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Racism? When Minority is Getting Away with Bullying a White Child

Updated on April 2, 2016

Africn American Beats White child Up on School Bus in Des Moines I

Racism? Bullying? Iowa "No Tolerance Bullying Law"? Minority v. Majority? All these questions come into questionable attitudes and behaviors in our society. What is the "No Bullying Law" suppose to be? One would think that it would be for everyone, not mattering what your race is. Yet, in Iowa the "No tolerance Bullying Law" is not what it is suppose to be.

Let me set forth a sceneria. To begin with, once to twice a week a mother of a white child, we will call Tim, goes to the elementary school in Des Moines, Ia, because her child is being picked on by an African American child, we will call Tony. Tony is pushing Tim, calling him names, tripping him in the hallway, and giving him dirty looks. Tony is not allowed recess for a few days but as soon as he gets his recess privileges back he in outside punching on Tim again. Tim does not want to be in school and is hiding out in the hallways because Tony is in his classroom and he is feeling unsafe. This white child gets into trouble because he is not where he is suppose to be because he is feeling unsafe.

Well the fourth week, the Tim gets on the school bus and at the next bus stop the Tony gets on the bus and proceeds to sit in the empty seat next to Tim. Tony then begins punching Tim in the stomache. After a few minutes the bus drivers attention is drawn to the incident and intervenes. The bus driver reports the incident to the school officials.

The parents of both children are notified of the incidence. The Tims mother shows up at the school at about the same time Tonys mother is there. Anyway, the school only took recess away from Tony, again Tim was scared to go back to school.

If this would have been the other way around and Tim had been performing these behaviors against Tony don't you think they would have charged him with violation of th "No tolerance Bullying Law"? More then likely charged him with a "hate crime"?

Yet, this child did not even get suspended from school. Tony is known as being a bully at the school with other students also, Does this seem fair? No legal charges were able to be charged either? Isn't beating up someone a crime?

If Tim would have done this to Tony he would have been handcuffed and taken to minor hall. People talk all the time about whites being prejudice but the African Americans are getting by with being prejudice against the whites. They get by with things that we would be charged with as being a "hate crime"

Should they not be charged with "hate crime" also ? If the shoe fits, wear it!

What are we going to do as a society? We should all be equals. It should not matter what color your skin is. If a crime is committed then you should be charged with it! Just because you are a minority should not give you the right to get away with committing a crime. We are suppose to be equals and we have came along way but now we are beginning a whole new prejudice and it is the prejudice against the whites.

We need to come together and be one.


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