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Random Ramblings: Human Beings: Are We Stem Cells, or Cancer Cells?

Updated on March 15, 2014

Our Body, Our World

Our Body is Much Like Our World
Our Body is Much Like Our World

Our Body, Our World

Having introduced you to yourself again (Please see my first 3 articles if you have not), I’d like to delve a little deeper into the evolution of our physical world. This is over simplified, of course, but still...

Let us start, whether you believe it to be true or not, with this premise: You are the God of your body. It works at your bidding; it lives by your whim. Much of its health and survival depends on the choices you as an entity make. With that in mind, think about all the tiny cells in your body; they are living, reproducing, working, and dying, while at the same time making up groups of cells, which make up systems that make you, the entity, able to function in the physical world.

Let us focus on a tiny skin cell, situated on the back of your left shoulder. The cell on your shoulder is there as a boundary - it helps keep alien organisms out of your body. That is its purpose. That purpose may not seem like much to some. That skin cell is going to struggle its way up to the outermost surface of our bodies; it’s going to perform it’s duty, flake off and die at some point. It will flutter to the ground and be swept away, un-mourned. Doesn’t seem like much of a life. Some might turn up their nose at a cell that would live such a boring, simple, thankless life.

But without our skin, we wouldn't live very long. Dirt, germs, and viruses would quickly invade our bodies; there would be no hope for the organism as a whole.

Now let’s look at a cell situated in the liver. It looks completely different from the cell in the skin. Its job is to remove toxins from the body and produce secretions that other parts of the body need. Eventually it will die and be swept away with the rest of the toxins, un-mourned. Doesn’t seem like much of a life. Some might turn up their nose at a cell that would live such a life; filtering garbage out of the blood stream, working ceaselessly in a factory producing chemicals.

But without our liver, we wouldn't live very long. We'd become toxic from the wastes produced by our other cells, and there would be no hope for the organism as a whole.

Neither of these cells has ever come into contact with one another. They live on opposite sides of their world. Both are cells that belong to the same body, but they look different, they think different; they are made for completely different purposes. You might call them different breeds of cell, or different races.

A cell in the skin has no clue why we'd need a filter like the liver; after all, the skin is already doing the job of keeping bad things out of the body. The liver cell may think the skin cell is useless – the liver cell already filters bad things from the blood. The skin cell is unnecessary.

We are finding this to be true of the world around us, too. Wolves; all they do is kill our sheep and chickens, they terrorize our livestock, they threaten our children. They are an annoyance to us and serve no purpose in this world whatsoever. Let's wipe them out. So we wipe them out, only to find that now, the deer and rabbit and rodent population has exploded because there is nothing to keep them in check. The wolf does have a purpose, and it’s a very important one. It helps to keep the animal population in balance.

We Are All Important


There are many different breeds of human on this earth - different races. There are those that are very pale and withstand the extremes of cold and rain and drizzle better than others. There are those that are very dark and withstand the extremes of heat and sun, humidity and dry air better than others. People have evolved the way they have for a reason, and yes; they also have very different abilities. They are not all the same; they evolved to suit the specific environment they were born to. They do not have all the same intellect; they developed to think the way they needed to think to survive the environment they are born to.

Then, they started looking beyond the boundaries of their environment, and began to migrate. In the body, cells metastasize. So let’s now say that our skin cell decides to metastasize; it drops into the blood stream and floats on down to visit the liver. When the liver and the skin cell meet… well, what do they think?

It's an interesting analogy, I think. Every aspect of the earth produced very unique life forms that developed adaptations and skills perfect for living in the surroundings they were born to. Life forms like plants, insects, animals, and humans; some of which could not survive if they were abruptly taken away from the environment in which they developed. Humans shaped their culture and religion and methods of survival to uniquely suit their homeland, and these methods are much more complex than that of the plants and animals. Not only did humans evolve; they consciously adapted, using their sentient instincts.

Some cultures learned to live in peace and harmony with the world around them and never took more than what they could give back in return. Some cultures learned to shape the earth into instruments they could use to manipulate it. All cultures learned the arts of healing and how to make their environment better for their continued survival. All of them learned the arts of hunting and killing, and some of them learned that there was more beyond the edges of their homeland, and they learned the arts of diplomacy and war. They learned to explore and migrate to other lands.

