill the unemployment list.

Indeed, if the education system is applied based on the needs of the present and the future. By digging the potential that exists, emphasizing the noble character, and relevant learning methods. Undoubtedly, it will be one of the efforts in preparing future generations to welcome quality in a century Gold Indonesia Indonesian independence, May 2045. ...


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