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Public Opinion/ The Chopping Block of Humanity

Updated on June 14, 2015

How I lost a great ideal!

Could you imagine a life where people did not have to worry so much, or stress over how to provide the basics (food, electric, clothing, shelter) for their family? I am talking about a life where human beings actually care about the problems others face in providing these basic needs. This was my concept, my great idea! It was my intention to build a community based following, with member who all wanted to help those in need.

In the beginning this was to be called The House of Jah, in reference to the name of God I had found to have been used in ancient text (Jahweh). For one reason or another people just did not really connect to that name, so I chose to try another name to promote the same exact concept. I changed the name on Facebook Groups and created The Neighbors Helping Neighbors. This was a good move which gained some attention, but something was still missing. I felt like in order for this idea to take off it needed to be a bit more localized. This is when I came up with the name Cocke County Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

CCNHN took off with a growth spirt of members rather rapidly. The Basic concept was to offer a Facebook Group page where local people could create postings asking for assistance, while other members within the group could offer to help if they were compelled to do so. This was a great platform to which I could then put out to the public other great ideas that would help others. Ideas such as building community gardens throughout the state to raise food for those in need, food pantries which we stocked with donation of meats and other products donated by local farmers, and even housing for the homeless.

The Storm Arises

As time went by it I fought with a dual life. One wanting life of a desire to better my life and the lives of others, the other life was filled with anger and rage towards society as a whole. In other words I wanted to be against a loner who stood against all threads of the fabric which holds together society as we know it today, while at the same time wanting to create a society of more compassionate and understanding people.

In attempts to change society through my missions, I tried to raise attention and money to be used in making the world a better place for use to live in. Under The House of JAh I tried to raise money selling tickets on a guitar signed by a country music singer. I padded the numbers on the internet sites to make it seem as if the tickets were selling so that it might bring people to want to buy tickets. Even that did not work. I think I may have sold 100 tickets which did not even cover my gas to an from the places I tried to sell them. After giving up for a while I came back to the idea with the new name.

With the new name Neighbors Helping Neighbors as I said before, people seemed to lie the concepts I had put out there, and they were joining the group left and right. I came up with the idea that I could sell T-shirts to raise funds to build a community garden. The garden would donate the produce to those in need. I set up a T-shirt sale through a company in the web. Things did not go as well as I had planed. At the end of the day when the sale was over I had sold 13 T-shirt and the company which made them got all of the money except for about 50 dollars.

In other attempts to raise money I also made BBQ sauce which I sold 4 or five jars of and did not recoup the start up cost on. I also ask for people to list items for sale or auction on our Facebook page. It was my intention that the people would sell their items and then donate the funds to this group. Boy was I wrong. I sold 5 items for 1 dollar each and a few other people sold items and services which they kept the money for, and the group did not get a dime. But that was nt the worst of it.

We all have a past, and mine was about to come back and bite me. As I have mentioned I had been battling with social conflict. I did not approve of how our society had become. Mostly on the issues of liberty and law. During my angry years I made the choice to follow the laws, but at the same time stand up and voice my opinions against them. Many of these tangents angered a lot of people. I was standing alone on a platform saying that there is no right or wrong in the world, there is only what is right or wrong for you. I asked the question of what gives others authority over others.

I mistakenly delved into some very dangerous subjects. Discussions such as legalizing drugs, or what makes it our business if our neighbors beat their children. Don't get me wrong, I do not support many of the causes I spoke about, and would never let them happen in my own how, I just wanted people to think about the justification of telling others how to live. One specific issue which ultimately destroyed my dream of helping others or even being a public figure was my belief that the government should not be involved with what happens in our bedrooms.

I had not been writing very long, that is sharing my views publicly. In fact my writing skills were quite awful, not saying they are much better now, but I struggled getting to paper my thought and making the written words match the thoughts I projected. I wrote a petition called Bed To Wed. This petition was initiated from a few thoughts I had been pondering and as I said was poorly written. My original thoughts on this subject were that the government should not have any say on the subject of who people have consensual sex with or who they marry. This subject crosses over into many dark areas they public opinion frown upon due to social construct. I felt compelled to voice my thoughts on the subject never the less.

What I wanted to point out with this petition aside from the fact that government should not be concerned with our bedrooms, with the source of our rules and regulations concerning who we have sex with, and how it effect our nation in a negative way. Instead of being clear about it, I instead come off as someone who supported child molestation (which I do not). The fact is that not so long ago right here in the United States of America and across half of the world, many men. mostly in their 20's were taking wives which were 10, 11 and even 12 years old. That was just the norm. Parents of these young ladies could not feed themselves well enough let alone feed the child, so they would marry them off to someone they thought who could.

