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Questions to Ask an Atheist, An Agnostic or a Non-Believer

Updated on April 29, 2016
Edwinoel Tanglao profile image

Having been a graduate in Sacred Heart Seminary HS, Catholic Missionaries from Europe and within Phil. Rep, further increased my faith.

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Jesus Loves Us All - that We may Go Back to Him and Remain in Him

Now if I may ask you, not to ridicule or condemn, rather, to help guide and enlighten:

1. Who gives emphasis to that ‘right’ NOT to understand God in your mind, or even in spirit? While we have ‘free will’ to decide whatever we want to do in this life, Is it not our pride or our ego that tells us to believe what we want to believe, and forsake what may be true beyond what we may see or beyond what we so decide to ‘allow or not allow’ our mind to perceive in this life? In the Holy Bible, were Lucifer, Satan and the so called 'fallen angels' not outcast from heaven because of their pride and their failure to honor and respect God as due? Were not Adam and Eve also outcast from Paradise after eating of the ‘forbidden fruit,’ on the ‘tree of knowledge of good and evil,’ or of ‘wisdom and knowledge,’as what the serpent or the devil in his uncanny ability to deceive man may have projected the fruit to be? Is it not ‘human wisdom and human knowledge’ that the evil one ‘always’ prospers and propagates in us, for us to love worldly things more than the love of God and the love of others?

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2. If you were given your life to live, who do you think gave you your life as when you were born, and why would you have to die? Don't you think Satan and his evil cohorts have a hand on veering you away from the true Master of life and death who is God, and in Jesus who is 'the way, the truth and the life,' is also 'the Resurrection and the Life' as in John 11:25?

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3. Who wants you to deny Jesus as being in all of us? Is it not, again, the evil one?

[Laminin – Binding Truth of the Cross and Creation, Avoiding Hell, Purgatory and Generational Sins]

4. Who wants you to believe that there is no life after death? Is it not the evil one who would rather see us love ourselves instead of others? Is he not the one who creates confusion allowing us to be divided with so many religions just to veer us away from believing in the truth in Christ Jesus and his saving grace that leads to life eternal? How many of you have experienced signs in your life, or near death experiences, unexplained miracles that are intended to bring you back to God in Jesus, yet, you ignored all these? Is it not the evil one who is distracting our direction to keep us away from the lighted path in Christ to keep us trapped in sin, darkness and confusion?

[Even in Death our Spirit Lives as We may Die in Christ, by Faith and in God’s Will we Live]

5. Who wants you to enjoy and love this life and forget about the truth about God in Jesus? Is it not again the evil one? Can you find true happiness in material things that pass away and not make you satisfied, as they would become meaningless at one point in time rather, many times make you unhappy with that emptiness in you, or find yourself lost, miserable, confused, out of control, or worse, being in an unhealthy state from the absence of love and forgiveness which Christ teaches?

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6. Who wants to give you many definitions of love, yet, do you not see how these fall short from the love of God and the love of others that Jesus and Saint Paul teach us as the best definition of love? Is it not the evil one who tells us not to believe in Jesus, Saint Paul and to all the other divinely inspired gospel writers in Saints' Matthew, James, Mark and Luke?

[‘Love’ by Saint Paul, the Best Definition of Love?]

7. Who wants you to believe more in war rather than peaceful means to settle disputes, in power that causes death to many rather than 'love in God' that never fails? Is it not love of Mammon or evil that leads us to conflict, misunderstanding, divisiveness and disunity among ourselves, rather than ‘love of God’ and learning to ‘love and forgive others’ as true and fair justice is laid upon those who have sinned against God and man?

[Love and Unity with God is of Christ, Divisiveness is of Evil]

8. Who wants you to believe in science and technology, yoga, transcendental meditation, the inner power from within you that makes you selfish and live in greed, inwardly and incorrigible, conceited and prideful, believe more on meta-physics and astrology, feng-shui, the power of positivity and positive energy, to believe in same sex marriage rather than the sanctity of marriage between man and woman in support of the gift of life and procreation, to believe in psychic or magical powers and sorcery, spiritism, false beliefs and false prophecy MORE than what truth brings us to the belief in the Holy Trinity, in the Three in One God: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit - all embodied in our One True God in Christ Jesus, in Him 'all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form,' who is 'One with the Father,' the 'Alpha and the Omega,' the 'First and the Last,' and 'from whom all things were made?' Is it not the evil one who wants to remain blind from what is true, noble and fulfilling in the light of Christ? Is not belief in 'any other god' denying the truth about Christ? Or would putting our full trust and faith in Christ Jesus glorify God, when even demons tremble in one’s prayer who is in a state of grace, as he mentions Jesus’ mighty name, and become filled with the power of His love and undying mercy for those who may believe, and in His words that is 'living and active ...sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints an marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart,' as in Hebrews 4:12? How many people have claimed total healing from cancer and other life threatening ailments from faith in Jesus, our Great Healer, and through prayers in the intercession of Mama Mary, the saints, the blessed and those living in God’s grace, that in the name of Jesus, and through the Holy Spirit, unexplained miracles happen in their lives and in the unity of a family that lives in love, understanding and forgiveness in their hearts, and becoming stronger in avoiding conflicts from material things or in the love of material things that fail to satisfy?

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Having seen the light, upholding the truth and the power in God's Words is a must in our effort to curb evil in its advances. The Holy Spirit continues to reveal in me His message of peace, and the power of His love and mercy, all these need to be given importance as we journey with Him in this life and that the whole world may know, that in the unity of our faith in Jesus, with our new pope, Pope Francis, with Pope Emeritus, Pope Benedict XVI's support and the clergy, together with all other Christian denominations' leaders who believe in the Holy Trinity, may we see more souls and people saved, and more converts and disciples strong in their faith and spirit, be delivered from the onslaught of evil and corruption in the material world, and to be one in our thrust against all evil in this world.

May our faith and trust in Jesus guide us and see us through in this ongoing 'spiritual warfare,' its crippling and blinding effect into our body, mind and spirit long ignored by many as we have fallen short in our resolve to counter it, have we not become willing victims of 'convenience' and of material and technological gains, that instead of using all these for the love of God and of others, have not our selfishness and our passive response to evil overpowered our minds and spirit?

But 'fear not,' for in God's Words and in the mighty name of Jesus, we may see the power of evil crumble to pieces.

Jesus now calls on all of us to have faith and trust in Him, learning to 'let Go and let God' helps make us whole as we become one with Him and in Him.

I continue to pray, and you may join me in this,that more may be enlightened to find strength in proclaiming the truth and the power in God's Words, that the 'blind may see,' that the 'deaf my hear,' that the 'lame may walk,' and that the weak in both body and spirit may be healed and may see the light of Christ ever shining in their hearts from within their once darkened souls, then we may see all believers and followers duly blessed in their selfless sacrifice and total surrender and humility to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Living in God's Words empowers us against all Evil and Keeps us Away from the Fires of Hell

Atheists, Agnostics and Non-Believers - Jesus Loves You (Poem by edwinoel)

Atheists, you may not believe in Jesus, but Jesus loves you, lest in defiance you may remain lost.

