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Prophet Vanga and predictions about the disaster

Updated on April 6, 2016

Famous Prophet Vanga born on 31/1/1911, died on 11/8/1996. She live all your life in a secluded village in the Kozhuth region of Petrich, Bulgaria. At the age of 12 years, Ms Vanga lost his eyesight after being swept by a huge whirlwind. They found the little girl still declaring the breath lies buried amid the dust and rocks, two sand-filled eyes.

Vanga did you with the dark from there and giving prophecies in her 16 years to find the herd of sheep stolen by describing exactly what the stadium where we're hiding the theft of cattle.

However, the ability of Prophet Vanga only really reaches maturity in 30 years. Many people look to her to please the prophecies. Including Adolf Hitler Nazi bosses. He visited the House of Vanga and left with severe face to bend. Her extraordinary ability or allegedly related to the presence of invisible creatures of unknown origin for information about people-from when they are born to the time they die.

Prophet Vanga predictions about the disaster in 2014

Vanga is capable of communicating with those who have died hundreds of years ago. Even as she reveals the Aliens still lived on Earth from hundreds of years ago. They come from the planet in which to use the language Vamfirm.

Not many people believe in predictions of the prophets. However, one cannot predict when it ignored a reality up to 70%.

The famous predictions associated with her name.

1. The submarine Krusk
True 20 years ago when the tragedy occurred, in 1980, Vanga was the Prophet that: "end of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will sink under water, and all the world will mourn because it". On that day, no one is interested in this ridiculous prophecy. But then we know that the Kursk she said the city is not named after Kursk. The Russian atomic submarines are named after this city was experiencing terrible and forever sink under the ocean floor. The whole world is all nostalgia and tears for the victims trapped in the accident.

2. The outbreak of the war
The Prophet predicted in 2008, will take place much conflict in the Indian subcontinent (comprising India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Tibet), in the world of the Hindus. Then the assassin 4 Government leaders tried on four heads of Government will become one of the causes for the outbreak of World War III in 2010.

Prophet Vanga predictions about the disaster in 2014

3. Predict the terrorist twin towers on 9/11/2001
The prophecy in 1989: "scary! Scary! The twin brother of America will fall after the bird strike. The wolves will roar in the bushes and the blood of the innocent people will flow "seems to have been fulfilled with the twin towers of the World Trade Center (New York) collapses by the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001.

The twin towers also means "twins" (Twins), also known as the brothers. The terrorists took control of the whole of the passengers on the plane-"the bird"-and plunge into the tower. Bushes in English means "bush" should stay here can also refer to the name of the incumbent President of the g. Bush.

4. The revival of Russia
In 1988 when the prophecy about Russia, Ms Vanga draw a large circle in the Palm and said: "Russia will again become the great empire, the spiritual prop for the whole world. But have to wait a very long time when Figure 8 appearing and have signed on to the Earth ". And in fact, if Russia becomes the big powers and join the Group G7 to turn it into the G8 they will have impact on the progress of the war and world peace.

5. migratory crisis in Europe
"A lot of people suffer. Misfortune will come from all over the place, an all the peoples ... People will go to vacuum, no shoes, no clothes, no fuel, no light ... ".

Word of her anticipated Vanga makes people associated to the largest migration crisis in decades is taking place in Europe.

6. The rise of the rebels IS
It looks like she has a vision of Vanga the appearance of Islamic State forces (IS). This international terrorist organizations are developing quickly and harshly not only murdered countless innocent people but also destroying the historical mean.

"And then will come the tribulation time. People will split each other according to the characteristics of religion ... Syria will collapsed under Victor, but Victor is not worthy ... ", the word prediction of blind prophetess in 1978.

As predicted by Ms. Vanga, "to the year 2039, Muslims will make European home".

The prophecy of humanity for thousands of years later:

2014-most humans will be festering disease, skin cancer and other skin diseases in the aftermath of chemical warfare.

2016-Europe almost no people live.

2018 – China will become the world's new powers. The developed countries will become the sweatshop countries kh


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