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President Trump's War On The Media

Updated on February 19, 2017

President Trump's declaration of war on American media and press has its roots in Trump's core beliefs and fed by the campaign and its aftermath. Trump has seldom had a good relation with the press or media even before he became president because much of it was bad when things failed. Failure in his businesses or his personal life had made Trump very thin skinned to criticism. Even when the facts are true, he cannot accept and admit it was his fault. Of course, Trump claims the media is part of the sore loser Democratic party and supports any real news story when done properly.

But, Trump calls the media dishonest and liars because he does not like the facts of the story. We now know he loves the media. Instead of getting advice from his experts he has appointed he relies on conservative media outlets, namely Fox News. Unless they are conservative, all other media are left-wingers out to get Trump. These are CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and others. When Trump cites facts that are wrong, he then claims that someone had provided him with them and he will look into it. Trump is embolden to go to war with the media and press. He seems to think that the 35-40% that are die-hard supporters did NOT win him the election but it was those 10-15% of the undecided that did. He seems to think that by continuing stating this propaganda of fake news and bias, America will believe him.

Only the fools that are die-hards for Trump will never believe he can lie and misrepresent the truth for they only care about jobs, as if Trump has a magic wand to create well paying jobs. Their hopes blind them. Trump is a false idol. He only cares about his Trump brand name and being continuously in the media headlines, despite him declaring war on them. If the facts the media tell the public is always fake and not real, why do all of them cite the same facts to a situation? Trump's war is about making the media cower to Trump's power and retribution by calling them out publicly. He wants to intimidate from the office of the presidency and therefore, control what and how facts are reported or spun. He wants them to only put Trump in good light.

When Trumps uses Fox News as absolute truth, using reports he saw, and then the report is not correct, does Trump attack Fox? No. He remains mute on the topic or later provides a clarification. Declaring war on 75% of the media is only smart to those 35% of his supporters. For everyone else, it is a stupid bravado thing to do. If anything, you want the media on your side most of the time because the media will cause so many issues he will not get much done.

The first reporter recently pointed out how Trump outright lied about how many electoral votes he won the election by. Trump said it had been "historic", greater than all others. When the reporter called Trump on this distortion, he blamed his staff for wrong information. Clearly, this pissed him off.

President Trump should expect more and more from reporters because this is not the first time he had lied or distorted the truth to make himself good. But, the media is angered enough to show disrespect now. The gloves are off. A brawl is just starting. Trump should take a lesson from the Nixon Watergate horror that saw the first U.S. president removed from office.


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    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 13 months ago from Florida


      I am not very biased, so I see through BS. I know there are some at Fox that fawn over Trump... but many also are critical of him on Fox, not belligerently or insultingly to the degree MSNBC and CNN are, but critical nonetheless.

      CNN and MSNBC are totally biased, they have been caught in lies, they have been caught trying to aid Clinton in the debates, and this is obvious to just about anyone not already predisposed to a viewpoint and bias.

      RT is Russian news, and it is no more or less biased than PBS/BBC or Al Jazeera, now I have had the advantage of traveling a bit, getting to know some Russians, they have much more in common with Americans than say... Qatar does, yet you aren't terribly concerned about Al Jazeera.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 13 months ago

      RT is the Russian news, do you really think they present unbiased reports? As to CNN, they have never said there were no sanctuary cities in the US, and we will see about any direct ties to Putin from Trump as the investigation will occur. If CNN is bias, Fox news is biased beyond belief in Trumps favor. Why else would Trump love Fox and dislike CNN? Fox news seldom states anything anti-Trump, especially Hannity.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 14 months ago from Florida

      So you think it is OK that CNN just chooses to not tell the facts (IE - Sweden) or to fabricate information (IE - no sanctuary cities, Trump direct ties to Russia/Putin, etc.) because it suits the propaganda they are trying to push onto America?

      Al Jezzera was good, it certainly gave you news about places in the world you otherwise would likely not hear about. PBS/BBC certainly has good programming for many topics, RT too has good information you would not otherwise find elsewhere.

      Fox Business and Bloomberg are the two trustworthy sources of news in America. They are the most likely to give you the straight scoop without fabricating, twisting, or ignoring the facts.

