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Productive Activities - Things You Could be Doing between College Classes

Updated on January 11, 2012

I've recently started attending college after a long hiatus and immediately found that my "down time" between classes can quickly become a waste - at least, that's what I see from many people sitting around on their phones.

That extra 2 or 3 hours between college classes is an excellent time to get things done. In this hub, I wanted to share some of my suggestions for anyone currently in college (to get the most of their time and be as productive as possible).


They say you should put in about 3 hours of time for homework for each hour you spend in class.

Consider this: If you have 2 - 3 hours of down time between classes, you could knock out that week's worth of homework and not worry about it after you're back home.

Additionally, you'll be breaking up your "cram" session with other classes so that 3 hours of homework feels quick and easy rather than one big block that becomes a huge task.

Work Online

Tap into your college wifi network and do a bit of online work!

That 2 - 3 hours of downtime is just enough to get an article or two. It's also enough time to work on a blog post, find some clients for your freelance business or do some of the smaller tasks on paid websites (surveys, polls, etc).

Coming from someone that's been working online for a while now - just an extra hour a day can be the major difference in your income if you keep doing it consistently.

Sit In on Classes

Many college professors never bother taking role so it's a very unlikely chance that you'll be caught sneaking into their lectures.

If you have enough time, I suggest jumping into a class you always wanted but may not necessarily need for your degree. Use it to learn new things!

Try to fit in as best you can - take notes - and if you need to - walk out of the class if you think you're going to be caught. That extra sit in time can definitely be worth it if you sparks some new ideas for your future, yeah?

Learn an Instrument

Like they say: "guys with guitars get all the chicks".

If you're having trouble trying to learn a new instrument at home than it's more than likely because you're distracted by everything else around your house. When you're in between classes, you can easily find time to slip away and focus on learning a new instrument.

Don't care about what people are saying if they see you practicing because this new hobby could easily become a favorite pastime!

Take a Nap

You're in college - this means that you spend half your night studying (ie. partying) and the rest of the day going to classes (usually). You need sleep!

Set an alarm on your phone and slip away to your car for a short cat nap. You'll feel rejuvenated and ready to work once you get up.

Sleep is especially important for your ability to learn and curve stress; if you're not getting enough at night than at least get an hour or two in during the day.


You're paying a TON for college but it's not just about what you learn in class - it's a lot about the connections you make with the people you go to school with.

Spend an hour or two socializing with everyone you can. Many of these people may end up becoming great contacts in the future for finding jobs, getting help on projects or just being cool friends.

Your college years are super important for your social life; don't spend all of it studying and going to class - get out there, have fun and make friends!

What do you recommend doing between college classes?

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    • BabyGearGalore profile image

      BabyGearGalore 5 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

      Knowing what I know now, if I were back in college I'd network more with both professors and ambitious students. I'd also take more detailed notes from my classes and turn the subject matter into new online articles on places like Hubpages and Squidoo. Not only would like help retain the information better but it would also make some extra money for college expenses.

    • David Pech profile image

      David Pech 6 years ago from Dallas Texas

      Nothing sad about choosing a nap. That is perhaps one of the most constructive things you could do with your time.

    • DIMIR profile image

      DIMIR 6 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      Sadly I too often choose nap... hehe. But people really do waste the space in their schedules. The student lounges will be full of students silently sitting alone, doing nothing. It is strange... but I guess it's their choice...