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Psychology Studies, Buy 10 Best DVD Recommendations To Study And Enhance Learning

Updated on August 13, 2011

Do you have an interest in psychology studies?  Then you are in for a treat!  Here we have 10 of the best DVD recommendations to enhance learning, giving you the opportunity to buy with confidence!

If you have read any of our psychology 101 articles, you will already have your appetite whetted for more.  If not, you can always go back on these by clicking on the links at the end of this article. 

Some people are more visual in their learning than others and it is through the following psychology recommendations,  learning is made more concrete in the mind of the student.  These DVDs, therefore, affirms a true understanding of the main concepts in psychology and the studies that have been involved in it's evolution.

If you are a student, a teacher of psychology or just plainly have an interest, these DVD recommendations are for you!

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1. ABC News Primetime Basic Instincts 5: The Milgram Experiment Re-Visited

This brilliant five part series looks at what people think there would do in a given situation is different to what they would actually do. We are all quite obedient in our society - take the example of the atrocities that happened in Germany during the second World War!

Five star reviewer, Professor Dr Bannoura said this DVD was 'An excellent teaching video... I highly recommend it' , whilst Professor Amy Goncharoff called it 'Amazing'.

Further reviewers, including a psychology teacher, all agreed that Basic Instincts 5 is value for money and a great teaching aid.

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2. Secrets Of The Mind DVD

17 plus positive reviews, qualifies this 60 minute Secrets Of The Mind DVD to be included in the 10 best psychology DVDs. One reviewer said this:

'As a high school IB Biology teacher I showed this video as part of a unit on the brain. Students were most taken with Case #1: Phanton Limb. I followed the case with two hands on exercises (from the teaching materials) that allow students to experience phantom sensations. I ended the lesson with a reading called "The Man Who Fell Out of Bed" from an Oliver Sachs book, followed by the online actvitiy "Probe the Brain" (PBS) which simulates the Penfield sensory motor cortex findings. A very stimulationg little lesson!'

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3. Standard Deviants: Psychology

Standard Deviants: Psychology DVD is highly recommended:

'Recommended by university professors and teachers nationwide, The Standard Deviants are the perfect resource for academic success. The Standard Deviants entertaining and enjoyable teaching style breaks down difficult subjects into a clear, step-by-step format.'

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4. Inside Out: Introduction to Psychology

Although this DVD has had mixed reviews, on my viewing, I found this comprehensive and a valuable tool, especially for those who have not had much formal psychology study - perhaps that is why it is titled 'Introduction'?  This has only been reviewed by three people, two of which were positivie, so make your own mind up.  All I can say is that this is a fine introduction and will enhance anyone's learning - this is why it should be considered as one of the 10 best psychology DVDs!

Product Description:

"Inside Out offers a comprehensive introduction to psychology that goes beyond key concepts and principles to provide viewers an up-to-date look at the evolving world of psychological science. Each episode combines interviews with leading experts and researchers, computer graphics and animation, and real-life case studies. Bonus footage, called Find Out More, encourages viewers to further explore key concepts. Explore the mysteries of the mind and body...from the..."inside out."

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5. The World Within: C.G. Jung In His Own Words

From the school of Psychotherapy, Jung has been a great contributor to this as well as Psychology as a whole. I couldn't find better words that what this reviewer said about the DVD:

'This video gives a very good "sense" of C.G. Jung and is based on a filmed interview with him. It is just as the title says, "in his own words." It is excellent for anyone who has a serious interest in C.G. Jung or who is a serious student of Psychology. I will use it in the History of Psychology class that I teach for Psychology majors at the university where I work. The DVD is well made and includes interviews with other important followers of Jung. It is excellent historical footage'

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6. Biography - Sigmund Freud: Analysis of a Mind

Three people out of six gave this Freud biography 5 stars. On viewing this, I gained a greater understanding of the life of Freud, the Grandad of the school of Psychodynamic theory.

'A&E's Biography: Sigmund Freud is an illuminating look at the man who changed the way the world viewed sexuality and who gave us "the talking cure," better known today as psychoanalysis. Through photographs, interviews with psychoanalytic experts and Freud's grandchildren, and even with a brief recording that Freud himself made, we gain a glimpse into the life of this complex man',

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7. Secrets of Body Language - Mixed Reviews But Professionals Recommend!

