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Psychologynew Paradigm

Updated on June 28, 2009

Pshychology, hysteria, diagnosis, sociopath

Well, there you are.  A new system for diagnosing mental illness.  All that money, time, hours and hours actually working with mental illness and I could have shucked it all and just looked for alcohol and drug abuse in adolescence and taken it from there.  All that stuff I published makes me just a few strokes short of reaching shore,  and I'm holding cards all blank.

I did find your article amusing and fun and I hope you meant it that way, you will never know how close you are to being the next Nobel winner. And while the holes are filling in fast, there is still a vast amount of knowledge that remains  right under our nose but is as yet undiscovered.  It has only been less than a century since a chair with a patient strapped in was set to spinning at high RPM in hopes this would " get the head straight."

Remember  the movie , Cool Hand Luke, where every one of the guards is dedicated to getting Luke' head straight.?  But the warden, CM Struthers says that what we really have here is "a failure to communicate." The remedy?  A quick strike to the face with a short bamboo cane and then forcing Luke to dig a huge hole, fill it, then dig it out again.  flashbacks imply that Luke hates all authority because of his mother's hanky panky with sailors when he was small. Fast forward back to a later time with Luke just discharged as a war hero knowking theheads off parking meters for the money or do the meters represent authority?  the scattering of the money his wated youth?  Joann Fleet showing up as his mama who good naturedly takes it all in good stride.  this is the same Joann fleet that shows up for her boys all whory and pimped up in , East of Eden, with the late James Dean..

We are smug in our newly acquired knowlege of mental illness and the popular new movement which originated with the stripped down model for convenient classification of the afflicted.  One group; consists of these who have read Salmonow's classification of the psychopathic or criminal mind, with no conscience and no feelings toward anyone but themselves.  This is the classic narcissistic personality, or one who has not developed the capacity to feel the hurt of others or has a totally vacant sense of empathy,as a result of early, maternal rejection.  Armed with this information, millions of ex boyfriends, husbands lovers and wives may now conclude that when the checks stopped, or the affair started, the alcoholism bloomed, or Harvey suddenly decided to wear women's undergarments,  are all symptomatic, the victims"s assured us, of the sociopath..  Even the murderer who kills in rage when he comes home Early one afternoon from work and discovers the little woman  and the lover in-flagrant-delicti, in his own bed . lThe rage boils over to murder, is classified under the new system, and  another sociopath goes forth,  Notice how conveniently this concept of good and evil, black vs white, (no reference to race) Christian vs devil fits right into the accepted dichotomies of the day. Never mind wandering around looking for any shades of grey.  there aren't any.

If you look at the majority of executives and high level performers with type A  personalities,  they may be away ffrom their families for extended periods during the year.  they may be seen as unable to put up with errors or low performance from those working for them, they are perfectionists who are driven to excel.  They may tend to walk the line between what is legal and what is right to push the company forward, with few qualms about acquiring a company for its cash, then dumping or closing it when all but the bare bones are left, older workers lose retirement benefits, or the town can't replace the lost jobs.

In fact, if you gave a criminal and an executive similar tests that measure such things, you would find almost no difference between the two.  Not possible, says many who have decided that this can't possibly be true.  But some of the characteristics we most admire in executives are considered deplorable  when they operate in criminals.

An experimenter back in the 70's proved you could take "normal" university educated types and have them apply a measured electric shock to subjects who were being administered a test.  A wrong answer would get a high dose of electricity, a right answer would receive nothing.  Even when there was fear expressed for the safety of some sujbjects,  the fear had no effect and the doses of electricity were increased .  Even though the subjects begged and writhed in pain, the doses were still increased by the volunteers..

This experiment happened and is all true except the jolts of electricity were not real at all.  Everyone knew this except those who had to decide howmuch of a shock to give.   Button pushers, some of whom seemed to have no problem increasing the "pain" by giving the volunteers who missed questions a good  "jolt" of electricity,  showed a lack of concern over causing great pain and suffering, with a deaf ear for mercy.

Are the torturers sociopaths?  What about those who tortured the so called enemy  in Iraq by water boarding, sleep deprivation, and  through the use of dogs to intimidate prisoners?


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