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Saving Eagles, Sacred Ibises and Ortolan

Updated on June 27, 2013

Endangered and Protected Birds in the World

The first two birds are large birds, the American Bald Eagle and the African Sacred Ibis. The first two are national treasures to their countries. The American Bald Eagle is not on the endangered list but it has been in the past. It is still under protection of the government under different laws. The third one is a little songbird in Europe. The bird is hunted to eat and not treated well. It is being protected by people that care about it and other birds. It is protected by law. All of them are deserving of respect as being creatures on this Earth.

American Bald Eagle

American Bald Eagle, US Fish and Wildlife Dept.
American Bald Eagle, US Fish and Wildlife Dept. | Source

The American Bald Eagle

The American Bald Eagle and other birds are symbols of freedom in the world. They can soar higher than a person normally can. They seem to be majestic and with a sense of purpose. Also they seem to be a sort of ambassador or gift from the creator. It is I think similar to what they feel about the African Sacred Ibis in Africa and Egypt. The eagle stands for freedom in the United States. It is used on T shirts and in pictures showing that the United States is a free country and that we care about freedom. We see the eagle we have chosen as protecting the country in that way. They did not want the bald eagle to be hunted to extinction with it being our national symbol. It was on the endangered species list.

The fines for different offenses having to do with the American Bald Eagle can go up to $250,000 and can include two years in prison. I am adding a link on it with all the information from the US government.

It is illegal to hunt the American Bald Eagle now. It is no longer an endangered species. But laws are still made to protect them. It is legal to take them by American Indians. Still they would need to check to make sure they are in compliance. It is supposed to be for one that is a registered tribal member. I would think they need to be legally Native American. That would be in the US, someone who is at least 1/4 Native American. But they also need to be legally registered by their tribe. They need to be on the tribal roll. It gives them an ID to show to people that they are legally an American Indian. The American Bald Eagle is a sacred bird to the Native Americans. They use the feathers as a part of their religion.


American Bald Eagle Protection

Challenger, American Bald Eagle

Challenger, American Bald Eagle from US American Bald Eagle Recovery Program
Challenger, American Bald Eagle from US American Bald Eagle Recovery Program | Source

Amerian Bald Eagle

American Bald Eagle
American Bald Eagle | Source

Sacred Ibis of Africa

Sacred African Ibises
Sacred African Ibises | Source

Prince William 2011


Britain's Prince William and the Sacred Ibis

Britain's Prince William made quite a splash in the news for himself when he made a big mistake and killed one of the ibis birds in Africa. He was with a party of people, settlers form Africa. Immediately people were yelling about what he had done. The prince had thought that it was just another game bird. In all fairness, I think maybe the guide should have said something as he saw it and went "bird" in another language that it was not to be shot at. Several people there started yelling at him and calling him names according to witness accounts. They were only supposed to be shooting at the other birds.

The ibis is a bird that is not supposed to be shot at in Africa. It just is not done. The African Sacred Ibis is not supposed to be shot at. It is just tradition. He had shot and killed a different kind of ibis. But for the Sacred Ibis of Africa there is both a fine and a prison sentence of up to one year if one is found guilty. So he was lucky to have not killed one of the sacred ones. All of the ibis are not supposed to be shot at. The African Sacred Ibis is on the endangered species list there. Because it is a representative also of Egyptian ancient sacred beliefs also it is expected that people leave it alone completely. It was thought to be a messenger of the god Thoth in Egypt. It does look a bit like a vulture. But they are not vultures. There are many different types of ibis.

One account of it says that they were on the tail of rhino poachers that were in the area. I think at least the prince was trying to do some good. From other reading, he seems to be attempting to help elephant conservation and the rest. There has been outrage about the royal family and hunting before. One would presume that the common folk in England are used to them hunting and do not pay them too much mind. I am from the states.

The prince had made an apology after that. They do not want relations to suffer with Africa. Prince William seems to be quite the hunter. Prince William and his little brother Harry both seem to like hunting. Their mother the Princess Diana was against hunting and it is too bad she could not have gotten different ideas through to them. It is an idea that they have partially from their father. The royal family, from what I am reading, loves going hunting. There was quite a row about the shooting.

African Sacred Ibis Botswana, Africa

Sacred Ibis and Thoth

The Ibis Messenger of Thoth
The Ibis Messenger of Thoth | Source
Thoth a god of Egypt
Thoth a god of Egypt | Source

Ortolan Bunting Songbird

Ortolan Bunting songbird
Ortolan Bunting songbird | Source

Stopping Illegal Trapping

Ortolan Bunting Bird

The ortolan is a tiny, little songbird that is seen in several different European countries. To many people they might like to have it to keep like a canary for themselves. But to some it is just a dish to eat. There is a whole bit that goes on about eating the little bird. It has been outlawed now to eat it in France. The maximum fine on it from what I can find on it, is up to about $10,000. There was a law on it that was not enforced that well in 1999 and later after complaints the government in France promised to enforce the law better.

They are illegal but still they have been shipped around France in coffee cans. Then they were also shipped in coffee cans to the US by cooks to use there with the black shrouds that they use for them. They call if the lure of the forbidden.

Still, that did not stop former President Mitterrand of France from eating one. He ate it for his last dinner. You would think that he would know that the public would find out about it. It was said in one article that they thought that it would be too late to prosecute him for it. It is sad that it happened.

I found out about it from watching the American cartoon "American Dad." It can be a very funny cartoon sometimes but this one was annoying. The alien Roger had decided he wanted to try an ortolan bird because he had heard that it was an exotic dish that was good. He persuaded Francine the housewife in the home to fix it for him. She did cook it for him. The daughter had tried to stop her. It was quite a plot. But her plot to save the little bird was foiled. I had been on the daughter's side to stop it. I had been quite mad at Roger, but he is only a cartoon. I found out by looking it up later that Francine is supposed to have problems in her bio. She is kind of a space case. She is not the brightest bulb around. All of the lights are on but no one is there kind of thing. I don't like French food that much myself anyway.

Also I remember seeing Gigi the movie about the girl being trained to be a French mistress. Her trainer is an older woman. She is shown how to eat the ortolan bird. She cannot do it and has a terrible time, but she has to in order to fit in. I do not remember that part in the movie.

In Switzerland it is in danger of disappearing. It is said to have inspired Beethoven to write the Fifth Symphony.

Ortolan Disappearing in Switzerland

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