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Pros and Cons of the Green Revolution

Updated on May 11, 2015

Understanding the Green Revolution

When considering the positive and negative effects of the Green Revolution, I think that overall it has been a positive change for agricultural production. While some will argue over the health costs of GMO’s and pesticides, the Green Revolution helped the entire world adapt to suit the people’s needs and make way for a growing population. While the creation of new agricultural technology was pretty concentrated to “rich” countries, globalization has brought many of those technologies to poorer countries as well, many of which might otherwise struggle to feed their populations. Continued innovation and globalization of efficient agricultural technologies will allow for more affordable access to crops whether for sustenance or economic means.

While I do agree with those who say we should apply more scrutiny through regulation to the use of pesticides and work towards the most efficient uses of land and crop placements, the Green Revolution is still undoubtedly a positive thing. In addition, it helped transition more jobs towards technology and innovation versus more manual labor of crop management. The increased capacities for crop production also helped open up larger world markets and better crops in a lot of ways.

As long as those working to increase output levels of agricultural production keep public health interests at the forefront of their efforts, I think the benefits of the Green Revolution will continue to outweigh any possible negative effects. Genetically modifying certain crops is important in moderation just as some pesticides are an important part of efficient crop preservation, but we should be careful about trying to make all efforts as cheap as possible if there is a possibility they could have a negative impact on public health or a crops nutritional value.


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