God created all of us to be His, through Jesus, all things were made, evil takes captive those in denial,

And in Jesus, may we remain in His flock, protected by his saving grace, our path in him remains lighted;

For if not in His Words, would we see our hearts filled with true peace and joy, our glory be his glory,

That we may see the love of God through, in the love of our children, our family, and others too?

Agnostics, you may have doubts in Jesus, rejoice and be glad, Jesus loves you,

Thomas in all of us is what Jesus sees, ever questioning, ever confused, lost,

Overwhelmed, bewildered, full of fear, full on anxiety or passive in defeat.

In Jesus, hope lies in the horizon, by his love, grace and mercy, we are empowered;

True faith, trust in Him and belief in His Words, with good deeds, we’re blessed as we’re saved.

Non-believers, would allowing other gods, things material, to rule in your life not bind you to sin?

Jesus still loves you, second or third chances he may give, in heaven sent signs,

And in dreams we may see from our blindness, that believing in him is the only way,

The lighted path from a darkened past, ignore may we not, that bare and glaring truth we may see,

For in Christ, opening our hearts, mind, body and spirit, while we may seek his righteousness,

All things material and spiritual may be added and used in the love of Jesus and of others too,

And in all these, we may see all evil weakened and crushed, for the greater glory of God Almighty. Amen.

Atheism, the Bible and Faith in God in Jesus

The hubpages forum, "Why do Christians use the Bible as Evidence in Theological Discussion," has caught my interest that I found the need to add some comments of others, with atheists, theists, and of mine relating to this hub appropriately posted, especially touching on Atheism, the Bible and Jesus.

Again, to enlighten others on the truth about Jesus is my objective, never to condemn, as I continue to pray in the course of this post, discussion and sharing in the forum, for guidance, wisdom and discernment by the power love and healing in the the Holy Spirit.


1. "How long do you think you will want to live in this short life, JMF?

Don't you ever want to still live as an immortal being when you die, where you may claim triumph over death and over evil, where you would see and enjoy more than what this life can give as your reward in the humility of your heart to God?

Will this not be more than freedom and more than seeing your favorite movie or eating your favorite dish?"

2. "When you become immortal in spirit and in Christ, ATM, as has been the experience of many true believers, even in this life, they may already feel the fullness of God's love in their spirit that there is nothing more beautiful than this.

If you believe this temporary life is all that you may want to expend, and find content in what you believe is true, as against what truth there is in the Holy Bible, are you really loving yourself or just pitying yourself? Does self propagation lead to a more fulfilling life or to self-pity, J and W? Who is deceiving who my friends?

What do you feel when you are loved as when you are hated? Would you feel better being loved or hated?"

3. "You have kids ATM, Radman, JMF, etc? Do you love them? Why or why not?
If you have an inkling how your kids were gradually formed in the womb of a woman, how could you explain this phenomenon?
In the Holy Bible, God created man and other things?
Where do you think then we and other creations came from?"

4. "Amen JMF. Your explanation is very similar to what God's love is all about except for the truth about the incorrigible and the truth about God and the power of His words.

As in the Holy Bible, God knows what is in our hearts and He knows the future, what our next moves and decisions would be, as God in Jesus knew exactly what is going to happen with betrayals, denials, miracles to happen even with having Lazarus rise from the dead, about His own death on the cross and resurrection, ascension, and even in the Old Testament about Job's persevering faith that the evil one cannot change Job's strong spirit with the Lord despite tragedies in his life and the lost of his wealth, family and possessions.

Yes, JMF and ATM, no matter how you and others may will themselves not to believe in Him, you will see signs in your life that He is in control, as He made all of us and all things, as He has allowed technology and science to make life easier and beautiful for us, but let's not close our eyes to this unseen truth, in our spirit, where we may see the lighted path.

ATM, nice shot on evolution but even the human mind or logic cannot defend evolution more so the big bang my friend. They are all theories isn't it. Everything in science is all theories, they become truth to as far as God allows them to be true and as you allow yourself to believe they are true, but in understanding God's power, with Him nothing is impossible.

Only the evil one would not stop pounding on you these lies. So be careful, the evil one can ONLY be powerful on those who believe in sin, malice, selfishness and pride, but has no power on those who have learned to accept the truth in Christ and in the words of God.

Trusting in God more than you trust in anything material in this world while you surrender your 'self' to Him allows the Holy Spirit to fill your body and spirit with God's love.

Listening to whispers against this truth is all of evil's design as you may have already seen it happen for those who allowed themselves to be under the bondage of sin, starting from Genesis in Adam and Eve.

Again God loves us all gentlemen, be stronger in Christ and see us all triumph and be saved from the evil's deception as he always wants to claim everything his own. And see spiritual warfare in its true essence as you become stronger in spirit.

Good day and blessings in Christ Jesus."

5. "If you do not have faith JMF, but you believe what you cannot see and try to understand what you want to understand, then, is that not faith?

If KnT believes in creation and does not believe what you believe as scientists may try to explain in their theories which are many times proven wrong when true faith in God brings about miracles in man and healing cancer and other death threatening illnesses in this life as in what I have experienced, and the truth about NDE's or near death experiences which you refuse to believe yet many have proclaimed to be true with some honest doctors and scientists dumbfounded as they see inexplicable results against what science brings to man, does this not make your belief system limited to what it takes you, to only as far as what your mind tells you to believe, not what is beyond your heart and spirit which extends into eternity or immortality?

Be careful of how the evil one can deceive you into believing only in yourself as you care more for yourself than others, refusing to be humble yourself to God who created us all.

How do you explain Eve and Adam's folly when they fell into Satan's trap to believe more on themselves that they may become greater than God?

Until when do you think your mind and your brain may last if you do not believe that you have a spirit in you created by God before you were born in this life?"

6. "Ho ho ho! Is this not again a theory? When someone admits it is a 'possibility,' that means he has not seen it happen and his contention is nothing more than a theory, and has NEVER been proven. A similarity of some features does not prove anything, much more that "we came and evolved from apes?" Apes and chimpanzees are totally inferior to man, and this a fact, for each one is different from the other. Do they talk intelligently as humans do? Come on let's not fool ourselves and others with our minds and human intelligence. We should know and understand better that humans are TOTALLY DIFFERENT BEINGS THAN APES or PRIMATES.

If your belief system leads you to something that you haven't seen yet believe, as how apes can evolve into humans, then is it possible that humans can also, vise versa, become apes or primates?

Remember my dear friends, "with God, all things are possible." Only God can do this, as He may allow it in the afterlife, however He may see it fit, while in man, many things are impossible.

