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Principles of Speaking Skill

Updated on May 8, 2017

Areas of Speaking Skill

Speaking involves three areas of knowledge

  1. a) Mechanics which includes pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary
  2. b) Functions or clarity of language
  3. c) Norms
  4. It involves the Speaking circumstances and reason of speaking. It includes turn-taking, rate of speech, length of pauses between speakers, relative roles of participants along with the Understanding of how to take into account who is speaking to whom, in what circumstances, about what, and for what reason.
  5. From this background we can deduce the following principal techniques of speaking.


1-Vivid Pronunciation

The speaker should pronounce the sounds of a language clearly. He should speak in such a way as people could distinguish the different sounds of words uttered by him. He should always keep in mind the tonal distinction of the words of the language he is speaking.

2-Intonation and rhythmic patterns

Speaker should use stress and rhythmic patterns, and intonation patterns of the language clearly enough so that people could understand what is being said to them.

3-Correct forms of words

Speaker should use the correct forms of words. This may mean, for example, changes in the tense, case, or gender. He should make clear to the listener the main sentence constituents, such as subject, verb, object, by whatever means the language uses

4-Sentence structure

A good speaker should put words together in correct word order. He should use the correct sentence patterns and structure.

5-Appropriate vocabulary

A good speaker should use appropriate vocabulary. He should avoid verbosity and redundant words. He should use language variety that is appropriate to the situation and the related to the conversation.

6- Related information

He should make the main ideas clear from supporting ideas and information. This rule will let him to be relative and appropriate to his topic or theme.

7- Coherent

He should make the speech coherent so that people can follow what he is saying.


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