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List of Punnett Square Online Calculators

Updated on October 19, 2011

A Bit About The Punnet Square...

Our parents carry certain alleles and by using this Punnett Square, we can determine/predict what the possible offspring would carry.

The top-most squares are alleles from one parent while the squares on the extreme left are alleles from the other parent. See photo on the right.

A bit about Punnett Squares

List of websites...

  1. Virtual Lab Punnett Squares -- contains an introductory video, calculator and journal. There are different scenarios to choose from and recommended for further practice.
  2. Silverfall's Punnett Squares-- very straightforward; just key in your alleles and it will fill it up for you.
  3. Chang Bioscience Punnett Squares-- a simple-to-use tool to use; it has the most common allele combinations that are just one click away. Aside from the completed Punnett Squares, it also includes the Genotype Frequencies (in percentage).
  4. Bugaco Punnett Square-- this link includes options of what type of trait is asked (autosomal one-trait calculator, sex-linked one-trait calculator, autosomal two-trait calculator, sex-linkedtwo-trait calculator).
  5. Bifido Punnett Square-- this is a 15-day free trial and costs $4.95 to buy the full version. Recommended for easy and complicated punnett square problems. There are extensions such as Fruit Fly Gender Calculator and Cross-Over Calculator.
  6. Online Knowledge Magazine Punnett Square-- calculator to determine the probability of eye colours (Eye Colour Heredity). Just drag the gene pairs from the Punnett Squares to the empty squares on the right-hand side of the screen.

The links above are useful and should be used as a tool to help you enhance your knowledge about this Genetics topic. Do not rely solely on these calculators and nothing can beat the good ole manual (pen and paper) Punnett Square drawing.


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    • profile image

      Ians Vivarium 4 years ago

      Ians Vivarium is proud to announce the launch of our new Punnett Square calculator.

      Parents genotypes can be entered as individual alleles, as a full formatted string or directly from any of the IV cornsnake morph pages. The generated results include a punnett square, possible gamete combinations for both parents and ratio/percentage possibilities for each possible progeny outcome.


      Usage instructions:

      Future developments will hopefully include per locus percentage results. Any comments or suggestions are most welcome :)

    • profile image

      brus 5 years ago

      Bifido Punnett Square Calculator

      This is the most powerful and fast genetic calculator. With this program you can easily generate punnett squares for very difficult genetics crosses and simulate ratio and probability for offspring in real genetics experiments. Because of the special algorithm, you get absolutely correct results less than one second. You can use more than one letter to designate the alleles in the parental genotypes and use "+" sign for the dominant alleles. With this program calculation of punnett squares will no longer be for you the hard work. The program has many rich features. This professional tool give you a great opportunities for solving not only simple mendelian crosess, but genetics problems for linkage, polygenic inheritance and polyploidy. And with a powerful mechanism of a traits files it is possible to solve a problems for genes interactions crosses, like incomplete dominance, codominance, epistasis and polygenic inheritance. For these purposes, you can use the prepared examples files and write your own traits files. Besides of the punnett square calculator you find useful extensions, Crossing Over Map Calculator (to determine the distance between genes (up to three genes) on genetic map with crossing over process), Fruit Fly Gender Calculator (for to determine the gender of fruit flies - Drosophila melanogaster) and Recombination Progeny Calculator(to determine how many progeny in the screen you need for find at least one recombination progeny). Using this software you increase your knowledge in the genetics and have a better understanding of the principles of genetics and save your time.