If you research more on generational sins and curses, you will see how sins of man from disobedience and his hardheadedness has brought forth the same bad fruits or evil seeds that have to pass on to the following generations.

Both humans and apes are living together as we can see in this planet and in this life. If your human understanding is limited to what your mind tells you, have you not ventured further from beyond your mind is a spirit that lives in you, yes, in each of us, and this spirit may tell you more and reveal you more what your hardened mind and our pride refuses to understand.

Sorry for the word hardened but in reality, as I understand it in my spirit, it is in our pride that we have a hardened mind, as Satan has a hardened soul that's why he was cast out by God from the heavens and stay in his realm, the planet earth that we know we exist and co-exist with evil and good spirits.

Anyone who is ruled by pride and loves more things in this life than God, the creator of all things - where through Jesus all things were created - he is an open prey to evil. Evil has no power over us if we do not allow him to rule us in our pride. In Jesus, whom evil fears most, no evil deception can prevail or in Jesus, as He is the fullness of the Deity in us, as Seth Winter may be saying.

How can one see the truth in Jesus if he REFUSES to open his heart and spirit to His truth? I pray that more people like you Rad will see His truth, that more may be saved, Amen."

7. "Marisa, If you believe so that evolution has more proof than divine creation then I pray that you may be more enlightened through opening your heart and spirit which may give you a better understanding of God and creation.

The mind is but a product of creation, that will constantly confuse you if you refuse to believe in God or in Jesus, as the evil one may always want you to believe. Your mind limits the true power within you because material things bind you.

For as long as you remain bound by material things that do not really satisfy and may only lead to emptiness from within you, where do you go? Suppose you pick up yourself again and try to achieve success in your endeavor yet death catches up with you, then were do you think everything you may have go? Was your life, wealth and intelligence with your worries and anxieties worth all your trouble when you do not even know where you're destined to go after you die, or, perhaps, you do not even care as you have not really cared for others that much in your lifetime, or have you?

If you have cared for your family or your spouse, did you feel that love that made you feel better, the care and the comfort of being loved back?

Now, If many of us believe in the presence of God and in His existence, the One Great Almighty Being who created us all because we see Him in our love for others, we see Him caring for us especially so when we feel lonely and defeated, we see Hope in Him in our trials and struggle in this world and temporary life, we see His blessings abound because of our faithfulness, we see much love that comes from others because be follow and believe in His teachings, we see our load and burden lighter with Him in our prayers, we see many unexplained miracles and healing that happen, as in mine, many times in our life and continue to happen because of our faith and trust in Him, so in our love for Him and of others, we have learned to believe in the truth in His words as shared in the Holy Bible for we have seen in our hearts and spirit what others cannot see because they refuse to see in their pride, in their perceived higher intelligence yet remain blind from what they cannot see from beyond their eyes, would you not scratch your head in disbelief because you only believe what your eyes can see and what you limit your mind to perceive?

Marisa my dear, can you see what we can see? Is something blinding you that you cannot see from beyond your mind?

Where do you think you came from if you don't believe God created you? Are you striving to make a difference in other people's lives, to keep others happy while giving thanks to Him who has given us life, and giving back that love that others who love you share with you because they want to make you happy? Have u tried selflessly sharing anything good with others, how does it feel? As compared with doing something bad and selfish, how do you feel doing it? Are there no reminders or signs from God that you have to return to Him and renew in Him for He wants you back in His love and care, or would you rather not think about this and refuse to accept the realities of God's love for us and in us?

If we came from an explosion or a big bang, wow, then you must believe also in miracles, Marisa, where out of nowhere came you? How did you evolve from it?

Blessings to you Marisa as I pray that you may be enlightened by the Holy Spirit and the truth in the living in the light of Christ."

8. "Even if I tell you I do believe in God's words, that if this is in the bible, and it is God's words, whom am I to question it because it is in my faith, what benefit will this be for you if you just believe in what you see, not on what is beyond of what you see, Rad Man?"

9. "Reality is perception coupled with belief. For all you know, what our eyes can see are mere illusions, of what God allows us to see. But have you tried looking beyond what you see? Do you believe that you have a spirit in you that can see what is beyond what your mere eyes can see?"

10. "Have you seen images while closing your eyes RM? I have, and as I prayed harder more images came out, vivid visions from beyond what my eyes can see, in a conscious state, yes, with eyes closed. Will be expounding on this with a book, with an amazing vision that has changed my life. Am sure others have been gifted the same way. "O Lord bless my soul, as I praise your Holy and Almighty Name." "Jesus is my Shepherd, there is nothing I shall want."

11. "There you go ATM, a positive challenge from Mklow1 to write something for us and others on hubpages. As I see you ATM, you are a real man troubled in search for truth. But how can you see the truth if you cannot have peace in yourself as you remain troubled with a hardened mind and cannot open your heart and spirit to the truth?

Now again, I ask you and all in this forum, do you believe you have a spirit?"

12. ""The only thing permanent in this world is change." That's what my Physics teacher always tell us. Changing to grow, changing for the better, changing for the truth, is something more beautiful than changing for the worse because one refuse to accept rejection and grasp the reality of things beyond what he sees.

We all have been created to become powerful as God allows us to be powerful in spirit, as we go beyond what our mind may bring us to think, beyond our intelligence, beyond what we see. The only deterrent is our pride and evil that tells us so to believe only in what we see and conveniently enjoy for the moment.

If we refuse to listen to God's words and be enlightened, God may still give you chances to go over your pride that you become more powerful than evil and convenience.

Convenience become good as it prospers love and peace, but once love and forgiveness fail, evil comes in to lure you into his lair, where there could be no return if one refuses to repent and renew in Christ.

Again, "you are the captain of your ship, the master of your destiny." After all is said and done, have you seen how pride and self propagation has brought many to their own destruction, and too sad, they have included the innocent? If we do not want this to happen to our love ones, why do we serve the wrong master?"

13. "We can share with many Archaeological findings as we may want with many varying claims of the time these may have existed but what will prosper us with a hardened heart, mind and soul? Do not be deceived with what your mind tells you, go beyond it, go beyond your pride for your pride is but a product of the flesh, pray harder and see what's beyond in the fullness of God's glory and splendor in you and in all of creation. Beauty in love, yes, in the love of God for us. Even carbon dating is not as accurate, but love and truth in God's Words is, and will ever be. Amen."

14. "Believe what you want to believe my friends, I am here to enlighten, not condemn or ridicule. As in John 20:29, Jesus said to his apostle Thomas, who refused to believe of His resurrection until he personally touched the wounds from Jesus' hands did he believe, "Blessed is he who did not see and yet believed."

Who do you think prospers when you do not believe? We we are all called to leave this life, where would your mind and your pride go, my friends? Who do you think discourages you from reading what is true in the bible?

You may never see it with a hardened mind, the two forces that influence our thinking. Only in the humility of our souls in Jesus will you find this truth in your spirit."