Everyone has an interest in understanding body language.  It shows what people are really thinking.  With an overall rating of four stars, the five star awarders comes from professional teaching backgrounds - it is those that really know what they are talking about!

'I picked this up for the classroom on recommendation and can truly say it was an excellent choice. The current examples of today's pop culture icons and their body language kept the students riveted and I heard animated discussion. The narration had concise information and the interviews were interesting. This is an excellent addition to any library on Body Language. History Channel provides excellent videos...this is definitely one of them'

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8. Positive Psychology and Psychotherapy with Martin Seligman

What a great introduction to the Humanistic perspective! This DVD will provide a firm basis to this part of psychology. Positive psychology takes on the idea of psychotherapy not as a disease or something to be treated, rather as ways to empower patients. This is a great overview on the likes of Maslow and Rogers - both fundamental in psychology today.

'Dr. Seligman discusses his predecessors Maslow, Rogers, and Beck, what he took from them, and what he changed. He proposes new questions like, "What was the best experience you ever had?" And he explains how easy, enormously fun and important techniques can be grafted on to therapy with all clients to help them live a more engaged, meaningful, and thus happier life. After watching this lively, personally revealing conversation, you ll be eager to apply these innovative ideas to your psychotherapy practice!'

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9. This Emotional Life

'How can human beings improve the quality and fulfillment of their lives? "This Emotional Life: In Search of Ourselves... and Happiness" is a 3-DVD set revealing the latest scientific research alongside perspectives of ordinary people and even the wisdom of celebrities such as Chevy Chase, Larry David, Katie Couric and more. Disc 1, "Family, Friends & Lovers" reveals why social relationships are so important to our emotional well-being, and how they can best be maintained; disc 2, "Facing our Fears" explores the important role that negative emotions play and how they can be kept in check; and disc 3, "Rethinking Happiness", explores what really makes us happy, and how we can better focus on what is truly important to us. An amazingly insightful documentary, highly recommended'

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10. NOVA: Dying to Be Thin DVD

This insightful DVD teaches you the about the increasing problems in our society with people suffering with Anorexia. This is what makes this DVD number 10 of the best!

'I was so impressed with Dying to be Thin. I am a graduate student and I used this video while presenting on disordered eating in adolescence. My classmates and professor seemed very receptive to the video. This would be a great video to show to girls ages 15 and up. It focuses on anorexia and bulimia as well as treatments for both.'

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Recommendations To Impress

Amazon really do provide the best for value for money.  I have tested them out on many products and have always been impressed with the purchases and quick delivery times.  You can even get free deliveries when buying directly - check it out! 

In a time where fraud is prevailant, you can be guaranteed satisfaction and be confident that your details are safe on this website.  Here is an article on Internet safety that should help you.

Amazon provides the best in Psychology studies.  Buying only the best Dvds on this subject is sure to enhance learning success!  These recommendations will impress professionals and students alike. 

© This work is covered under Creative Commons License

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    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Great Britain

      Minnetonka Twin - yes Carl Jung was a great master who seems to cross the boundaries and envelope the mind (33%), body (33%) and the spirit (33%)in his ideas, thereby, looking at a person as a whole (100%) rather than just 66% of them. I love the way he relates to archetypcal symbology - not only relevant in the yesteryear, but for today and from the ancient times.

      You will enjoy dying to be thin, anorexia (amongst many other eating disorders) is something that people can control in a life of uncontrolling influences.

      Thank you so much for visiting this page and I wish you well:)

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 

      7 years ago from Minnesota

      I really appreciate your great recommendations on the Psychology books and videos. I can't get enough of Carl Jung. Carl is the bomb and I studied him in my bachelor and master's degree. I am also very interested in getting the dvd on "dying to be thin" as I live with my twin sisters teen daughter and already see the need to watch the weight at 13. Thanks for a very important hub.

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      Dr irum - There is always so much more to learn and these DVDs can help a great deal. Today, I was refreshing myself on Jung and there were things that helped me re-learn.

      Bless you.

    • Dr irum profile image

      Dr irum 

      8 years ago

      That's so great ,you have great knowledge of psychology .


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