Much later after the Great depression when times were better and food was not so much of the problem, somewhere down the line who a girl was with and her age became an issue. I would assume that some parents did not like a boy/man a girl was seeing and could not keep them apart even with the best of efforts from the parents. I assume that the parents complained to the police who said their is nothing illegal and their hands were tied, which lead to a push for changes within the law. These same parents whose parents, or grandparents had gotten married with such controversial conditions, were now pushing to make it illegal for their children, simply because their child would not listen to them and obey.

This was not the first time these tactics have been used. Somewhere down the line someone found their son mating with another boy. That parent used the fear of God to manipulate their child into believing and living the way they expected, claiming God said this is wrong. Later when the fear of God no longer worked they try and pass laws making it illegal for gays to make personal choices. Look it it you will find that acts of sodomy are or have been illegal in every state at some point or another.

At the time of writing the aforementioned petition, I wanted to convey the thought that the sole responsibility teaching our children should lie within the hands of the parents and not giving that authority over to the government. If a parent does not like a suitor for their child, this should be between the parents, the child, and suitor and God, with no one else involved. I guess the two questions I had were why is it wrong for a person today to be with a person that young when for so many years and in so many nations it was considered normal in the past, and why instead of dealing with these issues ourselves we turn to laws that destroy peoples lives for doing the same thing our ancestors did.

As I said this is a touchy subject because so many have been trained to think and believe a certain way. It did not help that I was not a very good critical thinker at the time I wrote the petition. I did not think about public perception, not did I think about the future negative attacks which would come if I tried to become someone of standing within the community.

Back to the mission on the other side. I had realized at some point that the thought, beliefs and views I had shared publicly would sooner or later come back to haunt me, and in attempts to change the world around me I chose to clean up my act so to speak. I went through my shared Facebook account with my wife and tried to delete years of what would be perceived as wrong, negative or bad views. I then created my own personal account which was crafted with a great public appearance. No more negative publicity, and no publications which could be viewed in a negative light.

I created The Neighbors Helping Neighbors Group, then a Page, and was moving right along. Somewhere down the road I upset someone. There was a post which caused arguments between some friends in the community, someone had asked for something and their friend did not think it was a legitimate need. Later one of these friends posted about how great my group was offending the other friend, who had a similar group took it to heart and was very upset. One of these members came to me asking me about this petition. They wanted to know if I believed it is okay that people have sex with minors. Of course my answer was no, that is against the law, and then explained that I don't agree with the laws being in place, and that I think that it is the job of the parents and family to worry about who our children are with and not the government's. I also went back to that petition and tried to have it removed. I guess it is on the web and cannot be removed completely and forever.

I had thought that would be the end of it, but it was not. Come to find out someone did some digging and found that my family and I are working on getting water and septic on our property. They also found out that in our personal life, my wife and I believe it is okay for a husband and wife to share another legal consenting female in the bedroom. Despite the fact that the coupe of suspects I have who are behind this, are drug addicts and sell drugs, they still want to go after me.

I was working on making The Neighbors Helping Neighbors something big. I was approached by some fellows who thought I had a great idea, and wanted to make it even better. They talked me into working on becoming a real 501 c3, creating an Executive Board and everything. They were building us a website, and things were really looking up. We were taking steps towards the next level and becoming something huge. Then it hit again. These people trying to cause problems, contact these guys who were helping our group, telling the all kinds of allegation, that I was planning to use my group to get water and septic, that I have taken thousands of dollars from people through fundraising efforts, and even trying to twist the meaning of my poorly written petition.

Needless to say I was forced to abandon my position and walk away from the entire ordeal. I even felt the need to leave the community which we were living in. It was as though I could not trust anyone around me, and if I was being wrongly judged for having an open mind.

Ultimate Truth

In the end, I find that it is important to know who you are before presenting yourself before the public eye. Despite the fact that we are all going through life trying to figure out how it should be lived,and trying to figure out along the way who we are, it is imperative that we are mindful of public perspective. It does not matter how right or how wrong society is, a single person's perspective does not make a hill of beans to those in society unless it can be used in condemning that person. Life is not like it was in the days of old where you can easily pick up and start over. Credit is traced through the internet, and so are your words which you share with the public. Both credit and your words can create great problems for you and you family in the future, so be sure and generate positive projections of both, even if you disagree in private,


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