15. "Have you experienced hell in your life Rad Man, ATM and JMF?"

"May the love and peace of Christ be with us all, that we may not fall from sin, rather, be a light to others, that evil may remain powerless against us in Christ and with Christ. Amen."

16. "Information overload, JMF. Nice try. Good I have a powerful virus and crash protector, faith in Jesus, faith in what is true, noble, as it is righteous and justified.

The more we share things that come out of our pride, of our knowledge, belief coming from intellectual faculties, the more we may lose grasp of reality, that's when we crash, and who's to blame, ourselves in our ego, which without us knowing or realizing it, is being manipulated by evil, who wants to devour us for our love of material and worldly things.

Again, can all these really satisfy us, or is this mere self-pity and become meaningless as time pass?

While we have material blessings, you're right in doing good and loving your family for this, helping move the economy as you spend your hard earned money while using your God given talents for all the good reasons. And loving and caring for others in a selfless way may make you more fulfilled. Like the hero in you, ain't that beautiful? Have you felt like this before? When are you happier, praising yourself, or seeing others happy?

As in Philippians 2:1-4, " Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. ."

The spirit can become more powerful than our intelligence and all worldly things combined, if only we become humble enough to accept our own mistakes, our faults in our selfish desires, and that all that we have comes from God as blessings, that we may enjoy our life in the love of others. Will these material blessings and our intellect last forever? No, right? Only the evil one wants you to believe there is no afterlife and you can only care less for when you die, that's it, that's peace for you, or is it?

Do you think God will not repay? For every good thing we do, of bad and ungodly things that we do as to deny Him and His truth, He will repay, for whatever we may deserve as reward or punishment, as in Romans 2:6.

What about your kids, your family, their future, have you thought about investing for their eternal salvation or again, would you care less?

Generational sins passed on from generation to generation are real, so is spiritual warfare, my friends. The realities around us are proof of this. The more we open our hearts and spirit to this truth, the more we may attain peace and joy for ourselves and our love ones.

In Hebrews 3:15, "If today you hear his (God's) voice, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation."

I pray that all be enlightened in Christ."

17. "In every action we make, JMF, are we not man enough to accept responsibility? Who do you think prospers when we deny this truth?"

18. "May irritate non-believers, ATM, as it 'may bore them to death,' if I may say, and those who may find convenience and denying Christ as the norm instead of true repentance and renewal.

But for true believers, they may pray for discernment, guidance and enlightenment, and prefer to do what is pleasing to the Lord, whom they may love more than what this world may offer, as presented earlier, all things in this life being all but passing, and consider this life as temporary and a stepping stone to the true and real life, onto eternal bliss.

May we not disregard the truth that true believers are out to destroy the advances of science and technology. Certainly not, for God has gifted us with talents and all good things in life He has helped create that we may better appreciate His goodness and the beauty of His creation. The more we understand our purpose in this life, the more we may see the beauty and the joy of living in faith, by God's grace, and living in the love and care of others."

19. May 3, 2013, "Gazing at the mirror, as you reflect on the truth in your past, ATM, and telling yourself the same words you just have uttered in disrespect of others, may this better enlighten you to God's presence in your life, and how He has many times in the past called you back to His flock where we all belong, to accept the truth that many has learned to live by in the humility of their hearts and spirit, and have found true peace and joy in their lives, more than this world can give, simply because they have seen the wonders of living in the lighted path.

To the natural person who does not believe in spirit because it is foolishness to him, as in 1 Corinthians 2:14, may continue to be lost in the better understanding of God and His words, at best discerned in spirit and in fervent prayer.

Again, your actions can best identify who your master is my friend. May you not be deceived by the false and fully masked master who has power only on those who continue to put their fears on material things that do not last and satisfy, and forget where we all came from, and who has the power to destroy both body and soul in hell, as in Matthew 10:28.

20. May 6, 2013, "Again ATM, try telling this to yourself as an atheist who rejects the truth, even when he sees it and in scientific reports, and still clings to what his mind and intellect believes in.

Let not evil deceive you my friend. When someone tells you to lie to yourself and not to believe in what even scientific proofs say, be wary of the evil one getting into your innermost being, slowly devouring you in your ego, not being able to distinguish anymore a lie from the truth, a non-sensible from the sensible, from what is wrong and what is right, from what is darkness and from what more freeing and fulfilling, that of staying guided and protected in God's light.

Hell is the absence of God and the presence of darkness, confusion, pressures, hatred, arrogance and malice, propagated by Satan and his cohorts that more may join him in their selfish and non-caring ways, and bring them to emptiness, to sadness, and despair, onto endless torture and pain, as against what God in Jesus leads us to, to unending peace and joy in one's heart and spirit.

Do we see all these, yes, even more than these, in bountiful blessings of peace and joy, if we have true faith in Jesus, only then will we perceive and share in this truth, as we are healed and empowered in our spirit, because God is spirit, so is the evil one, being a lesser spirit, and only has power when one, in his assumed intelligence and temporal, material power becomes engulfed by his own material dreams that all end up meaningless when one dies and has no choice but to be humbled before the Lord.

God's love extends from us to you my friends, let material things work for God and our love for others. Let humility to God reign and try showing more of your love for others than yourself. Try it with discipline and in prayer even 'for only a moment, a day, a week, or much better fo a month' and see the difference of letting go of your pride, your ego and your will, and let God in Jesus reign in your heart, that you may be saved eternally."

21. May 7, 2013, "Or is dishonesty denying what is true to suit one's ego, Melissa? Ha ha.

Nice to be back again. It's not proof after all that you are looking for, Melissa? Rather, to be praised and acknowledged as you may feel you care less about spirits, gods or demons. I feel sad for you Atheists - but you're not even, supposed to be, an Atheist, Melissa, wow? - whenever you mock God and the truth about God in Jesus by denying the truth in His words despite miraculous events scientifically proven to be true.

But I continue to pray that you be enlightened and I can sense it, little by little you gain knowledge about the truth in Jesus, we believers are happy for this.

Every single day I know, being in this forum refreshes your mind although you may not admit it, there's that inner fear in you that is holding back your true self, while you want to open your minds to the truth. Alleluia.

Release that power from within you, do not hold it back. Let the Holy Spirit fill your hearts and reign with His love and mercy, while you may empty yourself with evil spirits of pride, hatred, anger, malice, vanity, deceit and conceit, and start to see the essence of love and forgiveness in this life.

Jesus loves you as Jesus loves us all, through Him we were all made so with all other things we see around us, beautiful to our sight, useful to our being, for He came down on earth for all of us and became one with us, while at the same time He will always be with us, yes, if only we believe.

