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Psychology of Colors

Updated on May 15, 2010

Consciousness and colors

Psychology of Colors


The concept of impact of color was developed first by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. According to soothe all dark colors and light - excited by impact of both physical and the mental level. Colors are perceived associative - for example, blue is "cold" color. Passing through the eye perceived color reaches all the organs and causes tangible sensations. It has been proven that color affects blood pressure - it dropped from the blue and green and rose from the yellow and red. Each color has many meanings. For the first time the Greeks observed that deflect the window of the church, sunlight decomposes colors. People choose the color of the temple, which according to them could cure them. In ancient China sunbathing in a red silk - so treat anthrax. Today there are many schools of healing through colors. Red always affects the physical condition, yellow - the mental, and gray - the emotions. Our colors give you an idea of your current situation, and the colors do not like - about the reasons leading to mistakes. For example, gray color like people who like love to rest, while workaholics avoid it. Thought its three colors. The first color that you purposed, characterize your emotional state at the time, the second - your personality, and the third shows your relationship with others and how to treat them.

The white
The white finish and perfection characterized, demonstrate the absolute and final decision, the freedom of the opportunities and removing obstacles. Its quality is the fundamental equality, as it comprises all colors. He always inspires, helps suggest a faith. The white is a symbol of peace and social accord. In Africa it is used by priests. If you sacrifice a white animal, it is a sign of truce with the gods. If inside the house is painted white, it would consent, if the doors are painted white, the man who enters and leaves the evil outside. In Christianity, the white color is a symbol of faith, purity and truth. In clothing white color means beginning. "White Knight" is a symbol of salvation, the white hospital gown is also a symbol of salvation and the sterile purity. The white control of the endocrine function and visual system. White garments soften the skin, make it more gentle. The white lights, upgraded all the colors in the body helps to remove stiffness. Where a person chooses White, it means that it seeks to get rid of the trouble.

Black color
The black color always hides his sebi in what has, he is enigmatic and has been used in horror movies. Provoking curiosity, attracting and intimidating, he always calls to free human nature, ie one must go through the black to white guessing. Black color contains a promise that "everything will be OK" and hope, but it must remember that he will not let you go as they've been before. When depression occurs, there are only negative characteristics of black, which is always, like death, mention of the peace and quiet. In Africa, offering the black animal sacrifice means an application for the rain. Black signs mean body disease. Black clothes mean a shortage or lack of something in life, from black to be released slowly diluted with other colors. Black and white color to extinguish each other, no longer carry their original information and does not inhibit the psyche. In general, black clothing is chosen for depression and where to reject others.

Grey color
Gray color associated opposite qualities of black and white color. The only goal is stability and harmony. Gray color stirs loneliness because katose located on the border between black and white. People who prefer gray color, do not believe that emotions can decide something, do not believe in the sincerity of emotional experiences, believe that emotions can occur only under certain circumstances. Hence their emotional restraint. Gray color processes stabilize around, but somehow always seem divided, it also stirs up sadness and melancholy. In a negative term that color reminds old age, disease, scarcity. In a positive sense gray color has confidence and strength. In mythology gray color is used less. If he prevails in the clothes of human characteristic is the desire to find the perfect feelings and sensations that bring inner harmony and peace. This color gives strength to the weak and vulnerable. Grey cloth allows for freedom and well calms nerves, this color is dressed in nervous exhaustion.

Silver color is sustainable, reduces excitement, released by emotional numbness, is able to penetrate everywhere, able to terminate disputes and to disclose people's fantasies. In its negative meaning silver color is associated with the inability to make decisions, self-delusion, illusions about what is happening. Often this color is associated with the lunar path. A man who loves this color can not take responsibility. In mythology, silver color is a symbol of the silver thread that binds soul and body. Silver can cure - calms the nerves, normalizes endocrine glands, and favorably affects the kidneys.

