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Rape of the Lock

Updated on November 21, 2014
Actress Sophia Loren
Actress Sophia Loren | Source

It must be as difficult

for women to accept ageing as it is for men to accept that they will never be successful...The world leaves you behind (including the hippies who pretend it doesn't matter); you're off the market, and you become invisible…ever more invisible as you meld into the woodwork and the waxwork of whichever museum society has confined you in either as scrap — or if you're lucky and marry well — a trophy!

And yet it doesn't have to be this way: Scarlatti fils did his finest work in the last five years of his life, though very rare for an artist to evolve into greater and greater achievement. And some women look more beautiful in their 50s than they did in their 20s...(Lauren Bacall, Barbara Stanwick, Susan Sarandon, etc..)

But the society based on market economies and brand name products doesn't see it this way. Neither do the scientists whose real agenda is control and status first and "some sort of truth" second. What these latter have in common with their society, is the propensity to think in banners, or concrete chunks and form institutions from these chunks, so if they were not true in the mind, they quickly became true in legal statutes, accounting ledgers and concrete buildings.

Then, if a voice from the shadows

of the mind jeers at us during the night or even worse, during diurnal down time, we attack it — like the cockroach that it is — with the proper brand name pharmaceutical...

And if this isn't enough, which it isn't, we simply "institute" the notion that the mind doesn't exist, further de-legitimating the voice that issues from it. And if pharmaceuticals are not enough, other measures must be taken by the "Barbers of McGill" employing forceps and scissors, at first, and delicate bio-chemistry on genes, at last.

And when the inside of a wo-man's constitution has been fully raped and reconstituted (like brand name soups) and the womb — which was the first tabernacle (from the days when religion was embodied and as much concrete as ideal) has been invaded and seized and her children drugged and test-tubed for the fine arts of warfare, at first, and biologically altered with a perishable date, at last — desecrated out of which neo-neanderthal children will be manufactured under the guise of filling the dramatic roles of saviours from another planet, but who will instead unleash bombs with such traumatic force as to make Hitler's war look like a child's game with toy soldiers....

Image from the film Apocalypse Now
Image from the film Apocalypse Now | Source

At this juncture

all will wail for the end of the world, will entreat the dead to empty their graves, so the living can enter; But alas, there will be a moment of salvation when the magno-maniacal thrust of the reptiles who run the world will be cut short, by a man on a white horse, or at least, he will be in the shape of a man on a white horse to those who see him, but a man he will be not; He will be of another substance, yet no matter, the result will be the same: all those who had been perverse enough to desecrate the "manger" will be burned alive in a matter of minutes...

In acknowlegement of this, the author of the manger and the womb, and the cave, and the tabernacle will roll over and usher in a new dawn and a new world...In the year____


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