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Quantitative Aptitude Shortcuts and Tricks for Bank PO

Updated on September 1, 2014

Cracking PO exams - one of tough competitive exams in Indian banking is hard for few of the aspirant. It is not hard as if the level is tough but the time is less. It's the time that make many good bank po exam aspirant struggle to score. To beat the time particularly in Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning is important for scoring more in Bank PO Competitive Exam.

To cut time, make more effective use of time is important thus to have it we need to learn shortcuts. There are many shortcuts which if one start practicing them, helps in exam saving more time hence more chance for attempting questions. More you save time more you attempt the question and hence score greater than ordinary aspirants. In this post We are going to see some good tips and tricks for maths - the Quantitative Aptitude Shortcuts and Tricks for Bank PO.

Tips and Tricks for Data Interpretation

Data Interpretation is very very important for Bank Po exam. In SBI PO exam you will get almost 70-80% questions based on data interpretation. It quite important to have strong hold in this area, for that you need to brush up the calculating speed.

Most of the DI have vast calculation which slow your speed in competition exam. Here are few DI tips and tricks to follow -

  • Try to attempt DI first and never attempt when you are in last few minutes of Exam.
  • Always avoid much calculations as much it is possible.
  • Try to sum up in mind, avoid using pen and paper.
  • Use Approximation to get the result but be careful.
  • First try to eliminate the choice without calculation with simple analysis.

Square Root Shortcut Tricks

We are going to learn how to Get square root faster. See the tricks to get square root faster with a simple methodology. This method work for perfect squares.

First We need to write all the the squares which is shown in the image at the right.

Now Find square root of different numbers. Learn this with two examples as given below -

Find Square root of 3249?

To find square root of 3249 we first split it in pair of two from right side (unit and tenth places first). Here we got 32 and 49. Since 49 is in first part, we can clearly see that 9 at the unit place so from the table we find that it is either 3 or 7 for which 9 is at unit place. So we confirmed that our unit part is either 3 or 7.

Next is to find the tenth part. For this we see 32 lies between which squares? From table we know that 32 lies between 25 and 36 i.e.square of 5 and 6. So we take 5 as our tenth place.

We got that 5 must be at tenth place but not sure about unit place. For that we are going to add 1 to 5 which results to 6. Now 5 multiplied by 6 gives 30, which is smaller than 32 our tenth place part hence we are going to take 7 the bigger part as our unit place. If product is large we take smaller one else vice versa.

So from this we get square root of 3249 is 57.

Second Example - Find square root of 2209.

22 and 09 so we have unit 3 or 7 and see 22 appears between 16 and 25 i.e 4 or 5. So take 4. Now 4+1 =5 so 4*5=20, which is less than 22 so take 3 (3 is smaller than 7). Hence our ans is 47.

Tricks to Get Cube Root Faster

To find cube root of perfect cube we follow the same method as we done in case of squares. First try to learn cubes from 1 to 10 as given in right side image.

Pattern is written in right most part as if unit place is 3 it's cube have 7 as unit. Hence when 7 comes 3 will be the cube root unit place. Learn it and follow the rules.

Step 1 : Divide the number in pair of 3.

Step 2 : Find the unit place with table you remembered.

Step 3 : Find the rest part number lies between which cubes. Keep the smallest number of that cube to the tenth place. Place both as answer.

  • Example - Find Cube root of 19683

19683 - 3 is unit place so we put the 7 as the unit place. Next we have 19 which lies between cubes of 2 and 3 so we take 2 for tenth place. Hence Our ans is 27.

Cube root of 19683 is 27.

Multiply faster with base 100

Multiplication is vast work, it take much time which we cannot effort in competitive exam. We can't lose our valuable time in competition exam, where time is key for success. Let learn how to multiply faster and save out time.

  • First Example 97 X 94

we need to multiply 97 with 94. See both are of base 100 with 97 is 3 less than 100 while 94 by 6. Hence take -3 and -6(as they are lesser by this much amount to 100) and multiply them to put them at side. (-3)*(-6) = 18, hence put 18.

Next is to either cross add the difference to the 100 with the number, put it to the number obtain in previous part. In cross adding we get same so do either of them and get the desired number. 97+(-6) or 94 +(-3) both give 91.

Hence put 91 just before 18. We obtain 9118 as our answer. See image in right side.

  • Example with number more than 100 - 103 X 108

103 is 3 more than 100 and 108 to it by 8. So we get 3 and 8 (positive as they are more than 100). Multiply them (3*8) which give 24. Next sum (103+8 or 108+3) which give 111. Thus ans is 11124.

  • Last Example 106 X 96

106 is 6 more so we take it as +6 while 96 is 4 less than 100 so we take it as -4. Multiply both (6 * -4) we get -24. Since we got negative sign here we need to keep it as side. Nex Cross sum (106+(-4) or 96+6) give 102. Since we got 102 and -24 we can't ans it as 10224 but we have to do something different. Since base is 100 so we keep it as 10200 from which we add -24 or say subtract 24. 10200-24 give 10176,which is our answer.

These are 3 different type of problem get. These principle also rules on base 10, 20 ... or 200,300 ....Try to practice is to make your multiplication fast.

Poll: General Awareness boost the Score

Do you believe General Awareness boost overall score?

See results

Keep reading General Awareness to score more

The General Awareness is the section that helps boost the score with no time. You have concentrate more on current affairs and banking terminology or marketing terms to score high. Do regular reading once all the topics and never miss them. Read all single time a day so you keep remembering them.

Tricks to find Compound Interest

To get faster while calculation we need some tricks to follow. In some topics like compound interest the Calculation is vast but with little trick we can make the calculation smaller. Here we are going to use the concept of effective percentage to calculate the compound interest for 2 or more 3 year at a great pace.

Watch the video give in side to learn tricks to find Compound Interest with little calculation

Time to spend in IBPS PO for each section

Quantitative Aptitude
General Awarness
This time is my personal advice but it may differs according to individuals


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    • Bluelotusrajeev profile image

      Rajeev Kumar 3 years ago

      Hey welly thanks!

      I appreciate that you want to have more tricks, i would write about them for sure.

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      welly 3 years ago

      so good to have this

      plzzzz add more maths tricks, i just so fond of it

    • Bluelotusrajeev profile image

      Rajeev Kumar 3 years ago

      Hi! Satish

      thanks for your appreciation. Hope i will give more such useful things for all the readers. All the bank aspirants likely to get helped by these tricks

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      Satish Nikam 3 years ago

      Really an awesome treaks given...thank you very much

    • Bluelotusrajeev profile image

      Rajeev Kumar 3 years ago


      Rajesh Thanks for your valuable comments. I hope all bank po aspirants will get helped with this.

    • profile image

      Rajesh 3 years ago

      So useful stuff here.

      Thanks for sharing. I think my friends preparation for Bank exams will benefits from this.