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Questions Science Has Been Unable To Answer

Updated on January 29, 2017

We all know for something to be scientifically accepted, it should be proved. The only way to prove it is to show evidence, that is, physical evidence. If there is no evidence it cannot be said to be scientifically correct.

Also, we know in this world there are things that cannot be proved scientifically. We have heard there is heaven and hell. Scientifically it does not exist. If you have seen it through vision, science will not acknowledge it. If you believe there is by faith, science doesn’t depend on faith. In short, many of the questions science grapples with can never be answered scientifically.

Well, the following are questions which science is grappling with to try to find answers:

1. Big Bang Theory

It is a theory. Nothing more nothing less. If it is scientifically proven then we need to know how a massive non-living matter can explode to produce living matters. On top of that how did such an explosion lead to the perfect balance we witness both in our world and outer space? Science thinks there was a supernatural force that was behind such an incident. Now, what is this force? In fact, it is not the whole science community who believe in this theory. How did life begin? Science doesn’t yet know.

2. Animal Species

You would have thought science has identified every animal in the face of the world. This is not the case. I have come across tiniest insects of which I am not sure whether science knows they exist. It is a question science has been unable to answer: Have they documented all the animal species in the world? They are not sure.


3. Why We Sleep

Why do we sleep? In order to rest our tired bodies and brain. During sleep the brain filters out not-so-good experiences and keeps the good ones. In reality, science doesn’t know why sleep. Why do new-born babies spend a lot of their time sleeping which rings true with new-born baby animals? Even when you are not tired, why do you feel like sleeping? During sleep growth hormones are formed, another advantages of sleep. However, why sleep? Even if a person strains not to sleep he will end up sleeping even if it is for one hour. You cannot escape sleep. Why?

4. Our Purpose

Why are we here on earth? What is our purpose here on earth? Are we living for the sake of living? Is there a supernatural force behind our living here on earth? If there is, what does the ‘force’ want from us? Is there more to living than merely living? The ultimate fate of humans is death. Then, why do we live if we will end up dying?

5. Complicated Brain

It measures at a height of 8-10 pounds. Many of us know the parts of the brain and the functions they play. It consists 80% of water, way much higher than that of the body at 70%. Despite knowing the roles the brain plays, science doesn’t know how the brain works. You can know how something functions but how it works so that it can perform its intended functions is a different story.


6. Pre-Bang Bang Theory

If we go by this theory, for the sake of it: How was life before the big-bang happened? How was life before it? Well, as much as you would try to imagine is as much it will defeat you. Be warned: Don’t think too much about what was before life begun here on earth. You might end up in a mental institution.

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7. Life After Death

What happens after we die? Does our existence come to an end once we die? Do our bodies return to dust, and that’s it? Is there no other realm where dead souls go to live as resurrected people? Generally, man is made up of three aspects: flesh, soul and spirit. Where does soul and spirit go when a person dies?

8. Dreams

Why do we dream? Some of our dreams come true while the majorities are just that. Just dreams. We tend to dream on events that happened during the day. If you spend your day watching horror movies, it is what will form the major part of sleep. Even babies dream including animals. In fact, babies begin dreaming while inside the womb. What are they dreaming and why are they dreaming?

9. Why Yawn

Yah, I know. We yawn when our stomachs are complaining of the feeling of emptiness. Also, we yawn after a tiring task or when we wake up from sleep. Worse, we yawn when bored. Nevertheless, are they the real reasons why we yawn? Sometimes you are not tired, not feeling hungry, not bored and haven’t woken up from sleep and still you yawn, why? Frankly, I don’t know.

10. No Need To Grow Old

Nobody wants to grow old. In fact, some dread becoming oldies than the death itself. Can science prevent people from becoming old? From developing wrinkles? From stopping organs to become weary of functioning but be strong like an 18-year old boy? Can it succeed? Can it interfere with what has been programmed by nature?


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