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Quantum Physics & Tunneling

Updated on October 12, 2013

Quantum Physics & Tunneling

Volume 4, Issue 6, October 12, 2013

In reviewing the factual information given by Sigmund Freud of the behaviors of the Id behavioral ego is the fact that it is a series of behaviors centered around primal impulses, pleasures, desires, unchecked urges, and wish fulfillment by which the behavior becomes and is an energy or element that could be interrelated and correlated with the structure and set of elements of the world in “Quantum Physics.”

The study of molecules or cellular structures is biology and the medical sciences of genes or cells that are the microscopic organisms in the human body and can extend itself into the sciences to most every organism on earth; like animals, plants, and people.


Quantum physics: The branch of physics that uses quantum theory to describe and predict the properties of the physical system.

Quantum mechanics: A theory of the mechanics of atoms, molecules, and other physical systems that are subject to the uncertainty principle (

D-Waves: Sound waves

Collective consciousness: Refers to the beliefs that are shared with groups or others and that are personal in nature.

Collective unconsciousness: Refers to the belief of shared beliefs and moral attitudes among groups that are extensions of the empirical psyche, an inherited piece of the psyche that is universal an impersonal in nature.

If you think about it in the theoretical sense where principles of reality are Id behaviors of impulses, pleasures, urges, and desires that are possibly induced by some unknown factors of energies like that of the Quantum nature in that they are dynamic and unexplainable at times and occur at random or are induced by some biological means in our minds or brains. We are essentially beings that are or have evolved by ions, particles, photons, and molecules that are of a quantum nature. So can the principles of reality be harnessed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) or robotics? The answer will astound you, because we are in a new and evolving era where the space connection between human beings, the mind, and even two objects either in another dimension or galaxy can be produced by sound waves (D-Waves) or they could be collectively produced by focusing on the subject.

At present, the practices of some human beings like Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, and others in the collective consciousness forums have been practicing these focused themed seminars on mindsets to relieve stress and induce a focused collective consciousness of peace and harmony, where it enters into a continual energy system, between the minds of many human beings.

It is profound to say the least when you think of the introduction of different principles and some of those principles are culturally bound and the cultures have been performing these rituals since the dawn of time. It is a connection of sound waves (D-waves) and collective energies that the mind can and has produced that could connect us on a deeper more spiritual level when we focus on a positive outcome in our lives, where they in fact manifest themselves and confirm its quantum level presence.

Cultures around the world practice different rituals where they do claim to have a focused collective event that could manifest itself through space and time, in another place. The collective consciousness of quantum tunneling was practiced more in ancient times among the royals of Egypt and India, in addition to those of Mayan and Incan lineage, than those cultures of present day.


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