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Quantum Physics- China's Spooky Experiment With Entangled Photons.

Updated on June 18, 2017

Production Of Entangled Photons.

Entangled Photons Are Boon For Telecommunication and Defense capability.

China has become first country that beamed entangled photons from a orbit based satellite named QUESS (Quantum Experiment at Space Scale), also dubbed as Micius (named after an ancient Researcher) to earth based two down-link stations. These stations are more than 1200km apart from each other. Chinese has shattered previous record of entanglement of up to 62 miles. This is surely a proof of theoretical idea that entanglement of photons can be observed even after separating them to a large distance. Researchers always wanted to distribute photons to long distance to observe their behavior. Even Einstein referred to these photons as spooky action at a distance.

According to a scientist associated with this development Mr John Wei Pan that space based entangled photon's frequency is much better than other ground based direct transmission using optic fibers. He further explained that main challenge is attenuation (weak Signal). Only a pair out of 6 million per second of entangled photons succeed to reach ground based stations. Entangled photons can not be amplified like traditional signals. so new methods has to be developed to overcome these problems. The solution lies in the Quantum repeaters , large no of quantum storage and read out efficiency. Chinese used a narrow beam divergence combined with high bandwidth and APT ( acquiring, pointing and tracking ) technology to pinpoint their target at ground station. They converted a mother photon into two entangled daughter photons using a certain kind of crystal fitted on satellite.

Quantum is a Greek word which mean "how much". Quantum physics is a one of the weird and amazing branch of science. Some times its even counter intuitive for physicists. According to quantum theory every object posses dual nature of wave and particle. Photon too posses dual nature. Its a hot topic of debates whether photons can be called particles. Few physicist argue it can not be called particle as it is a excitation of quantum field. Quantum physics has a great applications in different fields. Even quantum field can be used in chemistry to study structures.

Pair Of Entangled Photons

What Is A Photon?

Photon is a tiny particle , a smallest unit of light. It has no mass and no charge. A beam of light is actually a packet of photons.

What Are Entangled Photons?

Physically correlated pair of photons have linked properties . We can measure properties of one photon by measuring the properties of other photon.This is called entanglement. It is believed that this phenomena exist even after separating these photons to a large distance.Pair of entangled photons can be obtained by Passing a laser beam through a certain kind of crystal. we can't study it's properties or information coded in it without disturbing it's measurement. Which is a security risk for communicating any kind of information. Information can be lost due to these modifications.

Why We Need Entangled Photons At All?

The problem with subatomic particle is that we can not read quantum properties of a photon without disturbing it. Due to this disturbance quantum properties of this photon can get modified. Discovery of Paired entangled photons has solved this problem. we can study one photon out of a pair without disturbing other one. It's a boon for communication Industry. It will decrease cases of data loss. It may be assumed that in near future it may be possible to send information at light's speed. Bill Poirier a Texas Tech University realized that there may be another parralal world poking through into our own world. Now this theory is becoming a evident reality that atomic or subatomic particles can exist at two places at a same time.

Entangled Photons


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