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Quantum Science and Below

Updated on October 7, 2017

Is a new level of control upon us?

Since the beginning of known civilisation, authority and control have reigned over us through various persuasive techniques and impositions. Religion, corporal laws, taxes, credit, financial dependancy, military, policing, government, propaganda, education, academic polarisation, media, marketing and removal of self-sustainment are all technologies that effectively render us slaves to the system.

Like domesticated animals, so many of us are now town-dwellers no longer having the ability to stand on our own two feet outside the system and are to some extent banished from large swathes of our natural surroundings. The drive to monazite and democratise the Globe is unrelenting with the rapid implementation of cellphone networks and the internet in accompaniment.

While we may be farmed creatures, we have been nurtured carefully to maintain our conscious energy that by some ancient accounts is a unique trait coveted by our colonisers. However, while this anomaly makes us easily controllable because we can be collectively influenced, it is also something of a loose yet fertile canon that make us evolve and multiply at a ferocious rate.

Desexualisation, body modifications, DNA manipulations, dumbed down media, reality TV, fake news, strange twitter-ranting caricatures purporting to be leaders all seem to be heading us into a new reality.

It appears that our colonisers are now seeking to move us to the next level with our integration into a part robot existence. Glued to the internet, cellphones and wireless networks, we are already primed for the next stage. Attachment to quantum computing technology is already in play which I know certainly exists in the financial markets.

This may sound like the stuff of science fiction but this is science fact. Phenomenal scientific evolution is already beyond most peoples comprehension, despite often being privy to decades old technology. Quantum technology is where we are at right now.

Now lets consider quantum science. This is at the smallest physical level where energy and particles are one and the same that exist/expel at such an instance making it is difficult to determine whether they are coming or going. This is where we found that space time can bend and stretch in a field of energy that connects everything. This is where the interaction of our consciousness is a problem during experiments which means that observers need to be isolated otherwise their conscious energy affects the result. This is no joke...

Surely, this must mean that at a quantum level, the effects of an experiment are two-way and can in turn affect the observer. If meta level technology exist then that is mind blowing, literally.

Can such technology be transmitted across the airwaves, along fibre optic lines and omitted through light. I don't see why not. Are we going to find ourselves subjected to data downloads, DNA upgrades, reprogramming and even psychological controls.

Enlightenment, dimensional transcendence, day of judgement all come to mind. Could this be the reality that so many prophetic stories across the multitude of belief systems across our Globe suggest. It's a curious thought but one we should bear in mind.


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