As it is written, He 'did not come for the righteous but for sinners' like you and me, that we may soon open up our hearts and spirit to the truth, to the truth in our being, to the truth of His love for us as He carries all our burden and has forgiven us of our sins. Yes, you may not know it or refuse to believe, but it is true, He carries all our burden that it may be light, that our load may be lighter than what we may actually carry.
Evil makes it heavier, but Jesus makes it all but lighter for us as He starts healing us lost in our confusion, that we may go back to Him, where we truly belong.

In Jesus' name as we may continue to pray, may all of evil seeds and spirit of deceit and malice come out from within us, and be filled with the love of the Holy Spirit, and remain healed in Jesus, this we ask in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

Thank you Lord God, Thank you Lord Jesus. Hallelujah, Hallelujah to the Lamb."

22. May 13, 2013,"Glad am back from a 3 day trip outside of CA. Was able to meet different people, but they all believe in God, although with different interpretations, yes, many more believe in God than atheists. Praise God, more and more people are learning to know and must be feeling God's presence especially with the many deaths, crimes and violence that happen around us. Funny, yes, but it's true, don't you think it's time to return to God my friends and be more reasonable than just being rational to the point of always avoiding the truth?

Atheists can be loud, but I keep on praying for you my dear friends that you may see how nothingness comes to one's pride in a life without God, with everything merely passing. Our today will in no time become yesterday, ho ho ho, right?

And I am happier that I can see and feel God's presence in my life. I can see God in atheists too because God has created all of us in His image and likeness, and He wants us believers to guide you back to His flock, yes, back to Jesus, because we love you and care for you as your brothers.

Many of you have avoided discussion of real miracle works as witnessed by many Catholic Christians and even non-Christians that many have decided to convert they cannot lie to themselves, and they have learned to humble themselves to the truth. They saw the miracles themselves.

Why do atheists and others shy away from discussing further these very miracles may find their pride and position compromised, don't you think so, and who would be comfortable of rejection? If God in Jesus became more powerful the more He was rejected, so where the apostles and the saints, can we not be powerful too following Him? Is it not because of insecurity and pride that one has become callous from denials after denials?

I pray that again, in humility may come the acceptance of our faults and of the truth, and so comes our true strength. Do not be deceived by evil my friends, rather, learn to humble yourself to God in Jesus before it's too late and eternal punishment in hell is a zillion and more times than just a life time, right?

How many people in this world prospered just loving themselves, no one right? Sooner or later, either they die and perish or their material wealth and possessions just go kaput, and given to others, whether it be their relatives or not, right?"

23. May 14, "JMF and getritre, how can you deny scientific investigations already made on this miracle ("Truth on Eucharistic Miracles") ??? (or you may want to see this very interesting YouTube video on the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist) ... if you say you believe more on science that the existence of God???

And how can you explain my miraculous healing by faith, Jesus having healed me as my True Healer (as He has healed millions because they believed), now am using only natural supplements that helps keep my immune system healthy, an immune system created by God ???"

24. May 14, "You can see Dr. Castanon, the scientist himself, and now a convert from being a former atheist, with clear descriptions and illustrations explaining in detail his findings, from YouTube, "Eucharistic Miracles Dr. Ricardo Catanon (see English version on YouTube)." What else is there to see? If you deny the truth, what does that make of you, JMF, gert, DM, relevant or irrelevant, rational or irrational, humble to accept what is true or prideful as to be conceited?

I pray that you may be guided by what is true in the humility of your heart and not what evil may cast in your mind in your pride and ego."

25. May 29, "Ho ho ho! Here we go again, RM. Nice to be back, huh.

Evidence is what atheists and non-believers may always ask for and demand. When given scientific proofs and evidence, they crumble and are lost in their confusion and in their pride. Rejection is not their cup of tea. Who do you think has a greater influence in upholding one's pride than what is true, noble and righteous? Again, do not be deceived by the one who comes in woolen clothing but out to devour you.

The more we avoid the lighted path in Christ, the more we become blinded in our pride. It has happened to me before, in my pride, until I have seen the light. And my complete healing in the fullness of God's love in the Holy Spirit is no coincidence, as it is never a coincidence in those who have learned to believe. This I strongly believe as it has happened in my life and in my faith, and I continue to see this in others, being healed in God's radiant light. And I have learned to believe in what is true in God's words, this I live to proclaim.

Alas, only those who may renew in Christ, may see this too, be they Atheists, agnostics or non-believers, I still pray for you.

The seeds of evil may have come upon us in the hardened hearts of our ancestors, but by prayer, in true repentance and renewal, nothing and nobody can ever be greater or more powerful than the Holy Spirit, our Advocate in Christ, if only we believe, that as we may abide in Him, freed from our guilt and from any malice in our hearts, He may abide in us."

26. May 29, "How many people have lost their lives and their jobs because of pride and greed? Ho ho ho. And it is rather unfortunate atheists continue to live in their pride and refuse to accept Dr. Castanon's explanation of this scientific investigation or presentation of this truth.

If only we truly believe in helping others, let not our tongue do the feeding, rather our hearts in accepting what is true in our selves and about ourselves.

If you truly love others, then why do you have to deny the truth about yourselves and in the fact that anything alive cannot simply come from nothing? There has to be a greater being or a Creator that made all of us and our surroundings in beautiful co-existence and in great harmony with nature, with both science and technology enhancements further supporting God's awesome presence and love for us, for "with God all things are possible."

No evidence will satisfy the prideful, for they have a hardened mind. Here is a wikipedia link for an unbiased and independent reporting of Eucharistic miracles and the like, (here is a good related substitute link as the original link was lost, Whether you more open to believe this or not is not my problem anymore as it is not my problem anymore if you continue to believe in falsehood and fallacy about your prideful understanding of life? For sure you will discard it as evidence or proof, you being skeptics and would no less believe in others more than what the prideful may share meaningless whisper in your ears.

Will share more with you later as I may see fit sharing to help enlighten, but definitely, it is not for the prideful, but for the humble in hearts and spirit - for I know, the prideful will remain so with hardened minds, thinking they have better control of themselves when they have not, as they may continue to deny their faults and their weaknesses - but those who have learned to humble themselves, may see their renewed life in Christ a happier and truthful experience.

Only when people, whether believers or not in God's existence, are humbled in affliction and near death, will many who remain lost cry out for the truth in their sadness, grief and emptiness in their hearts.

In the everlasting love and mercy of our Lord God, He sends us many signs in our life that we may know that He wants us back to Him in Jesus.

In humble prayer, may more be saved from the fangs of evil hiding from our very ego, onto the lighted path of Christ."

