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Puerto Rico Government Overstepping Their Boundaries With Education: Gender Perspectives

Updated on March 3, 2015
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Greg has many opinions when it comes to politics and education. He has no qualms with voicing his opinion..

Used with permission
Used with permission | Source

Let Me Ask You

1: So you have a daughter in 3rd grade. You find out a 5th grade boy strolls into the restroom while she is in there. Would you be angry?

2: You have a son in first grade and a teacher tells him it is perfectly fine if he wants to become a girl. The teacher explains that there are medical procedures available to make him a girl. Are you angry?

3: Your son and daughter are in class together in high school and the film is shown on the different ways to have sex. It shows actual sexual encounters and would be classified as porn in any other circumstance. Angry yet?

Please answer the poll.

Are any or all of these situations permissible with you?

See results

Puerto Rico Education Standards

The government of Puerto Rico wants to control all facets of education. They have allowed the LGBT rights organizations and others who have ulterior motives the basic blueprints on how to educate the children of Puerto Rico; and it doesn't just stop at public schools. This whole agenda is being forced on private schools and home-schools.

That is right! You can't pray in school, but your daughter can use the boy's restroom and your son can use the girl's restroom.

If your son wants to wear a girl's dress to school, you will have to allow it.

What will be next? Will the gay teacher be able to show the different ways to perform gay sex?

Enough is enough and many in Puerto Rico showed that fact today! But will the Governor listen? For a leader who can't even get a country out of a financial fiasco, how do they think they can properly educate the children? It isn't with this sick agenda.

Power Push

The protest was set for President's Day, and many showed.

The Governor agreed to meet with some of the leaders, but he quickly used his power instead of his ears and his brain. One prominent leader, César Vázquez who is a cardiologist and spokesman for Puerto Rico with the family immediately walked out of the meeting and spoke to the crowd. Below is what he said.

What has happened inside there is a lack of respect

— César Vázquez
Used with permission
Used with permission | Source

They Marched and Protested

The turnout was huge.

Thousands of protestors lined the area in front of the Capitol in San Juan and proceeded to march to the Fortaleza where the Governor works and stays.

There was very little resistance and opposition, even though some local news coverage claimed different. It makes you wonder what and who runs those media outlets.

Here are some pictures of the protest courtesy of Lastheart's nephew Nathanael Caraballo. Keep in mind that he is 16, home-schooled, and he and his parents believe the government has no right to tell them how or what to teach.

Used with permission
Used with permission
Used with permission
Used with permission

Don't Be Apathetic

Are some of you in the United States saying that yea, that is Puerto Rico and can't happen here? Don't be so quick.

Governor Alejandro García Padilla is essentially a puppet of President Obama. I believe this is a test, and if they can get away with this stupidity in Puerto Rico, they will push it there.

I ask you all to pray for the people and children of Puerto Rico that this idiotic push for this crazy scheme. There will be more on this, and I recommend that you listen online to the radio station we listen to. It is mostly English and all Christian. Here is the link:


I know, and have friends that are gay. That doesn't mean I support their views, and I believe there ways should not be taught to our children.

This isn't just about gay subjects either, teaching children about sex in any way without permission from parents is wrong.

God needs to be front and center.

I am providing a few links about this whole situation. They are in Spanish, so please use a translator and read these columns.

Your views and opinions are welcome. Thank you.

© 2015 Greg Boudonck


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