      CNN and MSNBC is outright propaganda, falsehoods, bias, and extremely dangerous and inflammatory, inciting unneeded fear and hate.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 14 months ago

      I would argue that going to RT (Russia Today) would be a mistake for any real news. PBS does provide the most balanced. Reuters and BBC seem to be balanced. Much of the bias in media is the reports they choose not to report, like, the Swedish Muslim riot that followed Trumps stupid comments. Fox reported it because it was news and it made Trump look good and his comments accurate. CNN did not for the same reason. Al Jezzera reports are interesting, they report on things no American outlet reports about the Mideast. So, truth be told is that, one must read stories from many sources to avoid the spin bias each has.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 14 months ago from Florida


      No that is no way to get a balance, I'm sorry to say, if you want to know what is really going on... you have to get the real news off the internet, from anything other than American MSM, yes Fox is closest to being 'impartial' but it too has bias, and it too conforms to the directives handed down by the 'establishment' to a degree... they all have to sell their time to advertisers, and they all have to answer to Ownership.

      The reason why Fox at least can be worth watching... is they will say WTF when something totally outrageous is trying to be passed off on America.

      When the Obama Administration came out with the Middle-East Riots and Benghazi was caused by a youtube video, they didn't swallow it and regurgitate the message to America like EVERY OTHER news source did.

      Fox occasionally tells you what is going on in the world... like they reported about Sweden... anyone else reporting about that humanitarian effort that has turned into a crime-wave? Fox was the only one.

      But you could find out about what was going on in Sweden from news-sources outside the U.S. ...on the internet ... from RT or PBS or other foreign news sources that are shown on cable.

      Where is the truth about how horrid Obamacare has been for millions of people? The cost, the penalty/tax, the truth about how the Insurance companies and Pharma companies are ripping the poor and middle class off?

      You don't get much real news from any of them... you get BS... about what Trump said, or BS about his being in cahoots with the Russians, or BS about how Iran is innocent of funding Islamic Terrorism.

      MSM = BS

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 14 months ago

      I frequently watch CNN and Fox, one can safely say that neither is very neutral about Trump. Hannity simply is biased, O'Riley is more balanced but does favor Trump, CNN does have a bias against Trump but it is more of one willing to challenge him than simply be a "yes" man to what he claims is news and facts. Fox is less willing to berate Trump and minimize his rhetoric. So, watching both is the only way to get balanced picture.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 14 months ago from Florida

      I am not going to defend Trump's delivery, his bluster, or belligerence.

      I can fully understand how anyone can feel he is not cultured or articulate or well mannered enough to be President.

      With that said. He is absolutely right about the Mainstream Media.

      CNN, MSN, Times... all of it, is little more than propaganda.

      A handful of people/corporations own the MSM, they often are in collusion to push a certain message or agenda, to ignore some things, while giving plenty of attention to others.

      For example, when the Obama Administration suspended travel from some of the same countries Trump tried to with his EO... no one said anything, it never hit the news. Trump tries it, it is as if it had never been done in the history of America, ever, it was an outrage! ... that is all about how the media chose to present the information.

      The problem the MSM has today, is people have the choice to find out things on their own... through the use of the internet, and alternative news sources on Cable (which could eminate from anywhere... Korea, Israel, Russia, etc.). So people interested in learning the truth can... rather than accept the BS that CNN tries to spin.

    • peoplepower73 profile image

      Mike Russo 14 months ago from Placentia California

      Perrya: A great hub and spot on.

      Nixon declared war on the press behind the scenes. Trump broadcast it as his declaration of war on all news outlets except Fox, Breitbart, and Alt Right. He is a master at dividing and conquering people and things and a master marketeer and salesman. I think he is trying to divide the media into two camps and at the same time selling his brand of Trump. The only problem is the only people who are buying his brand are his supporters. He has not been able to reach out to those who don't support him and I don't think he knows how to do it. Because he sees the world as winners and losers. He needs to be admired by his people. That is why he is already campaigning for re-election in 2020. His ego needs the feedback from those who love him. But I don't think he will be able to convert those who don't love him.

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 14 months ago from Australia

      Get ready USA.

      Don's ready for a nice war or two so he can use martial law to jail media people who don't like him. It's the start of an attempted dictatorship coup.