27. June 3, "Or are you simply refusing to believe what is true ATM? As what other Atheists would better believe in their own knowledge and intellect than on the truth in God's words?
Round and round the world goes, history keeps repeating itself because of man's hardened minds and souls, preferring to listen to what deceives than what is true in Jesus.
Have you read the Holy Bible, regardless of the version, I can see very little difference, but the bigger difference comes from those who may come to misinterpret it and believe without praying for guidance and discernment in the Holy Spirit.
I know the Holy Spirit is never seen, but it may come like a rushing wind, that those who may be chosen to be enlightened may get enlightened, but those with a hardened mind, simply put, the prideful and those who can hardly take rejection - nothing personal, just sharing what is truthful - may never understand it at all as they listen more to sweet whispers that may drive them away from the truth.
Big bang is a theory and will remain a theory unless God brings back everything that truly happened thousands, millions or trillions of years ago.
Let us not be deceived by what only prospers confusion in this life. Let us see the truth in the absolutes, the truth in what Jesus says in the Bible. All other gods your may think of as gods are the products of our minds and not of what can be revealed through our spirit.
But how can you over believe in God who is in spirit if you do not believe that you have a spirit? Ho ho ho. Who do you think is preventing you from believing in this?
Open up my friends, and humble ourselves to the one who has died for us for our sins, and the rest, the holy saints, who willingly gave their life that others may see the truth in Jesus Christ, because they know and believe they have nothing to fear as long as they are with Jesus and in Jesus. He love us all and wants us back to Him, freed from our pride and selfishness.
I pray, again, that more may be enlightened in their spirit, if not now, in due time, as you may see the light."

28. June 4, "There you go ATM, you said "God's can't die?" "They are fools of the highest order to do something so stupid."
How come you believe in this? I thought you do not believe in any God?
Remember, Jesus said, again in Matthew 19:26, "with man this is impossible...but with God all things are possible."

29. June 4, "ATM, and other atheists, whether you believe it or not, in 2 John 1:7, "For many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not confess the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh. Such a one is the deceiver and the antichrist."
You may not notice it as you cannot see it but listen to it, but the spirit who keeps on influencing your thoughts is the antichrist. If you keep on doing the same thing, it's what becomes of you, right? You become what you want to believe, right?
Whether you are happy or not, you may always pretend when you are not, right?
How do I know? It's what you do not know in what is deceiving that makes us unhappy. Pride and evil makes you eventually unhappy right?"

30. June 4, "Silly and childish for those who would rather believe in their minds and intellect, RM.
If you were truly humble, then you will learn to pray and humble yourself to our Almighty God and Creator.
And to be thankful to God in Jesus who humbled Himself by becoming one of us and died for our sins on the cross that all who may believe in Him may have the chance to see God's kingdom in themselves and onto eternal life.
I was thinking like you when I doubted God's existence, but when I kept on believing and humbling myself to Him by learning from the truth in His words and eventually being healed in my afflictions, I have learned to believe and died in my pride, that there is nothing more beautiful in this life than to praise and thank Him in His goodness to all men like you and me.
If you were humble, you would not consider sharing God's words as silly and childish because it is true that you will never be truly happy in your pride, you will sometime feel the pain as you may be overwhelmed by your emotions in rejections and defeat, or in being left out with nobody to cling to, and with so much emptiness in you, right?
But with God, all things are possible. You will see and feel how more secured you are no matter what happens because He's always with you, your Big Brother you can always count on, guiding you with His words of love and assurance, of kindness and compassion. If you felt happier this way in your love of others, taking away your pride and truly humbling yourself to godly ways, then it's the Holy Spirit being with you in your joy, and in the truth about showing unconditional love of others.
Blessings to you RM and the rest of you who may want to know more about the truth in Jesus and the greater power of God's words in us, if you only believe and humble yourself to open up your spirit to His truth.
Then you will see what peace and greater joy you may have in your life with wonderful things that you may realize as you begin to count more your blessings with your love ones than what you may have materially, for all material things are but passing and can never satisfy. But the truth in God's words can as trust in Jesus' more, more than you may put trust on money and material things, or on your intellect. or just relying on others wisdom of falsehood and deception.
The Holy Spirit will fill your emptiness with His love and your will see His greatness in you as you shine against all who bind themselves on things or this world that may sooner or later come out meaningless when one leaves this life and realizes that nothing in this world really last.
In Luke 21:22, Jesus assured us, "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away."

31. June 6, "Amen. Nice to be back. Wow, great interaction.

I consider all of you important whatever religion or creed or belief you have. You are all my brothers and sisters in this life.

If I was understood in a different context, then I pray still that all people be more enlightened towards the truth.

Tolerance to anything evil as against the truth in God's words is many times becoming an accomplish to evil. The more you condemn me as ignorant, the more I feel happy, why? It is in my humility to God in being persecuted of my beliefs that make me stronger in my faith.

God allows us to make mistakes and gives us signs to realize all these in our pride and selfishness. But it will be our pride and selfishness that will also humble us sooner or later, either in this lifetime, or when we may have to be called from this life.

If still you do not believe in the miracles of true faith, despite scientific evidence, that is your prerogative and decision, maybe your problem, not mine, but still, I pray that sooner you may be enlightened.

If you still love this world more than you may love our Creator through His Son in Jesus, as in 1 John 2:15-17, by not helping enlighten others to what is true in Jesus, would you rather be more popular for fame and glory in this world and be rich than guiding others to what is true, righteous and noble?

If you believe more on The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra, think again, especially if you are a Christian, the sweet talking Chopra, without realizing it, is veering you away from the truth in Jesus as I do not hear of him guiding to us to Jesus, who in Him is the fullness of the Deity, rather to his own perception of God and spirituality in what Buddha and Hinduism may be teaching.

In all good things and good ways of doing things come the Holy Spirit, that all may be guided to the love of others. The evil one has a different agenda and that is to veer us away from the truth in Jesus and believe more in the love of things of this world and the universe more than the love of God, our Heavenly God and Creator.

The world is beautiful, all creations are beautiful, but let us give back to God the glory of all these by thanking and praising Him in all these blessings that He has given us, and all that He has provided us in our efforts to earn a good honest living for our family.

If pride is in us, it should be pride in our faith and in Jesus, not pride in allowing ourselves to be unwilling and unwitting instruments of evil and anything material in this world for in truth, everything is all but passing.

While God in Jesus wants us to be forgiving, let us not give in to evil by adhering to evil and being tolerant to evil ways, rather, enlighten others to what is true and pleasing to the Lord in the love of others, and always, accountable to God in all our actions. Since it is God's words that is powerful as it is 'sharper' than the double-edged sword that pierces through and penetrates to the dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow, let us not become merely a double edged sword where we would rather choose convenience than carry our own cross in persecution in this life and deny the truth in a much sharper "Words" coming from the mouth of God, or less we want to become no less than an unbeliever and a hypocrite who claim to love God, yet deny God by our ignorance of the truth in God's words.

If we become tolerant of sin and darkness, where does that put us and our love ones, also in darkness?

God's love and mercy is everlasting, but we have to show that we truly love Him by sharing the light of Christ in His truth, not our own version of truth which may just lead others to the wrong path of loving the world, yet losing our grip to salvation, which is eternal, which is again, a zillion times better than this short and temporal life.

