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Updated on December 5, 2011

Recollection of my childhood

Now, I am 35 years old and I can clearly remember the days of my childhood. It is full of sweet memories and they are still bright in my mind. When I remember those days, I think I have gone back to those happy and pleasant days.

In my childhood I used to play in the afternoon with my little friends on a playground only at a little distance from my home. After that I would feel hungry and bought sweetmeats from a nearby confectionery. Every afternoon he used to come with his confectioneries and placing a mat on one side of the veranda of our post office would sell his articles. In the evening I would read with my private tutor. But I would feel sleepy then and my head came down, my eyes would be closed in sleepiness, because I remained tired by playing and gossiping with my friends all day long. For that reason my parents and my tutor would scold me. When my tutor would free me from the bondage of my studies, at once having the permission from my mother I used to go to one of my senior neighbours for listening to the stories told by him. The skill and capacity of narrating stories was so attractive that I would listen to them with rapt attention. Then all my sleepiness would disappear from my eyes. Mother would call me in a loud voice by my name and at once I would run to her. At the time of returning from his place of work my father used to bring toys, baloons, fruits and sweetmeats of my liking. I used to sleep with my father. He used to tell stories form the Mahabharata, and the Ramayana. I would fall asleep while listening to his stories.

During the puja vacation, In the month of Autumn, when night jasmine started blooming in garden, some of my friends and me in a group used to come out of our house at dawn for plucking flowers. I would enjoy the puja vacation with great cheer and rejoice. Thus, enjoying of all seasons of my village of India would give me enormous joy and pleasure. I will never forget the memories of my childhood days till the last moment of my life.


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    • profile image

      Bappa 5 weeks ago


    • profile image

      Rahul 5 months ago

      So nice

    • profile image

      Dipu Majumder 10 months ago

      Everything is good

    • profile image

      Tapaswinee 12 months ago

      I also miss my childhood days

    • profile image

      Gauri 13 months ago

      I liked it , very nice points are given. But more points to be added.

    • profile image

      riya 2 years ago

      i like some point in this

    • profile image

      RGL 2 years ago

      the essay is not good but average.

    • profile image

      RGL 2 years ago

      the essay is not good but average.s

    • profile image

      mahashri 3 years ago

      the first paragraph is awesome but the second is boring

    • profile image

      xyz 3 years ago

      Very nice essay

    • profile image

      orton 3 years ago


    • profile image

      saumya 4 years ago

      Very nice and it is similar to mine and it is awesome and nice

    • profile image

      sukritimonga 4 years ago

      i love my childhood days very much because no one can asked go and do work

    • profile image

      cff 4 years ago

      the 1st paragraph was but the 2nd one is too boring

    • profile image

      Anosuya Roy 5 years ago

      the essay is no doubt a nice one!!!!but i think the 2nd paragraph is a bit boring!it could be more compact!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      archita panda 5 years ago

      the first and last paragraph are nice,but the second paragraph is too boring....................................................

    • profile image

      Princess Hearts 5 years ago

      The first and last paragraph awesome BUT the 2nd paragraph is Very Very CONFUSING & BORING..............

    • profile image

      san 6 years ago



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