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Characteristics of an ideal classroom practitioner

Updated on June 10, 2013

Teaching is a noble profession.Teachers can make or break the life careers of pupils. Teachers are unique individuals who are self actualized. They are independent thinkers, self starters and officers. They are there to equip the next generation with skills to cope in this world. They are the cream of the crop, we all bank on them when it comes to imparting knowledge to our children. We regard them in high esteem - they should possess certain qualities to work with children and to act as 'in loco parentis'. They should be the torch bearers of good behavior and discipline so that children may emulate them.

The most important quality of a good teacher is to have the love for children at heart. One cannot become a teacher if he/she hasn't that motherly and fatherly love for children. A good teacher should be the envy of all pupils, he/she must act as a role model to the pupils under his/her custody. A good teacher should be a divergent thinker not a yes or no type. Divergent thinking in teachers enable them to solve problems of pupils and deliver lessons effectively. If teachers are divergent thinkers they tend to instil divergent thinking in pupils. Hence,If pupils are divergent thinkers we end up having doctors,scientists and philosophers. It is common knowledge that an open minded teacher grooms open minded pupils who in turn become effective adults - it is a two way process.

A teacher should have patience with the pupils and should know the developmental stages of the pupils in his/her class. It is known knowledge that pupils are unique individuals, they develop differently. Good teachers should be able to spot and accommodate the individualistic differences of each pupil when planning their lesson notes and fostering discipline. A good teacher should teach not cheat. A good teacher should not discriminate pupils according to race, color, intelligence, and sex. A good teacher should try by all means to check for signs of bullying and abuse among the pupils. Punctuality at work is an attribute of a good teacher.An ideal teacher should not ask for favors and kick backs from pupils and parents.

An ideal teacher should know each pupil by name, this will help the teacher in fostering discipline among pupils. Pupils won't play truancy because they will be aware that their teacher knows them by their names and can reprimand them anytime by calling their names. Example: Hey,John stop what you are doing? If John is conscious that the teacher knows him by name , he is likely to be a good boy because he would be afraid of being named and shamed by the teacher - hence a good teacher should know pupils by their names to discipline them effectively.

An ideal practitioner should have the knowledge of the subject matter to be taught. He/she should grasp the knowledge of the subject matter at his or her fingertips during the course of the lesson. An effective teacher should always research his/her content to be taught and should not come to teach pupils unprepared. A good teacher should always give positive rewards to pupils when they have done well.

Positive reinforcement or positive rewards can promote good behavior or performance. Negative rewards or negative reinforcement can make John a dull boy. By merely saying,well done to John after solving a mathematical problem correctly,John is likely to be motivated and continue doing well in mathematics.A good teacher should have good speaking and listening skills,and the confidence to stand in front of pupils to teach them.

A good teacher should always have learning and teaching aids handy before the start of every lesson, and should always strive to introduce a lesson with a punchy introduction which links smoothly into the main lesson. Teaching is not a profession for the shy, Monica or the lazy Thomas, it needs someone who is always physically and mentally present in the classroom during teaching hours. An ideal teacher should be bubbly and energetic. He/she should have razor sharp brain and be protective of the children in his/her class..

A good teacher should make an effort to speak the language of the community in which he/she is working.The teacher should also be ready to be involved in community functions such as attending funerals in the community and even carry out voluntary projects for the community.

A perfect teacher should always be a role model to pupils.Being compassionate to pupils is part of being a teacher. A teacher works in place of parents(in loco parentis) at school so children should be able to confide in their teacher to say out issues of abuse which might be troubling them.This boils down to the point that a teacher should be approachable and have a good sense of humor. A good teacher should know the official secret act and should not divulge confidential information of the school and the children to the press.

There should always be rapport between the teacher and the pupils.A good teacher is there to mentor pupils into good thinking little adults.A good teacher should always put his class in order, he/she should be a good organizer and should be firm and fair when dealing with pupils. A progressive teacher should have time for a laugh with pupils and have time for serious business as well - a good teacher should have time to balance the two.Work hard,play hard should be the class motto. A good teacher should dress appropriately in front of kids. If she is a female teacher, she should avoid clingy frocks or see through dresses. Children are good at learning certain behaviors from their teachers - don't tempt them by dressing inappropriately in front of them.

A good teacher should be able to stamp authority,he/she should be a good listener.A good teacher should be willing to learn from the pupils,community,and fellow teachers.Creativity, flexibity,sober professional conduct,and respect are attributes of an ideal teacher. A good teacher should continue teaching even if the bell for lunch rings.A good teacher needs to conclude the lesson not to leave it hanging because it is time for lunch. A teacher is the cream of the crop,he/she must abide by the standards and expectations of the teaching profession.


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