To my Atheist brothers and unbelievers, If you still want to deny the truth about God's existence and the truth about Christ, I pray that you be more enlightened in Jesus' name, for in everything, God's will be done for in everything, whatever we may decide to believe in this life, God in Jesus knows what is in our hearts and would want to pull us towards the right path, ever to live happier and in peace in his lighted path, for in all things God is in control, and may signs in your life as it has been in your past, guide you to His truth."

The Bible and The Truth About Jesus

1. "As in Matthew 16:25, Jesus said, "For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it."

If Jesus never existed, there should not have been manuscripts found of the scriptures now read and believed by many from all over."

2. "For the one who may believe in the truth in God will believe in what the Holy Bible says, and the one who does not, how can he believe if he has a hardened soul and has no FAITH. Only the ones who humble themselves to God in Jesus, who gladly opens their heart and spirit to Him, may better understand the truth in His words.

If you believe more what is in your mind, which will eventually die with your flesh in mortal death, then I pray that you may believe more with love in your heart, not with your pride that comes passing with your flesh, whence, you may be humbled for when you believe more in something that will never last, is this not what veers us away from the truth that we have a spirit in us, a spirit that only God can destroy in Hell as one may choose not to believe in what God tells us to believe?

And if Satan was able to deceive Adam and Eve into believing that they do not have to listen to God, rather, listen to him more because he is the one telling the truth, whom would you rather believe, God for eternal happiness or Mammon (evil, material things, money) for anything that leads us to emptiness and that which becomes all but meaningless after this life?

If you believe you came from nothing and not from God, what does that make of you when you die? Nothing?

Is this not what the evil one wants you to believe that he may see you perish by believing more in your pride than to love God who has created you out of love that you may live to love and thank Him, and others who have shown you love that you may love them back or those who have greater need of your true and eternal, unconditional and unselfish love who may be saved from evil deceptions and from hell?

I pray that in love and forgiveness, more may see the light of Christ and the truth in His words that more may be healed in both body and spirit, whence they may have more peace and joy in their hearts and be renewed in Jesus, and be freed from all evil deceptions and sinfulness and become more powerful in spirit."

3. "Believing that Jesus is beyond religion because 'Through Him all things were made,' Man's laws, while we live in the flesh, may become more powerful if so much attuned to God's laws and commands, as they are meant for eternity, as His love endures forever.

Whether we like it or not, we are subject ot God's greatest law of 'love' for man and of all His creation. If we mess up with God's law, we may get away a few times as He gives us chances to renew, until comes the day of reckoning, as He calls upon us from this life.

I pray that more people may open their hearts and souls to this truth, a reality in our lives that the evil one continues to blind us in our pride and human wisdom."

4. "If I believe in the truth that God created us all, and through Jesus, all things were created, then Jesus is beyond religion? Is therefore religion not merely for those who believe we were created to believe in different religions? Who would want us to believe in as many religions as we may want to believe so as to sway us away from the truth? Is this not again, the cunning evil one Zel? Why do many people still believe in his deceptions instead of believing in Jesus?

If the evil one fails to care about others and in their suffering, and what if you were on the receiving end as the one who suffers or your love one suffers because of other's carelessness, how would you feel? Would you rather help enlighten them to what is true in Jesus or care less? If we care less, is this not about selfishness, an evil entrapment?"

5. "Evidence of the truth in God in Jesus in is our being, the crucified Christ in us, in Laminin. Why I believe so, it's because of my faith in Jesus, the Son of God, that the Holy Spirit has revealed to me this truth in prayer, as many true believers may connect to this truth.

The more we use our pride, our intellect, and our mind, the more we get lost because if God is spirit and beyond our mind, how can you understand God if you only use your brain or your mind which will just perish when we die, right?

Let us not be deceived by Satan and evil in our pride. The more we become prideful, which like all things in this life are passing, the more we satisfy Satan. He, from the beginning, is a liar, as Jesus has said. Anything that is on this life is a creation of God or a product of the God-given talents in man.

God in Jesus wants us to die from our pride, die from our sins, so that we can better see the truth in our being, by being humble to God who is in spirit. Blessings as we KJOH."

6. "Amen. Blessings to you livinggood. May humility of our souls and the light of Christ be our guide in this short and temporary trial filled life, and overcome what is deceitful in evil and what may attempt to murk our minds as we remain strong in spirit in Christ Jesus.

Jesus loves you and all non-believers, JMF and RM. May the Holy Spirit guide you to His truth and His ways. Amen."

7. "Very interesting, DM. If many Christian churches or sects accept all people from all walks of life into Christianity, what is then an inorganized religion?"

8. "Amen to that Tab and KT. Faith in Jesus and good deeds complete the equation to salvation. Blessings."

9. May 3, 2013, "Nice to be back again with you my friends.

As in James 2:14-26, "What does it profit brethren if someone says has faith but does not have works.? .... but if you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit? Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead... Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Isaac his son by the altar? Do you see that faith was working together with his works, and by works faith was made perfect? 'Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.' He was called the friend of God. You see then that man was justified by works and not by faith only."

Faith comes with BELIEVING in spirit, in things that we cannot see, works come in LIVING IN THE SPIRIT, and using material things to WORK for GOD's GLORY and TOWARDS RIGHTEOUSNESS as we live in this worldly life.

Spreading the truth in God's words and the gospel, and at the same time becoming true witnesses to this truth by example is what pleases God the most ... whatever leads to 'Love of God with all your heart, mind, body and soul and to the love of others."

If we live by WORKS ALONE, yet we FAIL to LOVE in our faith, will our faith be complete and perfect? Do we show our love for GOD by DENYING HIM and HIS TRUTH, are we really following HIM in JESUS or are we content doing lip service?

How can we see good works when we malign, condemn and judge others? Is it not God to judge and condemn, and we to GUIDE and ENLIGHTEN? But how can we enlighten if we have malice and hatred in our hearts, and not UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Again, let us not be deceived by evil, my friends, for he comes in woolen clothing out to make pawns of us and later to devour us. Let us pray for discernment by invoking the Holy Spirit to guide us in our ways, to God's ways. Blessings."

10. May 5, 2013, "Nice to be back. If you can't see what I can see, ATM and atheists, it's because you refuse to see what I see, so sorry to tell you this truth. Invisible, yes, but can it be perceived by the spiritual person and sometimes may even see visions as he may be gifted to see, and as God may allow him to see from beyond what others may not.

If I can see what you can see, but you cannot see what I see, together with other true Christian believers, because we have learned how being humbled to God may see yourself gifted by faith and by His grace, to see what others cannot see, would you still be happy remaining more than half blind in this world?

If you're content with what you see, and refuse to see what others see, who do you think is stopping you to see what others see or perceive?

