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Psychopathy and Sociopathy

Updated on December 14, 2011

Some killers are put into different categories. These categories help analyze people and understanding who could do a certain crime. Two of those categories are psychopaths and sociopaths. It is not difficult to understand the differences because they are not too similar. Police, profilers, government agents, and anyone working with criminals should know the difference between the two.

The Psychopath

Psychopaths are known to be extremely organized. They are also pretty secretive. Add their manipulative and charming masks, and they can hide plenty of their secrets. They remain behind their masks, constantly and in front of everyone. Through this mask, they can easily gain trust by acting innocent and pleasant.

What makes psychopaths so dangerous is their lack of emotions for others. They do not feel for others. With this, they can commit any crime without caring about someone other than themselves. These psychopathic personalities only care about themselves and are mainly predators. They are typically dominant, alphas.

When it comes to grades, psychopaths get strait A's. They strive for perfection. Their vehicle is perfectly organized and clean. Their computer files are also just as organized. Their closet has a system. They are organized by color, item, season, or even all three. Their scheduler or day planner is color coded, maybe even the scheduled time, for each different action. Studying will be one color, appointments will be another color, and family will be another color. Their class notes will be neatly re-written after class to appear even nicer and possibly highlighted.

Charles Manson

The Sociopath

These crinimals are less organized. They are often nervous, easily agitated. They also do not fit into society very well. More likely, they are on societies edges, barely within the mold. They do not have consistent or solid economic support or cash flow. They barely can keep a job. This is mainly because they don't care about the consequences. I don't know if they don't think about the consequences, or because they don't care about the consequences. They also act spontaneously, which does not help their job possibilities. They innappropriate behavior is not admired and normally rids them of any respect.

They are defensive, always protecting themselves. But also, they are disorganized. Their home will be a mess, a complete disaster. Honestly, I believe their head is just like their home.

For a sociopath, their classes are taken in erratic order. They have no method or planning. Their car is filled with cups, trash, dirt, and plenty of junk or random objects. They have no idea where their files, emails, or important documents are. Everything seems lost. Their closet consists of a place where everything is. There are clothes, shoes, purses, belts, bags, maybe even trash in their closet. Anything could be in there. Their schedule has no plan as they don't even have a day planner. They learn about parties the day they happen and show up. They will forget about an appointment if you tell them a week or two in advance. When it comes to classes, they normally turn in assignments late, don't study, and ask others for help as if they don't know whats wrong.


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    • teenboyproblems profile image

      teenboyproblems 6 years ago from Nebraska

      Nice work, I really like how you write and capture the different aspents of these mental disorders. Great hub.

    • WD Curry 111 profile image

      WD Curry 111 6 years ago from Space Coast

      This is a good synopsis. I have worked with plenty of both. May aI add that there are many shades of sociopaths. Of course you can't go into that here. Very succinct and accurate. The High School kids will love you for doing the Cliff Notes their report. I hope they paraphrase.