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Quickly convert LB to KG for Weight?

Updated on November 11, 2012

Weight conversion

Have you ever traveled outside US? Sometimes we want to convert LB to KG for weight calculation quickly, but we fail to do so because we don't have an exact conversion ratio on hand. Especially when you are in Canada or Europe or Asian countries, KG is more widely used measurement metric than LB. Here is a quick and easy way to compute KG from LB.

First, get the half by dividing LB weight by 2.

Then, take 10% of half.

Subtract 10% from the half. You will get almost close to the exact conversion.

Here is an example.

Suppose you weigh 160 LB.

The half would be 80.

10% of half is 8.

Subtract 8 from 80, which give you 72 KG.

Try a couple of times, and you will be more comfortable about conversion. It does not require a lot of math. Next time I'd like to go over conversion of temperature. That should be another fun!

Thanks, and happy traveling.


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