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How to Become More Popular in High School

Updated on March 25, 2016

Being a student in high school can be a fun experience or a stressful one depending on a variety of factors. One of the major factors that determines how much a person enjoys school is how popular they were while they were there.

Unfortunately, the amount of attention placed on popularity is sometimes out of balance and there are negative consequences. However, by being yourself, it is not hard to be unique, popular, and successful in school.

Although they are often smaller than public schools, private schools deal with many of the same issues in the student body. The tips below suggest a few responsible ways that students can become more popular during high school (public or private). The list is not exhaustive, but it is a start.

Get Involved In An Activity


The most important thing a person can do to become popular in high school is to get involved in the activities at school. Whether that be playing sports, singing in a musical, or joining a club/committee, just getting involved will allow a student to become exposed to others around them. Once that exposure has taken place, it will not be difficult to meet others and begin building meaningful relationships.

A second benefit to becoming involved is that the student might just develop a passion for an activity and become extremely good at it. From a popularity standpoint, it can never hurt to be great at what you do. Attention will stream in as people come to see you be the master of your talent. You may even have the chance to become a mentor to others seeking to develop the same skill.

Try to Avoid Cliques

A quick way to curb your popularity in high school is becoming too cliquish. Yes you will be extremely popular to a smaller group if you choose to do this, but you also risk alienating yourself from the rest of the high school that is not part of the clique. You may also become an outcast if the group you are a part of is not viewed highly by the majority of the school.

The answer is not to avoid making close friendships and getting rid of what makes you unique, but rather to find ways to become friends with people from a variety of backgrounds. The most popular people are usually the ones that can relate to a variety of groups and make common ground instead of putting up divisions.

Have you ever avoided talking to someone because they belonged to a different clique?

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Keep Up With Your Grades


It sounds silly that good grades and popularity may be related. You may even think that people become more popular as their grades get worse, but this is not necessarily true. If you maintain good grades, people will want to be around you. They may seek you out to help them with schoolwork, or want you to work with them on special projects.

Grades are also important when it comes to your image around school. Kids pulling in higher grades are generally viewed in a much more positive light by parents and teachers than those that are struggling to get by. If other students' parents view you in a positive manner, it is much more likely they will let their child hang out with you inside and outside of school.

Again, this does not mean that you have to get straight A's and recite the Declaration of Independence at your friend's birthday party, but at least take care of business in the classroom while you are there.

Maintain Relationships With Students Outside Your School


A huge part of being popular in high school is showing the ability to have friends outside of that school. Depending on the area, kids in public and private schools may inter-mingle outside of school or on the weekends. If you are popular with your public school counterparts, your fellow private school students are likely to notice this as well. The trade-off is that you may become popular within your own school just for knowing people outside of your own school.

Maintaining friendships with other students is also a major way of showing that you are well rounded and can relate with a variety of people. These are skills that other people tend to look up to and seek out. They are ultimately the things of which magnetic personalities are made.

Be Yourself


Ultimately, the best advice ever given on becoming popular is to just be yourself. Nobody likes being around a fake person. You will not even enjoy being a fake person over a long period of time. Being fake will get you fake friends and fake popularity in return. The truth is that as soon as you decide to reveal who you really are, people will feel deceived and see you as being untrustworthy.

So be yourself from the start and people will appreciate your unique personality and talents. In turn, take time to encourage others to be themselves around you. Your friends will love the fact that they can let their guard down around you without fear of becoming less popular.

High school can be stressful when it comes to making and keeping friends and climbing the social success ladder. Just make sure that you take a moment to enjoy yourself without putting too much pressure on yourself to be the most popular student. In the long run, you will be a better person for it.


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