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Proof of Life on Mars

Updated on February 19, 2015

Can You See It?

A Closer Look

Let's Call It "The Pipeline"

Full Zoom

The Pipeline

As you can see in the above unaltered images, taken by the Curiosity Rover at "Dingo Gap", there is clearly a pipe or tube, half buried along the ground that ends with an object attached to it at 90 degrees, with a triangular opening at the base and two semi-circular loops or handles at the top. It is extremely symmetrical and angular, and the definition is so good that it just cannot be mistaken for anything else other than a manufactured piece of equipment. The photo number is PIA17766 on the JPL/NASA website. Please feel free to check it out before it is removed! Use the link provided at the end of the article.

The Photo That Changes Everything

Let me start by saying that I am extremely excited to be sharing this image with you, since as far as I can tell it is the first time that it is has ever been exposed to the general public. I have heard, that in dedicated discussion groups they have seen this photo before and have thought it to be part of an ancient mining site. So I cannot take credit as being the first to spot it. As an amateur photo researcher I have found many, many geometrical structures and objects on the surface of the Moon and Mars, however I had to admit to myself that while they looked fairly obviously out of place to me, they were rarely clear enough to be 100% convincing to a mass audience. That is why finding "The Pipeline" was so incredible to me, as the resolution and clarity is exceptional! Now I am not arguing that it is definitely a pipe of some kind since its function is obviously unknown... I just thought it needed a catchy nickname like some other extra-planetary objects.

Anyone who is interested in space and planetary exploration is aware of all the anomalies on celestial bodies such as the Moon and the planet Mars. In both cases there appears to exist, at the very least, ruins of ancient civilizations and perhaps, current colonies of inhabitants (admittedly an even more radical stance). This concept is obviously difficult to grasp, as we have been told continuously that the solar system is devoid of life, apart from ourselves.

However, some intriguing finds have made the hypothesis of life on Mars all the more plausible. There is the very famous, "Face on Mars", photographed by the Viking orbiters in 1976; a huge, humanoid looking face that appears to be staring out into the heavens. The Cydonia region where it was found also features some pyramid-like structures that some researchers have used to advance the idea that these structures must have been designed by intelligent life. Unfortunately, more recent images from the Mars Global Surveyor show the face appearing to be an odd-shaped mound that created the illusion of a face due to lighting and shadows. Supporters however, point to the probability that the latest photos have been purposely altered or degraded. Although still hotly debated, the argument for the face being an intelligent design lost some steam due to the latest imagery. Other famous photos such as "The Ammo Box", "The Statue or Person", and "The Skull" are all very intriguing images, however always seem to be just debatable enough to allow skeptics to point to the fact that they just may be naturally formed rocks that happen to look like something familiar. In most cases, the resolution or point of view leaves a bit of wiggle room for skeptics to squirm their way out the argument. Well I believe that the photo I am presenting here is of such high quality and definition that it just cannot be denied reasonably and really does change everything! Decide for yourself...

What do you think?

"The Pipeline" appear to be formed:

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Do you believe the photo is evidence of life once existing on Mars?

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What Does it All Mean?

After studying "The Pipeline" photo, it is clear to me that something or someone created this object and therefore must have been on the planet Mars for some period of time, assuming of course that these photos were never altered before being uploaded to the NASA website, which is always a possibility. What is somewhat unclear to me is whether or not the object is fairly new or more ancient. In other words, while this is fairly clear evidence of life on Mars, I am uncertain as to whether or not the object in the photo is the work of more current, or perhaps more ancient colonies on Mars. Maybe a more experienced researcher could shed some light on this and offer some opinions? The object does appear to be in relatively good shape and not overly eroded, however I am unsure how long it would take for something like that to deteriorate in the Martian atmosphere. Any comments on this would be appreciated.

Could it be a Mistake?

I can imagine that skeptics may still not be seeing what I see in the photo of the pipeline. Or perhaps they may believe the photo was altered or adjusted in some way. So I will state again that the photo shown here is exactly as I found it on the NASA website, and the only thing that I did was zoom in progressively to get a closer look, and then take a screenshot (which you can verify yourself by following the link to the original photo, at the end of the article). Again, I would agree that it is always possible that someone who had access to the photo at NASA has altered the image, so the points I am putting forward here are going under the assumption that the photos are genuine (however we can never be 100% certain of that). Also, the pipeline is not the only anomaly in the panorama taken by the Curiosity Rover at Dingo Gap. In fact, if you snoop around a bit, you get the feeling that the whole area is some kind of junk yard, or debris field. There are numerous objects that seem to be fabricated or carved, and this to me helps solidify the fact that this cannot all be coincidence. Take a look at the objects below found in the same panorama.

Other Odd Items at Dingo Gap

Photo #1
Photo #1
Photo #2
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #3

As if one photo wasn't enough, shown above are other peculiar objects at Dingo Gap, in the very same panorama.

In the top photo (#1), the object appears to be made of a different material than its surroundings, as it reflects light somewhat differently. It also appears to be quite smooth with symmetrical carvings. Like "The Pipeline" it is not readily obvious what the object might be, however it really seems out of place and somewhat unnatural. You do get the sense of a face looking back at you!

The middle photo (#2) has a couple of strange looking things, including a small half-dome shaped object with a perfect "mouse hole" cut into the side of it. Two very unnatural curved lines in the same hollow looking object.

The photo at the bottom (#3)seems to show something barrel shaped at the top of the mound, tilted on an angle, with a flat surface on the top. Again, it appears to be quite symmetrical.

The whole panorama offers tons of interesting finds...I've only shown a few here.

Famous Mars Photos

Below are some of the photos mentioned earlier in case you haven't seen them before. It's photos like these, discovered by others, that motivated me to start looking through the NASA archives for myself:

Ammo Box

Person or Statue?

Face on Mars

Thanks for reading, hope you found it interesting. As promised, here is the link below to the photo on the NASA website were the finds were made:


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    • walk the line profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thanks for your comment Avis. Good point actually. While I know that these photos are exactly as I found them on the NASA site, it is always possible that they were altered at some point beforehand.

    • profile image

      Avis Langmeade 

      4 years ago

      Interesting images, but no "proof" of anything. Images---digital or photographic, are subject to editing for content and effect.


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