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Right to Education in India - How do we get it.

Updated on February 11, 2013
skgrao profile image

I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Pictures tell the tale.Will it Improve.?

School Kids sitting in Auto
School Kids sitting in Auto
School Kids Sitting on Floor.
School Kids Sitting on Floor.
School Kids sitting on Floor
School Kids sitting on Floor
School Kids sitting on Floor.
School Kids sitting on Floor.

Will we have such Infrastructure in all Schools.

Can we say this is Infrastructure.

Will schools in rural area teach this sport.

0 to 18 Only.

Salient Features of Right to Education Bill Gazetted 2009.

1 ] Free and Compulsory Education to all children of India in the age group of 6 to 14.[ 6 to 14 was fixed in the year 1997 now it must be 0 to 18.]

2 ] No child shall be held back,expelled,or required to pass a Board Examination until completion of Elementary Education.[ Can the child complete Elementary Education in 2 years,can we include illiterate adults to join schools,since they were denied education at the age of 6 and have now become adults.}

3 ] A Child who completes Elementary Education ( up to class 8 ) shall be awarded a certificate.{ Which authority gives the certificate}

4 ] Calls for a fixed Student & Teacher Ratio.{ What is the Ratio }

5 ] Will apply to all India except Jammu and Kashmir.{ Is Jammu & Kashmir not in India.}

6 ] Mandatory 25 % Reservation for Economically Disadvantaged Communities in Admission to Class One in all Private Schools.{ Are co-operative schools private.}

7 ] Mandates Improvement in Quality of Education.{ What is quality.Is it quality of learning,is it same all over India}

8 ] School Teachers to acquire Professional Degree with in 5 years or else will lose Job.{ Will they be sent to college in their present qualification with pay and free course in acquiring the Degree.}

9 ] School Infrastructure to be improved in 3 years,else Recognition Canceled.{ What are the items in this Infrastructure.Who will certify the infrastructure.}

10] Financial burden will be shared between State and Central Government

{ This sharing if submitted on 50:50 basis will it be accepted with out delay and bureaucracy by the central government,what if the state submits a 80:20 sharing submitted or 70:30 submitted how will the central government cross check.}

How did Kerala achieve 100 % literacy in our country.While the access to schools in urban area has no problem, will it be made same in rural areas.How will it be done.Will they be the choice of our Govt to hand over to private agency what they cannot do.Will it be PPP or some other form kept with in the table drawers of the bureaucrats.The Indian School of Political Economy may perhaps help if it is still functioning.How will the Syllabus made to suit all the states.In which major language will all the school teach the children.Tamil Nadu will not accept our national language to be a medium of instruction or even optional.The Government turns the other way no sooner this point is raised.Will the present policy continue or will Hindi be made medium of instruction all over India.

India has a disgraceful distinction in illiterates,corruption,pot hole roads or no roads,filth and garbage,naxalites,moeits,dirty politicians and inter state disputes for water or border.With this Right to Compulsory education becoming a law another type of fradsters will emerge.

Where is our President.

Why is the President keeping the Bill with her knowing she has no option to delay.

Will the President send it back to change the Bill from 6 to 14 to 0 to 18.


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    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 7 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      Has the President signed the Bill.Right to Education Act passed by both the Houses of Parliament.?

      Go to Right to information act website and see the amount of time wasted to search this information.

      The Bureaucrats write their language not lay men language.

      The Web Designers make further confusion in their greed to please the Bureaucrats,who themselves cant find their information.

      The Administrator uses his arts & Crafts.

      The Web looks sleepy.

      You simply want to click on your Google search.

      They give Right to information Act thinking it also includes Education after all they are only from IT not History.

      You get fed up.

      Ring 2333 3333 they say it by SMS.