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Proof That The Oregon Slug Is Not A Vegetarian: Unbelievable Photo Of Killer Slugs Eating A Mouse.

Updated on August 30, 2012
Slugs are actually eating a mouse.
Slugs are actually eating a mouse. | Source

Unbelivable! Viewer Discretion Advised. Graphic Material.

When I saw this I could not believe it and as soon as I made out what was happening I grabbed my camera to record what I was seeing. I had thought that the Oregon Slug was just a vegetarian creature. Now I was seeing that they can be carnivore or omnivores too. Killer slugs in Oregon can hunt down and kill mammals? That is the last time I am going to go lying down on the ground or sun bathing in Oregon! I am not sure if the mouse was dead before the slugs arrived or not but seeing what i was looking at it seemed that they were enjoying a blood meal and I had thought that slugs had no tolerance for salt? Beware the pictures are graphic and are not photo-shopped but real observation photos. I have seen slugs do some pretty amazing things in the past including dangling from ropes or lines made out of their slime hanging down tens of feet from tree limbs. I photographed that slug trick earlier and you can find my photos online. I have seen slugs eat their way inside chestnuts and other fruits but I have never seen them attack and eat a live mammal or a dead one before. If you look closely at the following photographs you will see there is more than one slug involved. Call the one an adult and the other one a baby slug if you want to.

What is even stranger is that these particular slugs are still alive and well in the garden in North West Oregon at the end of August and after a no precipitation August. It could be they are dangerous new mutants and humans might soon find themselves under attack? Look at the photos and you can almost feel the pain and have an immediate sense of fear because this is just so weird for slugs to be eating a mouse. It could be more than just a mutation it could be evidence of evolution in progress?

Vicious Killer Oregon Slugs digesting a  mouse.
Vicious Killer Oregon Slugs digesting a mouse. | Source
Killer Slugs eating a fresh dead mouse.  No vegan creature these slugs...not vegitarians...proof they are not vegitarians anymore!
Killer Slugs eating a fresh dead mouse. No vegan creature these slugs...not vegitarians...proof they are not vegitarians anymore! | Source
attack of the killer slugs in Oregon
attack of the killer slugs in Oregon | Source
Mouse Lunch for slugs in oregon.
Mouse Lunch for slugs in oregon. | Source


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    • profile image

      James Duffy 3 years ago

      I got bit by one of these sick as hell they carry meningitis drank vodka immediately like hell had to quick take a razor blade to ct off my thumb hot water did not work then cut much deeper days later saw something still in there so cut it out with tweezers Still hurts a lot. Did not know what the hell it was only 1. One third of an inch long will kill

    • The Lex Blog profile image

      The Lex Blog 5 years ago

      these need extra salt....then i realized if they are mutants maybe someone wants to study them so i put them on ebay assuming i can catch them later! mailing them away out of the garden seems one way to get rid of them. these are wierd they have been coming into the house too. not sure why. never had slugs coming into the house before and it is not wet where they are coming from! Not sure if i put that in the article? I did put that on the ebay ad. beneficial to farmers? not my farm! They were beneficial when i had chickens and geese and ducks. the chickens would peck at them and the geese and ducks would slurp them . but these might be eating my birds or getting into their eggs. Help will be needed from the airforce if they start to grow to whale size.

    • Alma Cabase profile image

      Alma Cabase 5 years ago from Philippines


      what the...Slugs melt when exposed to table salt. Sprinkle some to that vicious thing! Yet I think it's not something nature can't handle. Rats are pests right? So these slugs can be beneficial to farmers. This is a very interesting hub. Thank you for sharing it.