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Rate My Professor FIU

Updated on June 24, 2011

Rate My Professor FIU

RateMyProfessor in recent times issued a catalog of the best 25 college professors rated on the website, of the 25, 3 were from Florida International University (FIU). The names of these illustrious professors?

  • Dan Bentley – English Branch
  • Kenneth Claus - English Branch
  • Kathleen Watson - Communications Branch

“I have a placed targets and objectives that my learners require to meet and if they accomplish the task then they will get an A” Bentley alleged.

“If my students feel motivated and keyed up regarding what they are doing then they will definitely achieve results,” Claus said.

All 3 of the FIU professors feel that their love for education has supplemented to the success of their classes. Watson summed it up best when she said “You have to love what you teach.”


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