If we go back to the cells of our body, what happens when the cells do this? What is it called when cells migrate? Well… they are called a cancer. Cancer cells metastasize; they migrate where they are not supposed to be and start to grow, and instead of accepting and changing to suit their new environment, they stubbornly attempt to change the environment to suit themselves. They become growths and tumors. They make blockages in the systems of the body, and over time, they will eventually kill the body as a whole, because they are stubbornly trying to be what they want to be instead of what they need to be. They have become focused on themselves and have forgotten what it is they really are.

And so now, we come back and look at human history; our races have migrated and invaded and destroyed other cultures. We see how they have stubbornly refused to accept the ways of the other races it came in contact with. And we see how we have realized, over time, that every race on this Earth was functioning pretty harmoniously until we decided we knew better than they did. We’ve realized “primitive” cultures actually understood the environment around them and could actually survive without the advancement of technology. It wasn’t a matter of being more or less intelligent; it was a matter of using the intelligence we were given to shape the world around us in the way that best benefited all life. Each uniquely evolved race manipulated the matter in it’s unique environment in a way that, instinctively, they felt best benefited God; life.

But right from the beginning, we forgot what we really are. We opened our eyes and became overwhelmed by the physical world, the sensation of being a single entity. Instinct gave us a starting drive, but we started thinking of nothing but this one life and this one body and this one individual, and we started thinking in terms of how to make life better for ME.

So, a quick pause; what is it that I am trying to say? That we are equivalent to a cancer? That human life is an all consuming cancer that is slowly eating away and forcing change on all of the other life on the planet, thinking of nothing but itself, and will eventually kill the body on which it depends to survive?

It’s the year 2013. Lets have a look at the world as it is now, and let’s see what we have. Hmm. A bit over-simplified, perhaps, but yes; that is exactly what we are. We are a cancer to the Earth, because we have forgotten what it is we are.

We cannot go on like this; we cannot continue to think of only the ME. We have to remember what it is we are; that each and every one of us has a purpose, a job to do, and we have to do it, whether we feel it is demeaning or degrading or beneath us. We need to change how we perceive each other and ourselves. We need to realize that whatever work we do, it is valuable, important, and worthy, and we should be proud of the work we do. We need to realize that when we look on the work of others, it is as valuable and important as our own, and we should be proud of the work that’s being done, because it is for all of us. Whether the work is sweeping floors or carefully formulating extracted medicines from an herb. Whether it’s fostering children or protecting endangered animals. Each of these jobs has a purpose; no one should be looking down their noses at any of them, or believing any one job to be superior to another. We aren’t here just for ME. We are here for WE; Plants, insects, animals, people. We are here for the purpose of manipulating matter and expanding on what was created over millennia, before we had that ability. We are here to tweak and improve, to put on the finishing touches and make life comfortable for all of us. Not just some of us.

But right now, at this very moment in time, we are a cancer. We have to change now, because our ability to manipulate the material world has a much more rapid effect than evolution does. The universe took an infinite amount of time to form; then, on this one little tiny crumb of dirt, floating in the vastness of all that space, we evolved from simple cells to sentient life forms in a very short period of time. Once the energy had a handle on manipulating the physical, just a single cell, it moved with amazing speed. Millions of years passed instead of countless eons. Then, the sentient life it created developed technology at an alarmingly rapid pace. They came up with the miracles of technology in a mere couple of hundred years. Think of that! What is that, in all of time? Not even the blink of an eye.

But the physical life, now being sentient and aware, became fascinated with the physical and forgot what it really was. In the beginning and at an instinctive level, the technology that was created was made to improve all life, to make the world more comfortable for sentient energy in physical form. But instinct was been pushed way to the back when we became aware. Today, technology isn’t made to improve the evolution of all life. It’s made to better only a small percentage of life, while the larger percentage is forced to conform and work to produce the technology that will better the life for a few.

We, thinking only of ME, have pushed and scratched and clawed our way up the ladder, pushing all other life to the side. In our fascination with experiencing the physical, we have evolved ourselves into a world that caters to ME. It’s a very unbalanced system. Some life is very wealthy while other life is struggles and dies. Some life won’t do anything at all without knowing; what’s in it for ME? And some life will selfishly answer this question with false promises. They say that it is in the best interest of each an every ME to do as they say, and you can become wealthy, like ME. Some life sees itself as superior to other life. Some life sees other life as useless, and attempt to weed it, cull it, or force it to submit and function in a way it was never fashioned to do. And some life, an incredibly large amount of life today, thinks it is too good to do the incredibly valuable, dull, exhausting, thankless and physical work that is absolutely necessary to make this world exist as a happy, healthy, living whole. The world is unbalanced, unhealthy and unhappy. And all of this misdirected sentient life, in all it’s variations, cries out it’s unhappy frustration to the heavens; what about ME? Why won’t you help ME?

