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How To Prevent Fires

Updated on March 24, 2013
Lighters should be kept away from children.
Lighters should be kept away from children.
Always keep a fire extinguisher just in case of an emergency.
Always keep a fire extinguisher just in case of an emergency.

Causes Of Fires

There are many reasons for fires.

Electric fires are caused by defective wiring while common fires are made by careless accidents.

Most common fires happen when there is a flammable object put near fire or a hot place, the reaction of the two things causes a fire.

Sometimes if people have small kids they can wander off and play with flammable objects such as lighters, matches, candles, or hot cooking material.

Fireworks are another main source of fire. Have you ever heard on the news or by your parents that this year we can't shoot fireworks?

Well, that's because the ground is probably to dry, and trees are also dry.

If you shoot a firework it can still have some sparks when it lands, and since the ground is very dry it can cause a fire.

There are many other reasons and causes, but almost all of them result in a fire.

Hazards & Kids

Hazards and kids just go hand-in-hand. Most little kids will not know what a fire is and how it is caused so they will pick up anything that they think is cute looking and play with it. If you have little kids always remember to keep flammable as well as hazardous material out of their reach. Matches should be kept secure and teach your kid about fire safety. The more you learn at a younger age the better you will be later on. This isn't usually a problem for bigger kids or teenagers.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers should always be available at your house. You never know when a fire may break out or something similar to that may happen. Fire extinguishers have a special foam like hard liquid that stops a fire from getting worse. Of course, sometimes you may want to keep a second just in case. Fire extinguishers aren't expensive and can usually be bought from any local store such as Wal-mart or Lowes. Remember to keep them away from kids to because if used without a reason fire extinguishers can cause a huge mess.

Burning House


You can prevent almost any type of fire if you have the right tools. You always have to be ready for a fire. You can do this by practicing and making plans for exits, or escape routes with your family in case of a fire. You should always keep a fire extinguisher. Keep one in a spot that you can easily reach. Fire blankets can also come in handy, if you want you can get one and keep it in your closet. If there is a fire you, and your family can put the fire blanket over your head and go for the exit.

I am not telling you to get worried and stressed out over a fire. There is about a 80% chance that you will most likely never have to have a fire, but it's always good to be ready. Also, if you have a fire alarm, or smoke alarm make sure it works and is ready, you don't want it to not work when you need it to. Always keep flammable things such as lighters out of reach of children. Make sure your house has good wiring, most people with newer houses don't need to worry about this.

Fire Prevention Video


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