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Preventing Diabetes Complications

Updated on June 15, 2011

Diabetes Complications and Preventative Medicine

For Americans of all age groups, diabetes is becoming more prevalent. Whether it is the food we eat, and the lifestyles we live, or other factors, people are becoming prone to the disease than people were in generations past.

There are many complications that come from having diabetes. The disease seems to take over the lives of those who suffer from it, causing them to watch what they do in everyday life from what they eat, to where they go, to how they usually live their life normally. It is important for those who suffer from the disease stay on top of their sugar levels, and take the correct amount of insulin to keep their sugars in a healthy range. Uncontrolled diabetes can cause a lot of different health problems, many diabetics also suffer from other health conditions including eye problems, foot and skin problems and also cardiovascular disease.

Diabetes is a disease that health insurance companies take very seriously. Many insurance provide preventative care for diabetics understanding that it is better for both the consumer and the company if a costly, preventative diabetes complication gets out of control. One item that is often prescribed to diabetics for preventative medicine is diabetic shoes. Diabetic shoes are a special type of shoe designed specifically for those with the disease. These shoes are made to better fit their feet to the perfect shape and size. These shoes help deal with heel pain, arch pain, knee pain, and lower back pain. The shoes also help prevent infectious blisters as well as ulcerations and bunions. The specially designed shoes provide good ventilation, a thicker sole than regular shoes, as well as being very light weight.

There are many ways to help diabetes to live a happier and longer life. But, the main way is to make sure that you are healthy. A good, balanced diet, regular exercise and maintaining a good weight for your height and working closely with your doctor are the main ways to help keep the disease under control.

Today, about 11.3% of the population 20 years old and above have diabetes. Scientists predict in the future that the numbers will just keep rising, and by 2034 about 44.1 million people will be suffering from this disease. This is a shockingly scary number that reinforces the need for diabetes education and preventative medicine.


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