Red represents power, strength, will to win. People who harezvat, red, always achieve what they want, always moving, always a source of energy. Like to be first, but can not always be - it depends on the destructive qualities. Their motto is "the strongest survive. Red symbolizes passion, hotness. The man who carries a red, passionate loves, hates passionately, passionately believes. Is prone to impulsive acts, reckless advance, this color makes him to be active in all that inspires and directs forces to continue what we started, symbolizes the victory and the ability to accurately strike. Always seeking justice, he is a good reformer but constantly have to be persuaded that great, if not - can destroy everything and to ignite war without thinking of the victims. These people always attract attention, they are demonstrations and direct. Red managing sexual relations, he drives to proximity even if no real passion. In mythology, the color red is used a lot. God of war dressed in red, red in Africa means "infinite love" in heraldry of the Crusaders red means love of God, his neighbor, but also rage and cruelty. In Christianity, a symbol of grandeur and blood shed. Red assist the endocrine glands, production of adrenaline associated with the organs of reproduction, increased body temperature, making the muscles flexible and joints - mobile.

Pink color
The pink color means romance, kindness, lobyuv, passion. It causes chuvsto of comfort, calm, save by intrusive thoughts, helps in crisis. For people who like it, is characterized by extraordinary tenderness. People who like the color of the orchid have a bright personality, and sometimes - exotic and unnecessary rigidity.

Yellow color
The yellow color symbolizes the mind and attention, he is the most flexible, penetrating everywhere, helping to overcome difficulties, improves concentration and thinking. Under the influence of yellow take quick decisions and be implemented immediately. People supporters of yellow, not like fools. Like to enter into a dispute and to admire, have high self-esteem and confidence in myself. Yellow symbolizes intuition, ingenuity, originality. If someone wants to wear yellow, so he seeks to inner harmony, salvation from grief and a desire to act consciously. Basic needs of these people is to show they are seeking free relationship. Yellow color rescued from shyness and false thoughts like "I'm not good enough." In mythology with yellow symbolizes the sun, heat, and spring flowers.

Orange color
This color works very soft, its effect is warm, joyful and exciting. It is associated with striving to achieve self-assertion. Orange is the color of warmth, bliss, the soft luster and setting sun. He enjoys a good mood and has, in practice there is always beneficial and shows joyous party of life. Svrahemotsionalnite orange belongs to the people, they are brilliant, but unevenly gifted, overwhelm others with flexibility and versatility of mind, often have artistic talent, kindness, helpfulness. But at the same time surface are unstable interests constant need for new activities. Orange color will strengthen, maintain sexuality, activate endocrine glands, regulates metabolic processes, treat pikochnopolovata system, improves circulation and skin tone. He has support in severe situation returns lost balance and considered one of best colors in psychotherapy.

Green color
The green color is derived from merging the blue and yellow - they are complementary. In green, is the potential energy - the color does not reflect the peace and internal stress state. Green reflects the relationship of man to himself. This color symbolizes prosperity and new ventures. People who prefer green, generally see both sides of the situation, able to assess the chances of a favorable outcome have higher performance and are willing to help others. They are bright, but very mysterious, have their own world that does not reveal to anyone. The green neutralizes the effects of other colors, helping to dispel negative emotions, brings peace and umirotvoritelnost helps concentration and decision making, helps with shock and a sedative effect. It works well suffering from claustrophobia.

Blue creates a prerequisite for deep reflection on life and truth. Blue color symbolizes perseverance, tenacity, perseverance, dedication, seriousness, severity. People who prefer it, strive for order and systematization, they always have their point of view, are devoted to your case. In myth blue is a divine manifestation and color of mystery. The blue color is a loss of reality, dream and fanaticism. In this color are wearing mages and wizards. Dressed in blue in the Middle Ages knew the truth. In ancient Egypt inside the pyramids are painted blue, scarab is also the son of Buddha and Krishna are blue. The blue color of the flags mean freedom, unity. Blue restores the nervous system, helps with inattention in palpitations, in disorders of the bowel, balanced emotions and reduce blood pressure. People under stress and strain do not like blue, reject it and smokers. Ho prefer people who seek harmony with others and with yourself.

Brown color
Brown expresses vitality of the body. People who like this color, recreation and physical desire peace. Brown color brings stability, loyalty, he relaxes during the anxiety and unrest. Is very beneficial in nervous exhaustion, when a man it seems that the situation is unsolvable. Rejected by the people who want to find their individuality and independence and seeking attention.


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    • profile image

      Harald 4 years ago

      Why is it that green is used as a color in most horror-movies then? I think it can also be used to instill fear...

    • profile image

      zainab 7 years ago

      i just loved reading it


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