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Prince of physics and Russian billionaire involved in exploration, "a copy of the Earth"

Updated on August 30, 2016

According to the Tech Times, the detection of Earth-like planets can survive life in the Alpha Centauri star system b Proxima are promoting Russian billionaire Yuri Milner and the famous physicist Stephen Hawking project changes to planetary exploration Starshot Breakthrough with a super small equipment.

Hui in April this year, billionaire Milner claimed will invest about 100 million dollars for the project Cosmonaut "Breakthrough Starshot" with the support of the "Prince of Physics" Hawking. Their goal at the time was super small spacecraft launched with speed by 20% the speed of light to Alpha Centauri, the nearest star system to the Sun 4.37 light years.

According to Abraham Loeb, President of the Board of advisors of the project Breakthrough Starshot, Proxima b will become a new target for their probes. "This discovery helps to stimulate the project. It provides clear objectives for the Mission of exploration, "Loeb said.

Loeb said the probes named StarChip to Proxima b have size only by stamp, camera and a few filters to color photography. The camera will help indicate the planet verdant color of life, of blue liquid water or only the Brown of the arid soils.

The project team hope can catapult StarChip within two or three decades and to Proxima Centauri after 20 years. The photos taken by micro probe will transmit to Earth after 4.23 years, equal to the number of light years from Earth to Proxima b.

With the plan on, Loeb and associates said that the devices could photograph StarChip Proxima b in the year 2060. Each device StarChip built from silicon will bring a camera, electric sources, the photon propulsion, navigation and communication equipment.

Super space exploration equipment small is the ideal means to travel to the stars such as Alpha Centauri system because ships often take up to 20,000 years to go to a destination, while StarChip can complete the journey in just 20 years.

Before the project becomes reality, the team needs to improve the system design push StarChip by laser and takes about 5-10 years to determine whether the system is feasible or not.


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