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Private Tuition Jobs for Teachers With Kip McGrath School

Updated on September 26, 2016

Private Tuition Jobs for Teachers with Kip McGrath

For qualified teachers, looking for a job, then the world of private tuition jobs might just suit your lifestyle needs. Kip McGrath only works with qualified teachers and offers private tuition and test prep in:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Reading
  • Spelling

Kip McGrath offers private tuition to kids aged 6-16, helping them to build strategies and confidence in these key skills areas.

Kip McGrath private tuition started over 30 years as a family business, which is still run by Kip McGrath and family.

If you are a teacher and looking to work in the world of private tuition, then maybe this is the perfect fit for your needs and your skills. Private tuition gives more flexibility than working in a mainline school, as you're able to choose your hours of work more easily.

Private tuition with Kip McGrath is a business, it's a franchise - but each franchise also has jobs for teachers because one franchise owner can't do everything! So, it's ideal if you're looking for private tuition jobs, or if you're looking to start your own private tuition business and become a franchise owner.

Kip McGrath private tuition centres are across the UK and US and 18 other countries across the world. Following a proven business model and backed by a respected international brand, teachers who want private tuition jobs with Kip McGrath are assured of a consistent standard worldwide.

If you're thinking of ever working abroad, then investigating this through Kip McGrath might be worthwhile as you can gain experience here and be ahead of the pack for any private tuition jobs with Kip McGrath in other countries.

Private Tuition Jobs for Teachers With Kip McGrath School.        Photo by: John McStravick
Private Tuition Jobs for Teachers With Kip McGrath School. Photo by: John McStravick

Some students are with having private tution with Kip McGrath to get ahead, or to continue to be number one in their class, while others are there because they're struggling.  Some students will be looking to win awards and placements at their preferred school, while others just want to not come last in class.

Within a Kip McGrath centre, each child has plenty of desk space and their own computer - and all materials are supplied.  The only fees that parents pay are the session fees, meaning it's easier for them to budget.

Part-Time Private Tuition Jobs With Kip McGrath

Most of the tutoring is carried out after school, at weekends and in school holidays.  This makes it a great way to build your own business alongside a regular teaching job, or if you're looking for part-time teaching jobs. 

All the tutors are qualified teachers - and each child is given a personalised learning path, and homework to be done. Each private tuition session last about 80 minutes.

We all need a little extra help with a subject at some stage in our lives - and with Kip McGrath private tutoring sessions the kids get that little bit of personalised help when they need it, just to build up their confidence and knowledge, so they aren't left behind at their mainstream school.

Not keeping up in one subject can ruin a child's entire school experience, so you're helping them catch up and be back in the swing of things quickly.

Kip McGrath Tutoring Franchise

If you're looking to start your own business, then a Kip McGrath tutoring franchise is a perfect fit for qualified teachers.  With a worldwide reputation and well-structured learning programmes, it means that teachers can just get on and teach, without having to worry about how to set up the business side of things, or marketing and advertising.

You concentrate on what you're doing well.

So, whether you're looking for part-time teaching jobs, or your own business, Kip McGrath might have just what you're looking for.

Photography by:

John McStravick: Graduate


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      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      That sounds a great idea to help the kids and earn some extra money. Thank you.