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Psychoticism, Extraversion, Neuroticism

Updated on December 14, 2011


A person with this type of personality is aggressive. What makes matters even worse is that they are also assertive. It seems as if they try to annoy and harm others. They are egocentric and completely full of themselves. However, they can also be manipulative which is a double sword because they are also unsympathetic. They are achievement and goal oriented, which means they are also tough-minded. When they want something, they get it. And they reach that goal by using every means necessary. They are definitely masculine and dominant.


These personalities are sociable. They are always around people and at a party. However, they are constantly irresponsible. They do whatever they want and are entirely focused on seeking sensations. They are risk takers, always trying to do what they want to so they can reach the right buzz or high. They are impulsive and do everything on a whim. To achieve their irresponsible behavior, they have a lack of reflection. They do not look at themselves with a good eye. They see everything they have done as an action to gain positive emotions and to them that is a good enough reason to do the act. They are definitely expressive and entirely active.


Those with this personality are anxious. They are constantly worried and uptight. They go in and out of depression, their emotions are across the board. It is easy for them to feel guitly as they have an extremely low self-esteem. If someone makes a comment about their hair or something they value, they will be extremely depressed. It takes just one word, one saying, one look, and they doubt themselves. Are they good enough? Why couldn't they be better? This causes their horrifying moodiness. Even worse, they are obsessive.


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      jhon 5 months ago

      example of psychoticism