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Profit from Home - Using Your Computer and Internet

Updated on October 21, 2014

Market and Profit Online for Beginners

Ever wondered how to go about starting up a business for yourself Online. Let's start with the basics of Marketing Online.

The best way of course to market online for beginners, is to find a good product to market online and learn how to market it well, but it is not as easy as it sounds.

Firstly we must decide which product or service to market, and there are countless sites on the internet that offer affiliate marketing programs. Firstly make a list of all the things that interest you, because if you find something that interest you, you will be more passionate about working on your site. There are various affiliate programs available on the net. You can visit any of the following: Commission Junction, Clickbank, Amazon or Google Affiliate Network. If you go to Commission Junction for example, browse a bit and then type in in the address bar, you can access case studies from merchants. Find a couple of affiliates that are related to your niche product. You don’t need hundreds, as some seem to think.

When people visit your website, they don’t want to be presented with countless different links, instead have specifically targeted and carefully selected affiliate links to the strongest possible partners.

Decide what type of commission you would like to make. If they are less than 25%, make sure they will be worth your time and effort.

Check out and get to know all about what you are marketing. Does the company have a quality product, and does it deliver timeously? Does it have a refund policy?

Take a look at the company’s website. Is it easy to use, and is the marketing persuasive? How easy is the ordering process? Would you be likely to buy from them? Is the affiliate sign-up page user friendly, or full of legal jargon?

Choose a niche, so that you can target a specific market. That is the secret to making sure that your campaign works. Build your website around that specific niche, so that the people who visit your website already know what they want and will be qualified traffic.

When you get your website ready, just remember to get into Google’s top ten you are going to have to get rid of fancy logo’s and images. The search engine is designed to pick up text links, and the non-text elements of a web page render themselves utterly useless in the battle for a search engine ranking. A simple website will also upload a lot quicker, as most people haven’t got time to wait for a complicated site to load up.

A good web publisher will pick a keyword/s and they use the same terms over again so that Google can know what your site is about. Don't go overboard though, twice or three times in a short article is enough. Get some choice keywords going that can be picked up by search engines.

To start your campaigns, you would need a domain name and website that you can drive your traffic to. Best to get professional to do your page for you, as it takes time to learn how to write the code and time is money.  The other way is to host your own website with site such as Wordpress, or

There are various different low budget ways to get started with your campaigns, for example using Facebook, My Space, Twitter or simply placing an ad in the classified sections of your local newspaper. There are also various sites that you can place your ad for a limited cost.

Marketing is hard work and has to be continuous – everyday is the key. Your main aim is to drive as much traffic to your site as you can.

Ways to go about Designing your Website to Profit Online

How do I go about designing my Website?

Here are a few tips and ideas on setting up your website, if you want to do it yourself, but don't want to use a blogging site. Remember, most people aren't interested in seeing beautiful sites that are filled with graphics and banners. The secret is to keep it simple and to the point. Remember our aim is to create a commercial website, not a personal one. We want to attract the right kind of visitors and then redirect them to our affiliate links. We don't need potential customers hanging around the website admiring the wonderful design. Our strategy must be completely focused on generating qualified traffic to our website and then on to the sites that make the sales for you.

When you get your website ready, just remember to get into Google's top ten you are going to have to get rid of fancy logo's and images. The search engine is designed to pick up text links, and the non-text elements of a web page render themselves utterly useless in the battle for a search engine ranking. A simple website will also upload a lot quicker. Most people haven't got time to wait for a complicated site to load up.

To start your campaigns, you would need a domain name and website that you can drive your traffic to. Domain names can be purchase for about $10 each on sites such as or If you can afford to lay out some cash, it's best to get a professional to do your website for you, as it takes time to learn how to write the code and learn all the tricky design techniques, and time is money.

The other way is to get a website template. This will cost you around $45, but it might be the best money that you ever spend. You should manage to design yourself a professional and easily navigable site that search engines can easily find. Find a template that you can add content to with the minimum of fuss. Here are some sites to get you started:; or (Note though these aren't actually free)

  • Just remember if you choose one of these, choose a template which is not full of pictures and has at least one or two navigation bars.
  • It should not have frames, which are fixed bars on a website that show up on every page of the website and don't move. Search engines once again can have trouble indexing them properly for an accurate ranking.
  • Make sure the site has a side bar that can be used for navigation. You may need more - one for your logo.
  • Choose colors that are easy on the eye and make sure the layout makes it extremely simple for visitors to find their way around. Go for a decent sized dark font and also one that is easy to read.

