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How To Think More Positive

Updated on April 4, 2011

We take in information constantly. From the time you are born, until this point, and forward, everything you listen to, everything you see, everything you feel, hear, and/or smell gets stored into the back of your mind, and keeps it.Sometimes a person will recall information, and sometimes they store it, in the depths of their mind, and forget about it.

However, even if your conscious mind has forgotten the information you have stored, the subconscious mind always has it. Your mind holds onto the information to use every day.

Everyday our personalities change little by little. Without you being aware you are changing, you change. Everyone matures into a new person. You may look back on your life ten years ago, and see how you have changed. Your opinions, thoughts, and beliefs have changed. Your opinion of the world has matured, and the amount it may have matured, depend on what you have stored in your subconscious mind over the years.

Knowing this, you can change the way you think, for the better. You can become stronger. You can learn what you want to take in, and what you want to discard. You can learn how to influence your future. You can change your thought process, and condition yourself to stay positive, and be happier. You can literally program your mind into getting what you desire.

Knowledge is Power


Do you believe knowledge is power? If you believe knowledge is power, how so? The possibilities are endless.

To condition yourself, you must first understand how you think. Are you a positive person? Are you a negative person? What weighs more to you? If you are more of a negative thinker, change it, and change it now. To do this, you must be aware of your thoughts. Understand that when you start to think negative, stop the thought.  You have the power to control this. If you start thinking negative, replace it fast. You can go from thinking “traffic sucks” to thinking “I sure can’t wait to get home to…” Replace a bad seed with a good one.

positive influences positive


Once you start to think positive, you are on your way to changing your world. Being positive is the first step to attracting the right people into your life, with the right influence for you. Think about it. If you are always thinking negative, what are you going to attract into your life, besides misery, and bad company? Positive influences positive.

Mr. Miserable

Visualize your life going the right way. When you start storing information into your mind, your mind begins to react, making a data base in your subconscious and programming you to follow. Your thoughts will have a big effect on your actions. An example? I know a miserable person that thinks life sucks, he attracts the wrong women into his life, and dating sucks. Mr. Miserable person feels like he is always getting used. Well, what Mr. Miserable does not understand is he subconsciously allows himself to get used. He puts himself in that position, because he is thinking it is going to happen. When he thinks he is attracted to a lady, he gives her money. Well, the lady is responsive to this, and learns that this is the reason she wants Mr. Miserable into her life. He not only conditioned himself to get used, he also conditioned the lady to use him. This maybe harsh, but it is true. If Mr. Miserable thought in a different way:” this lady is sweet, she likes me for me.” Then he will create an environment that does not allow him to get used. He would have taken a different approach. He would have known that his sense of humor was great, and that his personality is the main ingredient in keeping this woman. He would not have given her things too soon, and she would have learned to like him for being him.

power of thought


Let’s take a situation like above, and switch it a little. Let’s say that Mr. Miserable learned about the power of thought, and tried to correct it, but he still got used. Things like that may happen, until your thought process has changed. When your thought process has changed, and the positive out-weighs the negative, your good fortune will also follow.

Mr. Miserable was teased


Let me give you an example of how you can train yourself to be more confident. Mr. Miserable is lacking confidence because of all the teasing he had to suffer in life. Mr. Miserable does not realize that he is weighing himself down more because of this seed. He must remove the seed. He needs to tell himself to discard any negative information. Anytime anyone makes a negative remark, he simply needs to tell himself, “that’s not accurate,” and change the thought. He needs to understand that he controls what goes into that little spot into the back of his mind. No one else has the power to control the little spot into the back of your mind, unless you give them permission.

Mr. Miserable controls his thoughts


Now that Mr. Miserable knows this, instead of letting negative information get stored, he controls it, and replaces it with positive information. If he were to allow himself to accept the negative information, it could have chipped away the foundation of his mind, been stored, and his response would have been to start showing low self-esteem. He could have subconsciously stopped bathing as much; it could have affected his posture, and his thought process. However, since Mr. Miserable controls his thoughts, he controls himself, by allowing only positive information to enter his mind. Mr. Miserable is not miserable, he has good confidence, and he is the maker of his own world, because he understands how to do this.



Examples of these types of things are seen every day. A man once had a daughter with a horrible mole on her face. She cried, she was teased, and she hated it. That man would tell himself, that he would walk a thousand miles to cure her face. Every day, he would say this to himself. Twenty years had passed. That man broke down a thousand miles from his home. The man had to walk every mile, for one thousand miles. When he got to his house, he discovered that his daughter’s mole was gone. The man put this information into his mind so much, that he made it happen.

The mind is powerful. You are in control of your world. You may have to fight and struggle with  the negative at times, but when you stay persistent, you win.


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      sarclair 6 years ago

      Thank you.

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      LoraKayAlexander 6 years ago

      I think this is positively good. :-)