This is like the cells of our bodies crying out to their God; what about ME? Why won’t you help ME? And we, their God; we look down at these unhappy cancers within ourselves, and we think thoughts to the cancerous cells that have forgotten what they really are; why won’t you stop this? Why won’t you work together?

Today, what we have become is a cancer to ourselves. But we can change that. In all of our selfishness, we still instinctively search to improve all life through research and science and technology. We continue to discover more and more amazing things. We have learned to understand more about the peoples of the Earth; we are starting to learn how to understand each other.

Going back to our analogy: We have discovered a cell that does miraculous things to heal the cancers in our unbalanced, diseased bodies.

It’s called a stem cell.

Humans have evolved and migrated and mixed with all the races of the world. Now we have a country called the United States, which has taken all these different races and mixed them all up in a stew. Then, it expects them all to function as one organ, when they are really cells from many different organs.

And we fight, and bicker, and refuse to conform in any way, because we are individuals and greatly fear the loss of our individuality. We won’t do lesser work, because in the past people were forced to do those things in a demeaning way. Never again will we let ourselves be treated in such a fashion. Never again will one human stand towering above another and demand that he work and suffer for the advantage of just that one individual. So we will not do the work; the incredibly valuable, important, dull, difficult, physically taxing, thankless work that must be done to make life flow in a wonderful harmonious fashion. We will not appreciate the people who do this work. We look down our noses at them, and won’t even pay people properly to do this work that, truly, has the most value.

Humanity as a whole needs to remember what we are, but the people of immigrant countries desperately need to remember what we are. We are not individuals. We are the hands of God, working through these physical bodies to improve all life on this Earth. We need to concentrate and practice and perfect balance on this Earth before we look any further abroad into the universe. Otherwise, we will be nothing more than a cancer that is metastasizing.

We are God. We are the cells in God’s body. And we are sentient, so we can willfully make choices in how we proceed. We can go on acting as a cancer, or, we can change our perceptions of how life on this planet should evolve.

We can become stem cells.

Stem cells that have the ability to change, adapt, and grow into what is needed to make life flow and evolve happily and harmoniously, with no blockages.

Looking at our immigrant countries, perhaps we should take into account what this mixture of cells is good at. What they were naturally made to do? All the parts are necessary for the organism to function as a whole; without one, the rest would not be able to survive. Every single job has value.

Maybe we shouldn't be trying to hard to assimilate, to blend, to force the square pegs into the round holes. Maybe we shouldn't try so hard to create a new breed; an Ameri-clone. Maybe we should embrace all of our different heritages and our ancestries, and use them, incorporate them, accept that they have value instead of trying so hard to "tolerate" it or make it all go away.

And maybe we shouldn't look at other countries (organs) and think they are a bunch of uncivilized barbarians that serve no purpose. There is a reason they are the way they are. Maybe we should try to figure out the WHY of it before we try to abolish or change it.

You would think that people in the United States, who all come from different backgrounds, would have a greater understanding of the world as a whole; we have a lot of resources to pull from right here. We could simply just ask each other, why do you do that? We should, as a united people, be able to respond openly and honestly to this question. But we can’t; not until the ME perception becomes the WE perception. Today, in 2013, we can't seem to ask that question without starting an argument. It’s reacted to personally, individually, and completely by the ME; your way is stupid - mine is right.

We need to ask and be receptive in a positive way. We need to see ourselves as stem cells, willing to change into the cell that’s needed to make the whole work as a harmonious unit. We cannot hold rigidly to our ancestry and heritage and what we once were. We cannot ask, listen, and then look at the other person like they are a complete nut job. As you work to develop yourself into a stem cell, you need to ask, listen, and then ask for clarification on the parts where you think the other person is a complete nut job. (Seriously; we are physical entities, and we forgot what we were supposed to be doing from the moment we became conscious of ourselves. It’s going to take some effort to change the way we think.)

Ask. Ask, until you understand the why of it. In the asking, you will make each other think. Then you will ask; why DO I do that? If we can become open and honest and willing to change for the betterment of the whole, we will start to realize that there are a lot of things that we do that are, well… completely nuts. We do things that don't fit the situation we are in at all. In this way, we realize. We acclimate to our new environment. Not assimilate; acclimate. We evolve.

What will we choose to be?

Given the analogy and the state of the world today, how do you think humanity will proceed? Will it become a cancer or stem cells?

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