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Psychology and Your Memory: A Multiple-Choice Quiz for High School Students and Homeschoolers Preparing for College

Updated on January 24, 2014

The Psychology of Memory

Do you often wonder why you can remember things that happened years ago, yet can't remember where you put your cell phone? A human's memory is strange, complex and very interesting. If you are preparing to go to college, where you will most likely be taking psychology courses, I urge you to take some of my quizzes. You can study any psychology textbook you want, but the scientific facts about our brain and memory won't change, so study a chapter on memory (lots of great information all over the internet, as well), then take this quiz. Later, when you go to college, you'll be amazed at the facts you will recognize right away on quizzes you may or may not have studied for. Good luck.

(All high school-age students should find my psychology quizzes useful, and home-schooled students are urged to take the quizzes as well. Trivia buffs should also find them entertaining and edifying.)

Terms You Will Need to Know

Check out this list of 30 terms that you may or may not come across in the quiz and if you are not at least slightly familiar with them, brush up on the definitions before you take the test:

  1. Sensory Memory

  2. Short-term Memory

  3. Maintenance Rehearsal

  4. Chunking

  5. Sensory Consolidation

  6. Mnemonic Techniques

  7. Semantic Memory

  8. Episodic Memory

  9. Long-Term Potentiation

  10. Decay Theory of Forgetting

  11. Flashbulb Memories

  12. Retroactive Interference

  13. Proactive Interference

  14. Long-Term Memory

  15. Encoding Failure

  16. Anterograde Amnesia

  17. Retrograde Amnesia

  18. Proactive Amnesia

  19. Retroactive Amnesia

  20. Source Amnesia

  21. Senile Dementia

  22. Reconstructive Consolidation

  23. Working Memory

  24. Proximal Closure

  25. Procedural Memory

  26. The Zeigarnik Effect

  27. Latency

  28. Primacy

  29. Recency

  30. Motivated Forgetting Theory


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