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The Ultimate Guide to Developing a Dynamic Teacher Team

Updated on July 28, 2016

The objective of every school administration should be to promote strong teamwork or collaboration among the classroom teachers. Outstanding teamwork among teachers in education is the key to producing dynamic educational environments in which educators make great things happens in the lives of students. Without good teacher cohesiveness, the process of educating students becomes an operation of mere coverage for standardized assessments. Therefore, the most important thing teachers can do is to work together to create a common vision for the academic and moral progress for each student.

In schools where teamwork is at its best, students excel in ways they never thought possible. There is a good reason for this. When teachers are excited about working together, it creates a positive vibe in the atmosphere and students recognize this right away. Instead of the individual super teacher complex, teachers who operate in unity become a force which can turn a struggling school upside down and set the academic program on the right course.

For first year teachers, working together with veteran teachers is a godsend. Veteran teachers will know how to handle the ups and down of the day to day grind of lesson planning and presentation, organization, discipline and assessment. Teamwork among teachers will help reduce the stress of dealing with challenging students who attempt to drain every ounce of energy out of young teachers, resulting in burnout and doubts about continuing in the teaching profession.

Administrators can introduce a number of activities designed to promote great teamwork among teachers. First administrators can make a clear policy that teamwork and collaboration are expected responsibilities for the entire school environment. Before teachers are hired, they must agree that they are willing to participate in a team oriented school environment.

In order to further instill this expectation within teachers, the school administration must model this vision among themselves. Creating a great school environment always begins with the administration and their attitudes toward teachers and students, especially the principal. If the administration set high expectations and support teachers in embracing these expectations, then the school’s culture will successfully thrive to the delight of entire staff.

Approaches that can promote great collaboration among teachers include such activities as:

Academic problem solving

Allow teachers to come together and solve problems regarding curriculum, lesson planning, presentation skills and discipline issues. When teachers work together and solve these problems, the can create a dynamic learning environment, not only for themselves, but also for the students.

Meet to plan interested projects and programs

Encourage teachers to come up with fun task and projects for the classrooms. This could mean that each teacher adopts a theme for their classroom, complete it and share each theme among the classrooms.

Create occasions for fun and fellowship

By gathering together for occasional pizza parties, pot luck dinners, weekend movies, sports games and square dancing, teachers can develop a sense of deep trust and oneness. Seeing one another outside the academic spear introduces a new perspective of your peers. More disclosure creates a wonderful sense of family and intimacy.

Watch Videos and Read Books

Teachers can meet and watch videos and review books on teamwork and collaboration. There are hundreds of top rated schools whose teachers have worked together to create a highly successful learning environment.

Celebrate and reward the results of teamwork

Recognize those teachers who have made great strides in teamwork and reward them publicly before parents, students and the community at large. When the public sees the results of outstanding teamwork among teachers, the school’s reputation ascends like a rocket.

The Right Time for Promoting Teamwork

In order to build great team chemistry among teachers, the administration must determine the appropriate time for teachers to come together. Such activities must not be allowed to interfere with the priority of providing a quality education for students. The best time for promoting such teamwork activities depends on the teacher and their prep time. Usually, such activities are ripe for Friday evening and the weekend. Teachers must adjust their schedules to fit the overall plan.

The Lone Wolf Teacher

Rating Teamwork in Your School

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In every team endeavor, there is a lone wolf who doesn’t want to participate. Administration must allow time for the disconnected teacher to get on board. Even though strong teamwork is expected, it should not be forced. Team vision must be received and embraced naturally if it is going to be effective. Unwilling teachers who witness the outstanding results of strong teamwork might eventually have a change of heart and get on board.

When administrator successfully promote teamwork among teachers will also create job satisfaction, creativity, productivity, communication and an excellent learning environment where thinking, planning and decision making for the betterment of both teachers and students are the order of the day.


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      3 years ago

      I especially appicerate point 3: A lack of commitment to the team and its purpose is the leading problem facing most teams. So often I've been on teams where the culprit of the collapse of the team or the task is labeled as lack of outside support, lack of funding, lack of logistical connections, etc. rather than a lack of commitment on the part of the team members. If a group is seriously passionate about the purpose of a team, and members are able to work together and trust the others, there's not much on earth that they could not accomplish.


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