Will you need to wait until that time when you are called and humbled in mortal death to see what you refused to see in your life time? In some NDE's (Near Death Experience), the flesh is but a humbled matter. With the astral body or spirit leaving its mortal body, its movement and existence solely depends on God's prodding and control. He may either see this as a life changing experience which most did with a greater fear of God than before, or he may see this as a meaningless experience, just like an ordinary dream, as a few may have described their experience to be, not realizing the true purpose or reason of their journey into the spiritual realm. Or, perhaps, they never cared because they are used to deceiving people or manipulating people out of their made up stories or fallacies, still unable to shun from the lures of vanity, fame and material gains that may only lead them to more trouble, emptiness and defeat.

To destroy the spirit in hell is God's option as He may so will anything He may want to do with His creation.

One's astral state may, therefore, be humbled, as God may so choose, or it may be glorified as God may see one empowered. So with one's mortal remains, will this not be subject also to God's judgment and disposition? The soul returning to its body and back to life is obviously and purely God's call, with Jesus having power over life and resurrection.

Would you rather play god than humble yourself to the one true God in Jesus? God gave us free will. If you think your pride is all that matters in this life as you believe more in yourself than listening to others' true to life spiritual experiences and testimonies, and despite His invitation for you to return to Him and join His flock of believers, go ahead and join your 'master of deceit, falsehood, vanity and pride,' that may eventually lead you to love of 'self' than love of others.

Less you may awaken in your senses, and see the truth in God's words, then are you really loving yourself, or would you rather remain lost into 'self pity?'

As I have seen Saint Paul's definition of 'love' to be the best as it is attuned to God's unconditional love for us all, may we all be guided towards God's love and see us filled with peace and joy as we give glory to His name. Blessings."

11. May 5, 2013, "What is this another historical event, a spiritual miracle in material form, the Holy Eucharist, or the sacred host, representing the body and blood of Jesus consecrated during the Eucharistic celebration of the mass and distributed to that faithfuls during holy communion, … enos.html, mean to you?

An atheist investigating this event, Dr. Castanon, converted to the faith as he has seen with his own eyes the wonder of God's truth in His words.

Jesus said in John 6:53-56, “Amen, amen, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you do not have life within you. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him on the last day. For my flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him.”

Who am I to question God's truth in His words as I have seen many miracle of my faith? Who am I to question God's truth if I have seen how God's hands move in this 'land of the free and of the brave,' so in the Middle East, in Africa, and the rest of the world, how He has many times reminded us to go back to Him and to His ways in respect and honor to life, and in following His words and commands.

If history repeats itself and dictators come and go, so with false beliefs, do we not see how God repay the good and the wicked?

Uhri is right, religion is a belief system about the existence of God or supernatural beings - and for me, and perhaps Uhri, other Christian faithfuls and I are united in this truth (although he may profess a different concept) - Jesus is beyond religion, for He is in all of us, in our being, and He wants us back to Him, and be one with Him in rejecting all evil in this world.

Unless we accept His truth, we may always be lost in darkness. By faith and in doing good deeds, may we see our world greatly prosper, healed by God's love, mercy and grace."

12. May 6, 2013, "Dr. Castanon, an atheist like you ATM, is honest enough to accept that truth for he has seen this miracle of the Holy Eucharist, or the sacred host in holy communion, which represents to body and blood of Christ, miraculously living with the blood of Christ who died for your sins and mine, that we may all be forgiven, if only we believe and humble ourselves to God and live by His grace."

13. May 6, 2013, "KT must be talking about spiritual warfare Melissa. And proofs of this are in our everyday lives, so true and powerful, yet, only those who believe and who have faith may see them from beyond their eyes and mind for all these only the spirit can perceive and discern from.

See my challenge to all atheists on this link and the previous thread a few minutes back which has been ignored, a proof of God's spirit working to enhance our faith in Jesus, through the miracle of the Eucharist with scientific proofs to the truth of the human blood representing the blood of Jesus on the sacred host, … argentina."

14. May 7, 2013, "Are you a natural person or a spiritual person, DM?

What can you say about these set of powerful verses: from 1 Corinthians 2:14-15, Saint Paul guides us that the spiritual person is empowered to judge others using God's words and commands, as he wrote:

"Now the 'natural person,' does not accept what pertains to the Spirit of God, for to him it is foolishness, and he cannot understand it, because it is judged spiritually.

"The 'spiritual person,' however, can judge everything but he is not subject to judgment by anyone, for 'who has known the mind of the Lord, so as to counsel him?' But we have the mind of Christ.""


Start liking Let's KJOH - Keep Jesus in our Hearts on our facebook page as we help spread the light of Christ in this world and make a difference in Jesus' name, for greater peace, for love, and for unity among all of mankind for Jesus is in all of us, in our being, waiting to be revealed, as in Colossians 3:1-17, as Jesus encourages us to trust in him, surrendering all our fears and anxieties, and be united in glorifying him in ever good deed we make in our own field of expertise, with our God given gifts, make this world a better place to live and share in his light as we try, in our own special way, for God's greater glory.

A powerful reminder of faith, hope, love, charity and forgiveness in prayer


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      Edwinoel Tanglao 

      3 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      gooneyhiden, thank you for your comments. Amen, anyone may believe what he wants to believe, but 'divine logic' tells us that is true in our spirit, where the Spirit of God is, and where Christ is . We are one body in Christ, but evil has blinded many of us, because of our pride, vanity and selfishness. Will explain further in my coming e-book. Blessings.

    • gconeyhiden profile image


      3 years ago from Brooklyn, N.Y.C. U.S.A

      Oh boy. I think PacMan will beat up $$$man some but he won't get the decision so help him God. I think John Lennon had proper insight into all this religious stuff. yeah Jesus was by all appearances a proper fellow but anyone who believes everything they read is just being silly.

    • Edwinoel Tanglao profile imageAUTHOR

      Edwinoel Tanglao 

      5 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      The more we see the workings of the Holy Spirit in men, the more we may understand why true believers say 'God is in control.' We can have many religions and faith in different gods, including science and technology as most atheists may put more their faith and trust in their beliefs, but the Holy Spirit in Jesus, who is 'the truth, the way and the life,' and the Holy Spirit as our advocate, makes all good things possible in chosen instruments of God.

      Only through opening our hearts and spirit to Christ in the Holy Spirit, freed from the bondage of material things will we better understand this truth.

    • Edwinoel Tanglao profile imageAUTHOR

      Edwinoel Tanglao 

      5 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      I found it necessary to share another interesting video showing an Atheist, Jennifer Fulwiler, turning Catholic with a former Protestant Minister, Marcus Grodi, now a Catholic convert, interviewing her. Wow! Indeed, see how God moves in mysterious ways.

    • Edwinoel Tanglao profile imageAUTHOR

      Edwinoel Tanglao 

      6 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Jesus loves all of us, yes, all of mankind, regardless of color, race or creed, for through him were were all created, and he wants us back.


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