Below, I am going to deal with ways of working with your template. I am sure like me you are all going to find the whole process of researching, building and launching your website fun and rewarding.

When I started out, I chose to have all this done for me automatically to enable me to start earning sooner, and then later on I went into designing my own when I went into the affiliate marketing side of things.

Some Basic Web Design Tips

Tips for Beginners on Website Design

When working with your template, unless you have been studying html for the past few years, you will want to purchase some graphical website design software. Two to look at are Dreamweaver and Front Page.

Front page will be adequate for your needs if you are not looking to create anything too fancy. Some versions of Microsoft Office already have a copy of Front Page bundled in. If you need to purchase it, look on sites such as Amazon, as I have seen it advertised there for as little as $100.00.

Dreamweaver is known to be one of the best graphical website designing software on the market, but also expensive. Again try to find this piece of software second hand.

The main thing to remember when designing your website is to keep it simple.

Aim to make your website a useful pit stop for somebody who is looking for specific information. You are just going to point them in the right direction.

Once you have your template on the screen in front of you in either Front Page or Dreamweaver, you will probably find you need to change a few things. You will probably see a navigation bar on the left with Product 1, Product 2 etc. You obviously don’t want your visitors to see that, as your product pages must be separate from your article pages, as they will include links to your merchants. You don’t want your visitor to get the impression that you are trying to sell him something or are earning commission off of him. Replace Product 1, Product 2 etc. with keywords relating to the site. Make sure the navigation bar fits your site, and that each link points to a page.

Put your own logo at the top of the page. Most graphic programs will let you create a simple .gif file that you can use as a logo. Make sure your logo conveys your site name. You can also just type in your logo and jazz it up by making it larger or changing the font.

Make sure that you delete any reference to the company who produced your template. They sometimes have bookmark links on every page which bookmark their site and not yours. Unless you know how to change this, rather just delete them.

When using your web page designer, you’ll be saving each page you create as a file name onto your hard drive and then later onto the internet. Try to use keyword rich and relevant names to your site here, not for example article 1, article 2 etc. Search engines like Google look at the file names to determine relevancy. Page titles are similar – Google also uses them to help determine relevancy. The title is what you see at the top of an Internet Explorer window when you go onto a webpage.

There is something called H1 heading on every webpage – use this, as search engine spiders like to see relevant keywords written in here. You will probably just need to write over the heading that they have put on the page. Try to make your headline as clever and catchy as possible to rouse your visitor’s interest.

You are almost ready to launch your website into cyber space. Make sure you take all your articles and copy and past the content into your template. Each time you put a new article in, save it as a different file name and with its own page heading. Once all your articles are on separate pages, you are ready to upload. As you are using a template, your pages should be exactly the same format, excepting for the heading and main body of text in the middle.

Now you are ready to go ahead and Profit Online from Home.

Have fun and good luck.

Information Overload?

It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the information out there, but just go one step at a time.
It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the information out there, but just go one step at a time.

How To Build Your Website The Easy Way

If all of the above seems like a lot of hard work, and it is, there are other options.

I run some of my blogs through blogger. This is a free platform and you can build very impressive looking blogs with relative ease. There are also other places you can leave your personal prints, such as Squidoo, Hub Pages like this one and

Of course nothing beats buying your own domain and using your own hosting account, as these types of websites will never be taken away from you or closed down, but if you are a newby, experiment first with the free options.

So what are you waiting for - the sooner you get yourself out there, the sooner you will be noticed.

If you want to learn more about internet marketing, you can learn loads from this course. It is called Complete Newbie Training, and it is delivered to your inbox once a week, with useful and actionable training, and in this way you won't be overwhelmed with too much content at once.

Read more here.


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    • Jennitasia profile image


      9 years ago from Arkansas

      wow! It seems I have a long hard journey ahead of me! I need to put more information into what I write and work even harder! Your knowledge has helped me. Thanks.


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